Sunday, July 25, 2004

1169 AND COUNTING.......

Irish history , Irish politics ; from today and yesterday - all 32 Counties !

Bhi an saoire caite inne (the holiday was over yesterday). We're back from Contae Phort Lairge (County Waterford) and rarin' to go ....... (...almost !)

The '1169....' crew are back in Dublin after a week in County Waterford and we are .... not quite 'rarin' to go ' ! That's the trouble with holidays - ya need a few days to recover from them ! Sharon is doing her 'Dido' thing (ie 'Sand in My Shoes') and Junior took-up with some young-one in Tramore (ironically , she's from Dublin , too!) and the texts are flying between them !

So he's doing his 'Osmonds' thing (ie '....and they call this puppy love ...') and..... me? - well.. Sharon misses the beach (and , therefore , so must I) and Junior's floating around on a cloud humming 'chucky's in love ...'.

I have to console the pair of them (wimps!) and ease them gently back to get the 'blog' up and running . Won't be long now ; any complaints , leave them in the 'Guestbook' but remember - we know where ya live , and we know people who do house-calls .....!

Good luck ...for now . Back soon !