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(From the ‘e-Thursday’ section of the ‘Business Week’ supplement of the ‘Irish Independent’ , 21st August 2008.)

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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Due to 'staff' (!) shortages here at '1169...' - because of some football matches or other , and exams (you show 'em , Junior!) - this Blog will only be updated every second day , for the next few weeks . In short , I have been abandoned by all but this machine ! Sharon .

From 'MAGILL' magazine , November 1997 .
By Fionnuala O' Connor .

In Stormont , there is agreement that the most positive and effective unionist voices come from the tiny parties who speak for the loyalist paramilitaries , in particular David Ervine of the 'Progressive Unionist Party' (PUP) and David Adams of the 'Ulster Democratic Party' (UDP). " It's kind of hackneyed now , " delegates from two other Unionist parties agreed , "people say it so often - if only the rest of us had that kind of leadership ."

Some are surprised at the comparative lack of impact to date of the 'biggest' names ; SDLP leader John Hume withdrawn , apart from a few 'effective interventions,' Gerry Adams slow , almost stumbling in what limited debate there has been - "Nervous , maybe..." , said several of those present . Martin McGuinness does better "...in an earthy kind of way , which I did'nt expect.." , said a delegate , not inclined to regard McGuinness as 'humourous' .

The 'stars' to date , by fairly wide consenus , have been the SDLP's deputy leader , Seamus Mallon , and senior SDLP negotiator , Mark Durkan .......

Following the disbandment of the Dublin-based grouping , the NSIWP , a new right-wing organisation , believed to be linked with right-wing Catholic groups , has been formed . COLM KEENA reports .
From 'IN DUBLIN' magazine , 1 October 1987.

The Irish 'Christian Social Party' maintain that communists and freemasons have already infiltrated the ranks of Ireland's public representatives , and some are actually in government : the two sit happily beside each other , and are part of the same conspiracy , according to the 'Christian Social Party' . Garret Fitzgerald , because of his membership of the secretive Bilderberg Group , is in their view an especially suspect Irish politician .

Jim Keating said to 'In Dublin' magazine that he had never heard of the 'Social Action Initiative' , the name which those publishing the 'Ar Aghaidh' bulletin give themselves : he says his magazine "...wears several hats , including protesting about the eastern bloc , and civil rights issues there.."

'Ar Aghaidh' reproduces a poem , titled 'Non-racial' , in its October issue , "...with the author's kind permission.." - the poem is reproduced from 'Clarion' magazine and the author is Eoin O Maille , one of the leading members of the 'Christian Social Party' . The most interesting part of the 'Ar Aghaidh' bulletin is its letters page , where it prints correspondence relating how to organise and how to avoid interception of mail by the 'intelligence community' , and even communications from well-established European militant national socialist groups.......

Section 31 of the Broadcasting Act has just been renewed for another year by State Communications Minister Jim Mitchell , despite increasing protests and lobbying by the NUJ .
HELEN O'CONNOR examines the results of a recent NIHE survey of the attitudes of Dublin people on the issue and GERRY LAVERY looks back to the roots of Section 31 .
From 'IN DUBLIN' magazine , February 1987 .

A 'crunch point' between the Jack Lynch State administration and RTE was clearly coming and it came when Kevin O 'Kelly of RTE Radio News interviewed Sean MacStiofain , regarded as Chief of Staff of the Provisional IRA : MacStiofain was arrested as he left O' Kellys house in the early hours of the morning , and there began a long process which was to include MacStiofain's hunger strike and charging in the 'Special Criminal Court' in Dublin with membership of the IRA , based on his interview with O ' Kelly .

Kevin O' Kelly was later to find himself subpoenaed to give evidence in the court : despite MacStiofain's arrest , RTE went ahead with a version of the interview on the 1pm Sunday Radio News - the State administration was furious and issued an ultimatum to the RTE Authority demanding an explanation ; the Authority refused to comply with the ultimatum and , on 25 November 1972 , State Minister Gerry Collins , acting under 'government directive' , sacked the entire RTE Authority ! 'Government control' over RTE had now been firmly established .

Speaking in Leinster House on 23 November 1972 after the ultimatum had been issued , but before the sacking of the RTE Authority , Labour Party member David Thornley said - " We cannot separate the freedom of the press from the freedom of TV journalists . When asked to comment on the matter by the 'Irish Independent' newspaper during the week , I said I hoped the RTE Authority would tell the Minister to go to hell . I hope they have done so . " Even Fine Gael objected.......