Thursday, October 12, 2006

Abraham Lincoln .

Listening to various radio stations today , I could not help but to get angry over the amount of time which programme presenters and news bulletins dedicated to the so-called "historic" talks in Scotland between those who wish to further surrender and humiliate themselves and those they wish to surrender to (though the latter are in no hurry , having already drawn the military teeth from the former) .

Following a comment from a co-worker , I was reminded of the words of U. S. President Abraham Lincoln , who stated that the American Civil War (1861-1865) was fought to ensure "...that self-determination belonged only to the whole people of the nation.." Mr. Lincoln went on to say - " On what rightful principle may a State , being not more than one-fiftieth part of the nation in soil and population , break up the nation and then coerce a proportionally larger sub-division of itself in the most arbitrary way ."

Those that are "making history" in Scotland would do well to remember that the Six-County area , which was politically cut-off from the rest of this isle in the 1920's , had never existed before as an entity in history , or politics , or economically . Nor should it be allowed or , indeed , encouraged , to exist , regardless of whether its present 'owners' (Westminster) hand over the 'reins of power' to their 'newest' pets , the Provisionals , or not .
The only proper solution is for Westminster to withdraw politically and militarily from this isle - and that is the one issue which is not on the agenda at that particular meeting . Nothing "historic" there , so .