Wednesday, October 18, 2006

This blog has received information , from a source which has never failed us in the past , that a story is about to break concerning people on this isle who have spent the previous 30 years underwater !
Apparently , a connection to said feat can be made to the continuing British military and political presence on this island: details on this story are firming up as I type but , not being a 'tabloid'-type blog , we are holding off on publication until all necessary facts have been confirmed to our satisfaction .
As it stands now we are almost certain that , in the coming days/weeks , we will be publishing full details on this remarkable achievement : we ask our readers to bear with us , remain calm and be patient whilst we wait on the full details to be made available to us and to allow us the time we need to verify 100% the accuracy of all information we receive regarding this unbelievable occurrence .
In the meantime , blogging on '1169...' will resume as normal.......