Monday, October 09, 2006

"Will no-one rid me of this troublesome priest...? "

Another day , another "historic" meeting - this one held in Stormont , one of the two British-imposed 'parliaments' in Ireland .
Fr.Brady spoke about 'creating a more stable and prosperous future (in the Six Counties)... ' :
"I firmly believe that such a future is within our grasp if each one of us can find the courage to take account of the needs of the other, and not just those of our own community .I think that real peace will come only when we focus on the common good of all of our society and not just on sectional interest."

Like others that sat in similar chairs , at similar tables ,at similar meetings before them , both men , and the 'camps' they represent , no doubt fully realise that "...real peace.." in the troubled Six North-Eastern counties of Ireland will only materialise after Westminster withdraws its military and political presence from this isle and drops its jurisdictional claim over those six Irish counties . But it would not only hurt the 'Establishment' should they say so - it would also place both men , and their supporters , outside said 'Establishment' . And political careers are not furthered by being outside the tent pissing in . And becuse of that fact , the conflict continues .