Saturday, December 30, 2006

At this time of year , newspapers , magazines , blogs , websites etc take a look back 'at the year that was' : but here , in '1169....' Towers , we take a look forward at 'the year that will be' :

A fitting end , in new employment , for those that left the Republican Movement in 1986 : however , our proud history of resistance and struggle has ensured that true Irish republicans are not surprised with , or dejected because of , the actions of those who seek to build 'political careers' for themselves within the 'establishment' they once fought against . We now have - once again - ex-colleagues wearing the uniform of the enemy and using the 'authority' of said uniform to hunt down their old comrades . It failed in the past and will fail now , too . The Provos are setting themselves up to be guardians of a flawed establishment and , in doing so , have forgot that it is not the job of the occupied to provide security for the occupier .
Ni Seoinini Sinn Go Leir !