Friday, December 01, 2006

"'s just that , just want to be sure , to be sure..."

....the forceful words of our esteemed leader , Bertie Ahern , on how he sought clarification from George Bush that Washington was not using Shannon Airport as a facility to assist them in their oil war in Iraq .
This is the same political clown (Bertie , we mean...) who , when asked in September last about political appointments to State Boards replied - " I might have appointed somebody but I appointed them because they were friends , not because of anything they had given me . " !!
When Bertie Ahern has to think for himself - ie on the occasions when he believes the paid lackys around him who , for a laugh , tell him that he is actually intelligent enough to answer questions and make minor statements without their assistance - the above two quotes are more recent examples of just how politically moronic and immature the man is . An earlier example of Mr. Ahern's political incompetence can be had from his speech to the Fianna Fail Ard Fheis in April 1997 , when , no doubt having been advised by his lackeys to do so , he spoke on the issue of political corruption within the Fianna Fail party - " No-one , no-one , is welcome in this party if they betray the public trust . I say this and I mean this with every fibre of my being. "
This from the man who signed blank cheques (see 'Cheque-Mate' , here) for the political criminal Charlie Haughey and who , more recently , was caught taking money from his business pals in Manchester !

To conclude : we ask readers who are not familiar with the Irish people , and/or those who have reasonably competent politicians to elect , not to confuse the political and moral calibre , or lack of , of these clowns with the Irish people as a whole . The political careerists in that chamber are a blight on those of us who live in the real world - any impression given , taken or implied that there is a political , moral or mental connection between 'us' and 'them' is erroneous and such thoughts should immediately be discarded . Those political clowns have embarrassed the rest of us into apologising to sensible people everywhere on their behalf as , in their privileged and sheltered world , only the weak apologise . We are genuinely sorry for the impression given by Bertie Ahern and his colleagues in Leinster House that 'the Irish are fools'. Sorry .