Tuesday, June 12, 2007


"We have come to the holiest place in Ireland: holier to us than the place where Patrick sleeps in Down. Patrick brought us life, but this man died for us. And though many before him and some since have died in testimony of the truth of Ireland's claim to nationhood, Wolfe Tone was the greatest of all that have died for Ireland whether in old time or in new. He was the greatest of Irish nationalists. I believe he was the greatest of Irish men. And if I am right in this I am right in saying that we stand in the holiest place in Ireland and that the holiest sod of a Nation's soil is the sod where the greatest of her dead lies buried."

-that is the first paragraph of the address delivered by Pádraig Pearse at Wolfe Tone's grave on June 12, 1913.

A report and photographs of the Commemoration held on Sunday June 10th 2007 can be seen here.