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Saturday, August 25, 2007


THE 1981 Hunger Strike Committee, Bundoran/Ballyshannon, will hold the 26th annual Hunger Strike Anniversary commemoration and March in Bundoran on Saturday, August 25 at 3p.m. Assemble at East End, Bundoran.Guests of Honour will be the Hunger Strike families - Sands; Hughes; McCreesh; O'Hara; McDonnell; Hurson; Lynch; Doherty; McElwee; Devine; Gaughan; Stagg, and Ward families.
Speakers will be Cathleen Knowles McGuirk (Dublin), Vice-President, Republican Sinn Féin; Bob Loughman (USA), Emerald Society New York Police Band and Ruairí White (Newry, Co. Down); Republican Sinn Féin.

Chief Marshalls: Mick Cullen (Bundoran); Jimmy McElhinney (Omagh).
Chairman: Joe O'Neill (Bundoran).

Honorees: Don Hurley; the Hunger Strike families.

Bands: New York Police Band; The Tunnel Pipe Band (Portadown); Glens of Antrim Pipe Band; Glens of Antrim piper; Kevin Lynch Memorial Flute Band (Dungiven).

Theme: Where there is an Occupation there can never be a true peace with justice.
This is still the case in Ireland. With the nominal end of “Operation Banner” and the associated fanfare, the fact remains that 5,000 British soldiers remain permanently garrisoned in Ireland - and can be called to support the RUC/PSNI as and when required. The remainder can be returned at short notice. At a time when countries including Iraq, Chechnya and Palestine make regular news owing to the Occupation, we must remind the world that Ireland too remains an illegally Occupied country. So long as there is Occupation, there will always be Resistance.