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From 'The United Irishman' newspaper, January 1958 .


J. Carville , Lurgan , County Armagh .
D. Casey , Coalisland , County Tyrone .
C. Grimes , Coalisland .
J. McGorry , Mountjoy , Dungannon , County Tyrone .
K. Mallon , Coalisland .
Seán O' Neill , Coalisland .
Seán Devlin , Coalisland .
Paddy O' Neill , Coalisland .
F. Talbot , Coalisland .
D. Devlin , Coalisland .
J. O' Donnell , Coalisland .
P. O' Neill , Coalisland .
D. McAlinden , Derryloughlin , Coalisland , County Tyrone .

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ECONOMY IN CRISIS - An Historical Perspective.......

By any standards the economy of Ireland , North and South , can be described as being in a sorry mess with crisis , recession and imminent bankruptcy the most constant themes of economic discussion , intermittently over the last decade and ceaselessly in the last three years . In this article , Peter Graham surveys the factors which have produced this economy , and the historical role of foreign and native Irish capital.

From 'IRIS' magazine , November 1982.

The Second World War, inevitably , and even more than any other British foreign war , had its effects on the Irish economy : fuel and raw materials , necessary to be imported for any real industrial advance , were almost impossible to attain but , at the same time , the total necessity of self-sufficiency forced the introduction of compulsory tillage for crop production on the farms .

In the economic world of widespread destruction and scarcity after the war , it could have been boom-time for the Free State economy , with a ready market for its agricultural produce , and a chance fior its manufacturing industries to quickly expand but , once more , there was scarcely any growth during this period because of the refusal of private Irish capital to invest .

Massive increases in subventions to farmers in the post-war period , far from encouraging tillage , saw surpluses in such subsidised crops as wheat and sugar beet , scarcities in other crops and the return to cattle as the Free State's main economic prop . Much the same was happening in relation to the industrial scene in the State.......

PRISONERS RIGHTS - the mark of a civilised society .......

From 'Fourthwrite' magazine, Autumn 2003.
By Siobhan O'Dwyer.

The families of Irish Republican prisoners are also subjected to fear and humiliation every time they visit Maghaberry Gaol as they are singled out for 'special attention' from the sniffer dog to force them to take closed visits , which are usually refused ; parcels , books , papers for the prisoners are often 'mislaid' or take weeks to arrive and the families must share the visiting areas and the waiting rooms with known loyalist paramilitaries .

Visits are often cancelled after the visitors have arrived at the prison , often having travelled long distances with young children . Republican prisoners have agreed to undergo drug tests in order to prevent their family members and in particular the children , having to undergo the humiliating and frightening experience of being faced with this large sniffer dog .

By refusing , the Prison Service has shown that they are not interested in facilitating proper family contact for prisoners but only in enforcing a degrading regime . This hostile treatment can be related to the 'New World Order'.......