Thursday, December 06, 2007

These two photographs show five of the thirteen items that will be given as prizes in a CABHAIR raffle , which will be held this coming weekend in a venue in Dublin . The other eight prizes consist of cash in an envelope , ranging from amounts of €200 to €20 . The tickets - all of which have already been sold - cost €2 each.

But don't fret! You can still help CABHAIR - have a look here and here and , if you have a few quid and the time to follow-up either(or both!) of those two suggestions, please do so :CABHAIR does its best , all year round, to assist with the financial problems faced by the families of those imprisoned as a direct result of the political situation on this island and , as to be expected , those financial problems increase at this time of year.

Your assistance would be greatly appreciated,

POST SCRIPT : Sincere best of luck to Michael on his endeavours (which , incidentally , should be shared by all those who are opposed to the political criminality practised by these thugs) .
His website has been off-line recently and , if it's still unobtainable from the above link , you can get a brief substance of his approach here. And you can get the reasons why his idea should be supported here, here and here.
We hope the day is the success it deserves to be!