Monday, October 20, 2008

On the right of our pic is the State Minister responsible for the 14th October 2008 Budget , Brian Lenihan . On the left of the pic is a high-ranking cop , helping Brian to use Google to find the meaning of the word 'Patriotism'.....

So : you want to punish old people for being old ? For being 'a burden on the State' ? For no longer earning a wage that you can stop tax on ?
And you think that ordinary taxpayers
(and those old people that no longer earn a wage that you can tax) were getting too much of a 'bargain' by only paying €66 whenever they had to avail of the 'services' offered at their local A+E so you increase that amount to €100 a visit? Guess what - you're a "patriot" !!
Yes , indeed : in the moral vacuum that the likes of Brian Lenihan exists in - at someone else's expense , naturally - to 'aspire' to and actually introduce the above as 'law' is answering , in his own words - " less than a call to patriotic action."
Seriously! That is precisely what that piece of pond scum garbage stated in his 'Budget 2008 Introduction Speech' in Leinster House on Tuesday 14th October 2008- see here for the actual transcript : his "patriotic" comment is on the second-last line : read it all , if you have a strong stomach , or just skip to the 'its-your-patriotic-duty-to-kill-the-old'-part of this morons speech down at the end of his comments. And to think that representatives from Fianna Fail , The Greens and the Progressive Democrats gave him a five-minute standing ovation for his Declaration Of War on pensioners . Sick or what ?
Please help us in the fight to retain some dignity for our aged relatives . Take to the streets with us on Wednesday 22nd October 2008.