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Wednesday, December 24, 2008



Take yourself (and the shocked children!) to the CABHAIR Christmas Swim -

- 12 Noon , Christmas Day , Grand Canal , Inchicore , Dublin : opposite Kelly's 'Black Horse Inn' pub .

A CABHAIR Crew visited the site this morning (Christmas Eve) to check it over and sent us these two photographs -

Swim site , as seen from the end of the Naas Road....

...and as seen from the far side of the Lough.

- word is that two of the Cabhair Crew had to physically restrain their other two colleagues as they simply couldn't wait to jump in . So all four decided to cross the road to Kelly's Pub to 'quench their thirst' for sampling liquids....
MORE LATER - pic's and report to follow as soon as possible after the event .