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Dáithi Ó Conaill Commemoration : New Year's Day , Saturday 1st January 2011 : those attending will form up at the main gates of Glasnevin Cemetery , Dublin, at 12.45PM.

Seán Sabhat Commemoration : Sunday January 2nd , 2011 - those attending will form up on the city side of Limerick Prison (outside the 'Horse and Hound' pub) at 12.30pm , for the march to Mount Saint Laurence Cemetery. The main oration will be delivered by RSF Patron , Ruairi Ó Brádaigh.

"I'm gonna have to knee this swimmer into the water...!"

"They might forget about me if I can hide behind this Jeep.....!"

There are more CABHAIR Swim pics 'out there' , and we are trying to round them up for publication on this blog : hopefully , over the next few days , we will do so , as all concerned deserve whatever publicity they can get for the trojan effort they put in on Christmas Day , at the side of - and in! - the snowy and icy Grand Canal in Inchicore!
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Sunday, December 26, 2010


First , a short 'YouTube' video here , to wet your appetite for the pics that follow....

" This is the 34th consecutive year that CABHAIR has organised this Christmas Day Swim and , if they can hold it in these weather conditions , they can hold it in any weather conditions...."

-the words of one of the Swim organisers , addressing the crowd at the 3rd Lough in Inchicore , Dublin , at the annual CABHAIR Christmas Day Swim. And those conditions were rough : nature prevented access to the usual spot where the Swim takes place (12 inches of snow!), so proceedings were held about 20 feet from there , at the actual entrance to the Canal Road - and this small area had to be cleared by the 'Cabhair Crew' as best as possible , with shovels, allowing at least some possible swim-related use of the space.

The event started later than usual , and the crowd watching was smaller than usual , too - both due to the fact that the weather had ensured that it was almost impossible to either hold it at all or to get there to watch whatever proceedings could be held - in the event , the Swim was held, and the seven sponsored swimmers made it their business to be on site , each 'earning their keep' , including one swimmer from England !

For the record , it should be noted that 17 media outlets were notified about this Swim - including the two major television stations in this State - but not one reporter/photographer/camera crew etc arrived to observe the event : far too 'political' for them , apparently , as coverage would ensure that their viewers/readers/listeners etc would be reminded that the issue of British interference in Irish affairs is on-going. However - the organisers had the Tri-Colour flying , Irish rebel music on the sound system and one of them delivered a short speech to the crowd , all of which highlighted the fact that British interference in Irish affairs is , in fact , an on-going issue , a position which only the four 'Special Branch' observers on site disagreed with.

The CABHAIR organisation is to be congratulated for holding this event , in the almost-impossible conditions that prevailed , as are the seven swimmers that entered the below-freezing waters , and those that made it to the site to view proceedings -
well done to all ; a credit to Irish Republicanism!

We publish with this brief report a few pics , with a link at the end to more of same :

"If I sneak in , it might not be too bad..."

"....nooooo , it was bad....!"

'Deep-Sea Diving' , canal style!

Michael , Karl and Francie - three of the seven CABHAIR Swimmers.

"I'll tie this rope 'round my foot first , just for safety...."

" YA WHAT ! Me - in there....?"

Dougie with a white beard - or cold breath ?

The Swim 'Sing-Along' gets going.....

...the first 'Swim Song' was 'Kevin Barry' , which got the attention of the crowd....

....swimmers Francie and Michael join in....

....then some of the on-lookers take part.....

....and the last song is followed by a beer at the fire , and a loud cheer !

More pics of this Swim can be viewed on our 'Sister' Site , here , and a proper report and more pics will be published in the January 2011 issue of 'Saoirse' , which goes to print on Wednesday 5th January 2011. Once again - thanks to the CABHAIR organisation for organising this event in impossible circumstances , to our seven swimmers and to those that managed to make it to the event : what it actually translates into is hard cash for the family's of our POW's , to help ease their burden. And as long as Britain continues to interfere in Irish affairs , Irish Republicans will continue to resist and , unfortunately , there will be political prisoners to be looked after , financially.
Which is where organisations like CABHAIR , and supporters like you , play a part.

Go raibh maith agat !

Thursday, December 23, 2010

CABHAIR CHRISTMAS DAY CANAL SWIM - 3 PICS FROM THE SWIM HELD IN 1979 (or 'Swimming with Flares and Mullets') !

As our readers will be aware , each year since 1976 , a fund-raising sponsored swim has been held in the Grand Canal , at Inchicore , Dublin , to secure much-needed funds for the families of Irish Republican POW's.
This blog post is by way of publishing three photographs from the 1979 Swim , which explains the flared trousers and the mullet-type hairstyles !

'Robert Emmet' Cumann banner on display at the Swim Site.

Swimming in the sunshine , Christmas Day , Inchicore , Dublin , 1979.

Mullets , flares - and sunshine , 1979 Canal Swim , Dublin.

Incidentally , two CABHAIR reps were at the Swim Site today , checking things out , and they told me that the canal water is under two inches of ice. But , on the plus side , they saw no sign of mullets or flares....!
(Thanks to M O'F for the pics.)
Thanks for reading - hope to see some of ye on Christmas Day , in Inchicore.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

'1169...' WORLD EXCLUSIVE !! Our contacts in Westminster have secured for us the first picture of one of those to be named in the 2011 Westminster 'Honours List' !!!

This humble blog is proud and ever so excited to be able to bring our many readers what will surely be the best Christmas present they will receive this year - the news that 'one of our own' , Martin McGuinness , has had his 'Services to The Crown' recognised, in full , at long last!
This joyous occasion will , no doubt , be formally announced very soon and , in our opinion , should have been announced years ago , but no matter , better late than never : and so say all of us !
We looked for a few words from Sir McGuinness to accompany this article , but he told us that , officially , he was prohibited under 'Queens Rules' from doing so , but he did say the following to us , in a comm smuggled out of Westminster :
" My fellow Lords and Listed Members ,and you lot that are reading this blog post, it is a great honour for me to finally stand here , amongst kindred non-traitors , and, finally , be seen by one and all to reap the benefits of licking-up to our Empire and its rich and famous leadership. In particular , I fondly remember all those back home in Ireland who sacrificed their all in a gallant attempt to get me this far : Westminster , my true home. To those who will receive this news with shock and disbelief , I hereby publicly promise that if you stay 'on board' with me , in this, my new (?) direction ie my new method for eventually obtaining a United Ireland ,that I will see to it that a blind eye will be cast in your direction from the local dole office , should you be fortunate enough to secure a cash-in-hand nixer. If , however , you should cop-on and show support for those awful terror-dissident chappies, , I will report you to the boss of her Majesty's Police force......" this point , Lord J11B was rushed away by representatives from a posh magazine , to whom he had sold the rights to his first interview as a publicy-exposed member of the British 'establishment'. However , we did manage to assemble a sort-of 'life-in-pictures' collection of the man himself :

There is no truth whatsoever in the rumour that Lord J11B employed extraordinary methods to achieve his 'Award'. He didn't have to. It is his by right.

Sir Martin began his political career on the streets of Derry , the 'UK City of Culture' , but his usefulness was soon recognised by his future employers.

Sir Martin and one of his sponsors , chit-chatting about the best way to store medals.

Lord J11B , pictured relaxing with fiends. Eh ,'friends', we mean.

The late Henry Kissinger came back from the dead to join in the celebrations. Or at least he looks like he did.

Lord McGuinness being congratulated by two of his new best friends.

Sir Martin and a colleague share a joke about 'Lord J11B'.

Congrats from the Israeli Ambassador.

Lord J11B McGuinness being congratulated by a two-faced admirer.

Lord J11B McGuinness pictured with fellow British dignitaries.

Sir Martin McGuinness (aka 'Lord J11B Mcguinness'), pictured with some of his 'Honours List' sponsors.

Finally - those of you that are genuinely interested in removing the British writ from Ireland - instead of enforcing it - can contribute here ,at this time of year, financially or in whatever way you can.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

From 'MAGILL' magazine , September 1984.
By Derek Dunne.

It is thus clear that the Board cannot force the pharmaceutical industry, or the individual testing centres, to submit their proposed trials for scrutiny. The Board estimates that 20% of all trials take place without their being informed but , since the death of Niall Rush , there has been an increase in submissions from testing centres to the Board.

One of the constraints on the Institute is the 'Ethics Committee' , which decides whether or not it is ethically correct to go ahead with a test in a proposed way. This Committee meets about once a month , sometimes twice a month, and pass about two to four protocols each time. Sometimes they turn back a test for alteration or modification and , invariably, the drug company involved will agree to the modifications.

If they don't agree , the Institute just would not do the job for them. The reasons why a protocol might be sent back can vary - the Committee might feel that too many blood samples were being taken , too many injections , the size of the dosage might be considered too large , or too frequent , or they might recommend that 'subjects' be kept for an extra day after their last dosage.......

THE PETER BERRY PAPERS....... The Top Secret Memoirs of Ireland's Most Powerful Civil Servant : Dirty Tricks, Election '69/ Spying on a Unionist Politician/ Keeping the (State) Taoiseach informed/ The Garda Fallon Murder/ Advice to Jack Lynch- 'Fire the pair of them...'/ Vivion De Valera's advice to O'Malley/ Rumours of a Coup D'Etat/ The Internment Plot, November 1970/ Secret Meeting with William Craig.
From 'MAGILL' magazine , June 1980.

" When Deputy Haughey was appointed Parliamentary Secretary he immediately sought blocks of work which he could process and bring to conclusions without having to refer to the Minister as his 'Overlord' , but the Minister was reluctant to let go and I was caught in the cross-fire. At the time and in the preceeding three years I ranked as 'Assistant Secretary' but had to carry the load for the Secretary who had long bouts of ill-health. The Secretary retired prematurely in February 1961 and died within three months.

Throughout 1961 , the Minister expressed uneasiness about his working arrangements with the Parliamentary Secretary whom he felt was undermining him both in his constituency and in the Parliamentary Party. In July 1961 , the Minister told me that it was not his intention to seek re-election , that there would be a general election towards the end of the year and he asked me to ensure that the memorial plot in honour of Kevin Barry , Frank Flood and other patriots who had been executed * in Mountjoy Prison would be ready for unveiling before his retirement.
( * '1169...' Comment : within months of those executions by the British , Fianna Fail , the hypocrites that they were (and are) themselves began the process of executing 77 men like Kevin Barry and Frank Flood.)

The general election was held in September , the memorial plot was unveiled by the President in the presence of political notabilities which included the Taoiseach , the Minister for Justice and the Lord Mayor of Dublin , Alderman Bob Briscoe, on Sunday 8th October and three days later , on the 11th October , the Dail reassembled and Deputy Haughey was appointed Minister for Justice , and held that position until 8th October 1964 when he was appointed Minister for Agriculture within an hour of the resignation of Mr Paddy Smith ....... "




Ar eagle an dearmaid ….

Ba bhrea an rud e siocháin bhuan bunaithe ar an gceart a bheith againn in Éireann . Is i an bronntanas is fearr a d’fheadfaimis a thabhairt duinn fein agus dar gclann .

Coinniodh an ceart agus an tsiocháin uainn le breis agus ocht gcead bliain , de bharr ionradh , forghabhail agus miriaradh na Sasanach. Socrú ar bith a dheantar in ainm mhuintir na hÉireann agus a ghlacann le riail Shasana agus a dhaingnionn an chriochdheighilt , ni thig leis an ceart na an tsiocháin bhuann a bhunu .

Ni dheanfaidh se ach la na siochána buaine a chur ar an mhear fhada agus an bhunfhadb a thabhairt do ghluin eile . Tharla se seo cheana nuair a siniodh Conradh 1921 agus cuireadh siar ar mhuintir na hÉireann e in ainm na siochána . Is mór ag Sinn Féin Poblachtach Éire a bheith saor agus daonlathach , an cuspoir ceanna a bhi i gceist ag Wolfe Tone agus ag na Poblachtaigh uile anuas go dti 1916 agus an la ata inniu ann .

Rinne a lan fear agus ban croga iobairti mora , thug a mbeatha fiu , ar son na cuise uaisle seo .




Least we forget ….

A just and permanent peace in Ireland is most desirable . It is the greatest gift we could give to ourselves and our children . We have been denied justice and peace for more than eight centuries , because of English invasion , occupation and misrule of our country .

Any arrangement which , in the name of the Irish people , accepts English rule and copperfastens the Border , will not bring justice and lasting peace . It will only postpone the day of permanent peace , handing over the basic problem to another generation .

This happened before when the Treaty of 1921 was signed and was forced on the Irish people in the name of peace . Republican Sinn Féin cherishes the objective of a free , democratic Ireland , as envisaged by Wolfe Tone and all Republicans down to 1916 and our own day . Many brave men and women sacrificed a lot , even their lives , for this noble Cause .


(From the ‘1169…’ Crew , December 2010. PLEASE NOTE : we are on a short break from normal posting , although we will post details of how the CABHAIR swim went and possibly a few other posts. We will return to ‘normal’ early in the New Year. Go raibh maith agat! Sharon.)

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We were present today in a hotel on the Dublin/Kildare border for the 'Monthly Raffle' , for which , as usual, over 600 tickets had been sold , with all profits going directly to the CABHAIR organisation.. The venue we were in was also hosting a golf club presentation and a local GAA Club 'Award Ceremony' , both of which would have been 'good for business' had there been any CABHAIR tickets left to be sold - but there wasn't ! Two of the CABHAIR Raffle organisers , Matt and Robbie , told me that they could have sold an extra fifty tickets 'in house' , had they got them to sell ! Victims of your own success , lads ;-) !
Anyway : congrats to the eight winners - Cathy , with ticket number 140 , Danielle (284) , Jay (579) , JQ (540) , Cóilín (444) , Paul (who won twice - 66 and 65!) and Gary (340). A nice wee bit of extra cash for Christmas but before ye think of spending it all on yourselves just be aware that we have notified all your partners.....!
Thanks to Matt and Robbie , Anto , Trev , Pat , Lucy , Maire and Breda for making us feel at home (and for the few pints!) and the next raffle will be held in the same venue on Sunday 9th January 2011 - and more than 400 tickets for same have already been distributed!

This is the list that has been distributed to certain trade union members , by a trade union , with a request that the people named be lobbied in connection with the minimum wage cut and other such cutbacks. Mind you , it is also possible , of course , to ring them and wish them a 'Happy Christmas' , or whatever, if you want to :
Alan Kelly MEP - 087 6792859
Barry Andrews - 086 8361396
Batt O'Keeffe - 087 2508242
Billy Kelleher - 087 2580521
Brendan Howlin - 087 2314671
Brendan Smith - 087 9109452
Brian Lenihan - 086 2757358
Brian O'Shea - 087 2943292
Christy O'Sullivan - 086 8565582
Ciaran Cuffe - 087 2652075
Ciaran Lynch - 086 6033923/086 8562600
Conor Lenihan - 086 8145092
Dan Neville - 086 2435536
Dara Calleary - 086 2238810
Darragh O'Brien - 086 2519893
Deirdre Clune - 087 2447027
Dermot Ahern - 087 7788832
Dick Roche TD - 087 9978110
Dr James Reilly - 087 1200889
Eamon Gilmore - 087 2200495
Eamon O'Cuiv - 087 7711161/087 1251000
Eamon Ryan - 086 3886529
Eamon Scanlon - 087 6803660
Emmet Stagg - 087 6728555
Finian McGrath - 087 6738041
Jack Wall - 087 2570275
Jan O'Sullivan - 087 2430299
Jim O'Keeffe - 087 2591694
Joan Burton - 087 2369485
Joanna Tuffy - 087 6339077
Joe Costello - 087 2450777
John Browne - 087 2469234
John Cregan - 087 2679453
John Curran - 087 2501980
John Gormley - 087 2756135
John Maloney - 087 7563884
John McGuinness - 087 2855834
Kathleen Lynch - 087 2502035
Liz McManus - 087 2357369
Martin Ferris - 087 6380301
Martin Mansergh - 086 2239022
Mary Coughlan - 086 8330202
Mary Hanafin - 087 2855857
Mary Harney - 087 9417779
Mary Upton - 087 2456968
Mary White - 087 2707189
Michael Creed - 087 2424631
Michael D Higgins - 087 2774109
Michael Finneran - 087 2535993
Michael Kennedy - 087 2432995
Michael McGrath - 086 8393304
Michael Moynihan - 087 2745810
Micheal Martin - 087 2423322
Nessa Childers MEP - 087 2396396
Niall Collins - 087 2749659
Noel Dempsey - 087 6275888
Pat Carey - 087 2574393
Pat Rabbitte - 086 8178773
Peter Power - 087 2535993
Prionsias De Rossa - 087 2544644
Roisin Shortall - 087 2333580
Ruairi Quinn - 087 2621946
Sean Connick - 087 2564576
Sean Haughey - 087 9874676
Sean Sherlock - 087 7402057
Seantor Brendan Ryan - 086 8216176
Sen. Alex White - 087 2208533
Sen. Dominic Hannigan - 087 6418960
Sen. Ivana Bacik - 086 8133751
Sen. Michael McCarthy - 087 6481004
Sen. Phil Prendergast - 086 8555472
Senator Lisa McDonald - 087 9184034
Simon Coveney - 087 8321755
Tom Hayes - 087 8105016
Tom Kitt - 087 2431074
Tom McEllistrim - 086 1733487
Tom Sheahan - 087 2021661
Tommy Broughan - 087 2880777
Tony Killeen - 087 2525304
Trevor Sargent - 01 8900360
Willie O'Dea - 087 9193666
Willie Penrose - 087 8241933.

Tell them Sharon sent you....!

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From 'MAGILL' magazine , September 1984.
By Derek Dunne.

Dr Walker expressed the belief that there should be some way of checking up on people who were outside the ICP and due back in for another administration of a drug. He wished Joe Claffey all the best , told him that he's been a satisfactory volunteer , that they'd never had any reason to complain about his performance. Joe said he might come back if the money was increased - 83p an hour is not great for the sort of work involved. He turned the tape-recorder off when he got back to the car and , this time, he had pushed the button the right way!

For the past twenty years , clinical trials have been taking place in Ireland : responsibility for this area comes under the ambit of the State Minister and the State Department of Health however , specifically in relation to clinical trials, the 'National (sic) Drugs Advisory Board' acts on behalf of that State Department and on behalf of that State Minister. But that Board does not necessarily approve each trial that takes place and it is not necessary for the ICP to supply details of tests to the Board for approval. In the 'Guidelines' for the Board , set down in 1979, it states in relation to clinical trials -

"The two main objects of the Board's concern are :

(1) That no drug be made available for use until the Board is satisfied that it has passed reasonable tests for safety .
(2) That no drug continues in use if there is reasonable doubt of its safety.

In carrying out its tasks the Board is concerned to avoid providing a hindrance to the development , clinical trial and marketing of new drugs of acceptable toxicity."


THE PETER BERRY PAPERS....... The Top Secret Memoirs of Ireland's Most Powerful Civil Servant : Dirty Tricks, Election '69/ Spying on a Unionist Politician/ Keeping the (State) Taoiseach informed/ The Garda Fallon Murder/ Advice to Jack Lynch- 'Fire the pair of them...'/ Vivion De Valera's advice to O'Malley/ Rumours of a Coup D'Etat/ The Internment Plot, November 1970/ Secret Meeting with William Craig.
From 'MAGILL' magazine , June 1980.

" Minister Traynor told me that the Taoiseach's feelings were that Deputy Haughey would refuse an offer as he was operating an extensive expanding practice as a chartered accountant and the assumption of Office would cause a substantial loss in earnings. Minister Traynor expressed misgivings to me and said that if he had had the remotest idea that he would be saddled with Deputy Haughey he would have turned down the offer in the first instance.

In discussion I said that I could think of no Departmental reason for opposing the Deputy's selection , that his juniority in the parliamentary party was a political reason . Minister Traynor told me that his misgivings were shared by my former Minister , Mr Gerald Boland , and other senior Ministers. I was already aware of Mr Boland's antipathy as more than once in earlier years he had discussed Mr Haughey with me - Mr Haughey was in partnership with Mr Boland's son , Harry - and had opined that Mr Haughey would yet drag down the (Fianna Fail) Party in the mire.
Personally , I knew nothing of Deputy Haughey's detriment and I knew from mutual acquaintances that he was regarded as of first-class intelligence with initiative , application and tenacity......."



Irish Republicans in America are , once again (for the 34th successive December!) rallying to the assistance of the CABHAIR organisation , and have issued the following statement :

"Annual Cabhair Christmas Swim Appeal -
Many thanks to everyone who over the past year has contributed to the Annual Cabhair Christmas Swim. The Irish Republican Political Prisoners held on both sides of England’s border in Ireland greatly appreciate your support and the help you have consistently given to their families.
This 34th CABHAIR Christmas Swim will be held on Christmas morning at the Grand Canal in Inchicore, Dublin. Over the last number of years, here in the U.S, we have had great success in sponsoring those brave souls who take the chilly morning plunge in support of the prisoners’ families.
This year we hope to have even more support for this worthy cause. The number of Irish Republican Political Prisoners being held in English and Irish jails, for their belief in a 32-county Irish Republic, is growing. Political prisoners and their families need our help.
The holiday season is fast approaching, and many more families will benefit from your donation of any amount. Your generosity means something truly special to them, especially in days such as these. If you have been meaning to donate and have not gotten around to it, this is the time to do so. Your support will raise the spirits of a family on the front line for Ireland's quest for freedom and unity.

Donations of $50 or more will receive a gift box of 10 finely crafted Éire Nua Christmas Cards designed in Gaeilge and English by Brian Mór Ó Baoighill.

Please note that all proceeds raised specifically for CABHAIR by the NIFC are sent directly to CABHAIR. Checks to be made payable to the National Irish Freedom Committee and mailed to:

P.O. Box 770549, Woodside, New York 11377.

If you prefer, you can send your donation directly to CABHAIR, 223 Parnell St., Dublin 1, Ireland."

CABHAIR swimmers - earning their 'keep' !

Regardless of where in the world you are reading this, we ask that you spread the word about this event to any media contacts you have and, if possible - send a few of these to either of the addresses mentioned above!

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From 'MAGILL' magazine , September 1984.
By Derek Dunne.

There were 3 friends in a car waiting outside the ICP for Joe. They rewound the tape , but there was nothing but static on it - Joe had pushed the button the wrong way. He psyched himself up once again , and went back in. Dr Brick and Dr Darragh weren't around , but Dr Walker was. Under questioning , Dr Walker admitted that there were some good points being made , and said that he would take up the issue of examination of patients who were returning for the second part of a test, with the people in the ICP. He expressed a worry that volunteers might be having treatment from another doctor , which they would not disclose for fear of being refused for a course.

He talked for a while about the difficulty of getting the truth out of would-be patients about their medical history and so forth , stating - "But how do we get the truth out of them? You know? We're not policemen. We're not here to beat people up. We're not..." , to which Joe replied "That's right, yeah..." , and Dr Walker continued - ".....and I try to be as sympathetic as possible to anybdy who comes in here because I know that....that the money end of it.....and that's why I keep away from the money end of it , that I don't get involved at all. If a fellow is fit at all I would recommend him for admission , but if somebody has a past history of illness of any sort, or a psychiatric admission to hospital, how the hell am I going to get that info out of them if they deny it..."

When Dr Walker was pushed on the issue of testing for specific drugs that present in the bloodstream of a patient, he replied that the usual drugs had been looked for , the ones that could be bought on the street - cocaine , heroine , morphine etc but, in coming in for the second part of a test, he admitted that the patients "....could be on anything..........".

THE PETER BERRY PAPERS....... The Top Secret Memoirs of Ireland's Most Powerful Civil Servant : Dirty Tricks, Election '69/ Spying on a Unionist Politician/ Keeping the (State) Taoiseach informed/ The Garda Fallon Murder/ Advice to Jack Lynch- 'Fire the pair of them...'/ Vivion De Valera's advice to O'Malley/ Rumours of a Coup D'Etat/ The Internment Plot, November 1970/ Secret Meeting with William Craig.
From 'MAGILL' magazine , June 1980.

" Charles Haughey (and here) became Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Justice in the following circumstances : In 1960 the Minister , Mr Oscar Traynor, piloted two Bills through the Dail and Seanad and early on it became apparent that he was in difficulties with the omnibus 'Intoxicating Liquor Act', partly because of deafness of which he was secretive and sensitive , and partly because of the complexity and conflicting nature of the measure. On that account, the Taoiseach , Mr Lemass, directed that Mr O Morain , Minister for Lands at the time , sit in with him.

Again he was in some difficulties with the 'Criminal Justice (Amendment) Bill' which opened the way for new developments in penal reform : for instance, it enabled the implementation of the 'parole' system and the 'sleep-in-work-out' system for which Mr Haughey was to be given credit for initiating. In the aftermath , Minister Traynor informed me that the Taoiseach had offered him the assistance of a Parliamentary Secretary and he asked me to draw up a panel of Dail Deputies whom I considered would be suitable. After consultation with my senior officers I submitted the names of Deputy Seán Flanagan (later Minister for Health) , Deputy Michael Carty (later Parliamentary Secretary) , Deputy Honor Crowley and one other which I now forget.

Later, Minister Traynor told me that Deputy Flanagan had been offered the post and had refused , that the Taoiseach did not consider the other Deputies ripe for appointment to the Department of Justice and , instead, had put forward the name of Deputy Charles Haughey , his own son-in-law , who was a Dail representative in Mr Traynor's constituency and for whom Mr Traynor had a decided aversion........"



From 'The Clondalkin Echo' newspaper , 25th November 2010 , page 7 : 'X Factors singer Mary Byrne has revealed that meeting injured British soldiers was one of the most inspirational moments of the show. Mary Byrne......told 'The Echo' that although she had met her idols Tom Jones and Robbie Williams , nothing compared to those young injured soldiers : "We went to see the heros from Afghanistan and I met a young guy who was 20 years old and had no legs but his spirit is just electric . They embraced us and I must have kissed about 70 million of them that evening - that has been the highlight for me." '

Mary Byrne - the new Vera Lynn ?

This woman is either politically clueless or she is prepared to do or say anything to advance her singing 'career' : either way , she has publicly disgraced herself by associating with those British thugs and has , by her foolish actions in relation to voicing support for terrorism, actually politicised a large number of people in the Clondalkin and Ballyfermot areas of Dublin and, we hope , further afield. Those who, up to now, had considered her escapades as 'harmless fun' etc are now looking at her in a different light.

And win , loose or draw in the competition she is in , some people will no longer view her simply as an 'aspiring/successful singer' - she has tainted herself as a politically ignorant airhead and/or a scheming , calculating wannabe 'Diva' , prepared to go to any lengths to gain fame and fortune. Just another disappointing stage act , with no moral safety net.
What a shame ; good voice , pity about the politics.
Thanks for reading,

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