Tuesday, November 09, 2010

A NUMBER'S GAME : 106 (13-14-11-10), 650 , 12/10/34/25......

106 (13-14-11-10) - As we have mentioned before ('106 All Round') , this number relates to the 106th RSF Ard Fheis , which will be held this coming weekend , 13th and 14th November , in a Dublin venue. By coincidence , that number (106) also relates to the number of motions which will be discussed at the Ard Fheis.

650 - Also an event we have covered before and , like '106' above , it will be held this weekend as well , in a different venue. The two events will help to 'balance' each other out : '106' will cost money , whilst '650' will make money!

12/10/34/25 - Again , mentioned on this Blog recently : that set of numbers indicate that the 34th successive CABHAIR Christmas Swim , in the Grand Canal, in Dublin , will be held in December ('12'/month) this year (twenty10) on the 25th - Christmas Day.

A busier than usual few days ahead for Republican Sinn Féin and CABHAIR , but nothing they haven't handled before. Those of us that put this Blog together have been 'jobbed' already , as we have always volunteered to assist the Republican Movement , and are proud to do so !
Thanks for reading ,