Thursday, December 23, 2010

CABHAIR CHRISTMAS DAY CANAL SWIM - 3 PICS FROM THE SWIM HELD IN 1979 (or 'Swimming with Flares and Mullets') !

As our readers will be aware , each year since 1976 , a fund-raising sponsored swim has been held in the Grand Canal , at Inchicore , Dublin , to secure much-needed funds for the families of Irish Republican POW's.
This blog post is by way of publishing three photographs from the 1979 Swim , which explains the flared trousers and the mullet-type hairstyles !

'Robert Emmet' Cumann banner on display at the Swim Site.

Swimming in the sunshine , Christmas Day , Inchicore , Dublin , 1979.

Mullets , flares - and sunshine , 1979 Canal Swim , Dublin.

Incidentally , two CABHAIR reps were at the Swim Site today , checking things out , and they told me that the canal water is under two inches of ice. But , on the plus side , they saw no sign of mullets or flares....!
(Thanks to M O'F for the pics.)
Thanks for reading - hope to see some of ye on Christmas Day , in Inchicore.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

'1169...' WORLD EXCLUSIVE !! Our contacts in Westminster have secured for us the first picture of one of those to be named in the 2011 Westminster 'Honours List' !!!

This humble blog is proud and ever so excited to be able to bring our many readers what will surely be the best Christmas present they will receive this year - the news that 'one of our own' , Martin McGuinness , has had his 'Services to The Crown' recognised, in full , at long last!
This joyous occasion will , no doubt , be formally announced very soon and , in our opinion , should have been announced years ago , but no matter , better late than never : and so say all of us !
We looked for a few words from Sir McGuinness to accompany this article , but he told us that , officially , he was prohibited under 'Queens Rules' from doing so , but he did say the following to us , in a comm smuggled out of Westminster :
" My fellow Lords and Listed Members ,and you lot that are reading this blog post, it is a great honour for me to finally stand here , amongst kindred non-traitors , and, finally , be seen by one and all to reap the benefits of licking-up to our Empire and its rich and famous leadership. In particular , I fondly remember all those back home in Ireland who sacrificed their all in a gallant attempt to get me this far : Westminster , my true home. To those who will receive this news with shock and disbelief , I hereby publicly promise that if you stay 'on board' with me , in this, my new (?) direction ie my new method for eventually obtaining a United Ireland ,that I will see to it that a blind eye will be cast in your direction from the local dole office , should you be fortunate enough to secure a cash-in-hand nixer. If , however , you should cop-on and show support for those awful terror-dissident chappies, , I will report you to the boss of her Majesty's Police force......" this point , Lord J11B was rushed away by representatives from a posh magazine , to whom he had sold the rights to his first interview as a publicy-exposed member of the British 'establishment'. However , we did manage to assemble a sort-of 'life-in-pictures' collection of the man himself :

There is no truth whatsoever in the rumour that Lord J11B employed extraordinary methods to achieve his 'Award'. He didn't have to. It is his by right.

Sir Martin began his political career on the streets of Derry , the 'UK City of Culture' , but his usefulness was soon recognised by his future employers.

Sir Martin and one of his sponsors , chit-chatting about the best way to store medals.

Lord J11B , pictured relaxing with fiends. Eh ,'friends', we mean.

The late Henry Kissinger came back from the dead to join in the celebrations. Or at least he looks like he did.

Lord McGuinness being congratulated by two of his new best friends.

Sir Martin and a colleague share a joke about 'Lord J11B'.

Congrats from the Israeli Ambassador.

Lord J11B McGuinness being congratulated by a two-faced admirer.

Lord J11B McGuinness pictured with fellow British dignitaries.

Sir Martin McGuinness (aka 'Lord J11B Mcguinness'), pictured with some of his 'Honours List' sponsors.

Finally - those of you that are genuinely interested in removing the British writ from Ireland - instead of enforcing it - can contribute here ,at this time of year, financially or in whatever way you can.