Sunday, May 13, 2012



.....Jimmy O'Brien ('JOB') , a "near local" , or so he told us , and not a regular customer of the hotel in which the usual 650-ticket Irish Republican raffle was held in today : Jimmy was helping a pal of his , Anto , a tour bus driver and a very reliable ticket-seller for us , and had bought a few of our raffle tickets from Anto and has promised to do so again - he won first prize in the raffle (€200) on ticket number 197 , and promptly told his pal that he was staying on for a bit of dinner and a few pints and then getting a Limo home !

The second prize - €100 - was won on ticket number 320 by a lovely young lady from Carlow , Kayla , who gave the envelope straight to her Daddy and asked the poor man if she can " , PLEASE , have an iPad...?" (LOL!) and Paddy K from Cabra , in Dublin , won the third prize of €40 on ticket number 253 - although he won't be 'upping his technology' as he entered into an arrangement with his four buddies that they would split any winnings - never mind , Paddy ; you can do the sly thing next time and buy a ticket on the QT !

Adrian , from Kilkenny , won €20 , fourth prize , on ticket number 622 , and he pulled out prize number five ( €20) , ticket number 491 , which was claimed by Keith , from Waterford. One of our regular sellers in the hotel , Seán , was the seller of the sixth prize of €20 , ticket number 601 , which was won by a pal of his , Pat , who then pulled out the seventh prize , €20 , which went to Gary , from Wicklow , on ticket number 438. Our last prize , also €20 , was won by Paul R on ticket number 51, who bought it from 'TEK' , one of our sellers in the hotel. We had the usual good craic today at this fund-raiser , and made arrangements for the next one which , unfortunately , clashes with the annual RSF Wolfe Tone Commemoration - but , thanks to the dedication of those involved , both events , which will be held practically within walking distance of each other, will go ahead as intended.

Also , at the raffle today , we distributed 900 Irish Republican leaflets - 300 'packs' , 3 per 'pack' -

RSF leaflets distributed today , Sunday 13th May 2012.

- consisting of two different types of 'VOTE NO ON MAY 31ST' leaflets and a leaflet advertising the above-mentioned Wolfe Tone Commemoration. All-in-all , RSF had a very productive day today - raised a nice few quid for itself and raised awareness of its position in relation to the on-going attempts to impose further poverty measures on the people in this corrupt and warped State.

Thanks for reading, Sharon.