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Tuesday, May 01, 2012



Interesting article here in connection with the on-going 'dirty tricks' campaign which Westminster is running in relation to its political and military interference in Ireland : "The first claims came from those illegally arrested during internment in 1971 and those subjected to "deep interrogation". The (British) MoD decided to settle out of court when crown counsel advised them that they would be likely to lose if a case was brought before a judge. New evidence from the National Archives shows the (British) army continued harming civilians even after the disasters of internment, deep interrogation and Bloody Sunday.... the British preference for claiming to operate within the law, yet bending the meaning of the law to allow repression – as documented in the colonial archives we have now seen – carried on into Northern Ireland... (sic) "

This is not a 'revelation' as far as Irish Republicans are concerned - rather , it is confirmation of our position ie that in order to start to repair the damage she has caused and is causing in Ireland , Britain must first announce a date for its complete military and political withdrawal. No other offer will be entertained.

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