Sunday, October 07, 2012


Not for the first time , the right-wing 'Bible' that 'TIME Magazine' has become , has got it wrong : Enda Kenny and the (Fine Gael / State Labour Party) Free State Coalition that he heads-up , with permission from the IMF and the EU , of course , is not the 'economic guru' coming to the rescue of 'his people' who have recently been savaged by an incompetent political leadership : rather , he is a continuance of same - it's just that he's a better dresser than his predecessor was. 'TIME' magazine aims itself exclusively at the 'business class' - those it considers to be wealthy enough to satisfy its advertisers - and, from their perspective, the 'Enda Kenny's' of this world can do no wrong : to secure and/or increase the wealth of the wealthy and, once viewed from that perspective, it comes as no surprise that it cheers-on the likes of Kenny but the truth is that the working-class and the unemployed wouldn't consider the man fit enough to grace the cover of a comic book. Well.... with one exception , in recognition of the fact that the man considers himself to be politically useful.

Thanks for reading, Sharon.