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ME ?


.....NO , NOT AT ALL.


This blog should have has a special affiliation with the Olympics , seeing as they are practically named after us ("...historical records of the original Tailteann Games are very vague indeed. Mythology has it that they were instituted in ancient Ireland by the god Lugh, in honour of his mother Táilte, who had just died. It's said that they took place until 1169, after the Norman Invasion......") but enough is enough : there's only so much running , jumping and racing etc that a girl can watch before she gets dizzy.

I can appreciate that , as far as some people are concerned , these games/trials highlight all that is best in human athletics achievement and that millions and millions of people will eagerly follow every move in the table tennis / fencing / track race / rowing etc etc and will loudly cheer-on their sporting heroes in the belief that they are witnessing sporting miracles but I'd have to insist that those fans should realise that there are (...must be ?) an equal number of us WHO JUST DON'T GIVE A DAMN and have had our fill of having hardly any choice except to tune in to hour after hour after hour of these sports that we don't understand nor have any interest in ?

About the best thing I can say is that I am glad it has started as it will be all over and done with a lot sooner than if it had NOT already started lol !

Here's a neutral
(ish) piece about the Olympics from 'The New York Times' and , finally , to finish this rant on a positive(ish!) note - and in my own defence - I must stress that I can just about manage to stay in a room when a football match is on the telly but that's because I need only keep myself diverted for 90 minutes whereas this present sporting abomination demands that I mentally duck-and-dive for two weeks (although it feels like two months already...)

To (mis)quote Oscar Wilde : " To make athletics good is to be a brilliant diplomatist - the problem is entirely the same in both cases. To know exactly how much oil one must put with one's vinegar."

And someone definitely got the mix wrong this time....

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By Peadar O'Donnell ; first published in January 1963.

Was there a danger , if we called the the people back to the 1919 decision , that the government would take alarm at the threat of a new land war and hit the townlands harder than they could hope to withstand ? The case I made at the chapel gate was, maybe , the most advanced stand we could risk at that moment. Nial Houston had an objection to it - there would be people who would defy the courts but who would not plead the poor mouth ; he himself , for example, would not like to stand up before the neighbours and ask them to help him against the bailiff on the ground that he could not meet the decree if he wanted to. If we were to encourage others to take their stand on high ground we would need a defence fund. If a man lost a few head of cattle , a couple of his neighbours could put a value on them and the committee would then compensate him out of that fund . It was his belief that everybody on our side would willingly pay in one year's rent and that the fund would last longer if we got hold of the seized cattle again and gave them back to the man who lost them or, if that was too dangerous , sell them and put that money back into the fund. The idea made sense to everybody at the meeting , and in time a very considerable defence fund was built up. (MORE LATER).

THE PETER BERRY PAPERS....... The Top Secret Memoirs of Ireland's Most Powerful Civil Servant : Dirty Tricks, Election '69/ Spying on a Unionist Politician/ Keeping the (State) Taoiseach informed/ The Garda Fallon Murder/ Advice to Jack Lynch- 'Fire the pair of them...'/ Vivion De Valera's advice to O'Malley/ Rumours of a Coup D'Etat/ The Internment Plot, November 1970/ Secret Meeting with William Craig. From 'MAGILL' magazine , June 1980.
" Early in November 1970 there was reliable , highly confidential police information that a hard core of 15 members of Saor Éire , who had already carried out murder and armed robberies of banks , were plotting to kidnap two persons, of whom I was one, to hold as hostage against the safety of Frank Keane who was awaiting extradition from London for the murder of Garda Fallon. On the directions of the Minister I prepared a comprehensive memo for circulation to Government which set out the very serious situation and the various steps that might be taken to correct it. I gave him , separately, a covering note in which I had analysed the options and , two days later, on 13th November , I gave Mr. O' Malley , in writing, my considered opinion as to the course that I thought should be followed - as it happened , my recommendation was not followed , then or later. On Wednesday 25th November I informed the Minister , in writing , of urgent , highly confidential , police information that at a meeting of the Saor Éire hard core some days earlier my name had been specifically mentioned for punitive action. I informed Mr. O'Malley that the Commissioner, who had already prevailed on me to carry a gun - in the use of which I received police instruction - had strengthened the police protection on my house and had suggested that the plates on my wife's and daughter's cars should be changed , I told the Minister that my wife was under great mental strain and that I was reluctant to let her know of this new terrorism...." (MORE LATER).


Great 'foundation' !

As we all know , one of the hazards of being on-line and being 'out there' on the web is the constant bombardment received from trolls , chancers , weirdos and spammers. Bad enough to be repeatedly targetted by one or other of that type , but when an all-in-one weird chancer of a spammer-troll insists on repeatedly (over 100 times in the past week !) sending a 'Queen Elizabeth the Great....' -type 'invite' to an Irish Republican blog then it's perhaps not being paranoid to assume that it's coming from someone other than just your average spam bot. This is the spam deposit , in full , and unedited -


Dear Sir/Ma,

In Honor of Queen Elizabeth the Great, the European Union Foundation (E.U.F.) and the African Union Foundation (A.U.F.) would love to inform You that in honor of her majesty Queen Elizabeth. you have been nominated As a bonafide beneficiary to the sum of GBP650, 000.00(Six Hundred and Fifty Thousand Great British Pounds).

The Queen Elizabeth foundation is a body or organization established to Enrich the poor, needy, retired, sick, lesspriviledge and also establishing And enriching personal individuals with skills to eradicate poverty in USA, Europe, Asia and Africa and also to compensate all victims of scam and reimburse them back for there looses.

In accordance to the above mentioned money, be informed that this is not Associated with any form of lottery. Please reconfirm your information's in our custody:

Your Full Names: Address: Tel: Country Of Residence: Occupation: Age:

Furthermore, your money would be remitted to you via ONLINE BANKING (SELF TRANSFER) into your account.

Details of ONLINE BANKING TRANSFER (your login) would be issued to you Upon response to this email, all you need to do is ensure you activate You’re Online Banking Account with the sum of $US150 and all necessary Details would be issued to you to enable you transfer your funds Online Yourself.

Please do bear In mind I do repeat you would be required an account activation fee of $US150 if you know you can't come up with the required fee please do disregard this EMAIL...

Once you activate your account these organization assures you that no Further fee would be required of you for whatever, because we are registered to W.B and I.M.F monetary unit.

Once more, Congratulation.

Mr. Anthony Perez. Acting Secretary, Queen Elizabeth Foundation.

Naturally , as fully paid-up (!) members of "... the poor, needy, retired, sick, lesspriviledge...." class , who need to be 'reimbursed for our looses' , we almost fell over ourselves to do as requested - 'confirmed our information's in their custody' and posted our credit card over to Mr Perez from which he will deduct our "...activation fee.." . Sure it's a bargain at half the price. Furthermore , we felt even more assured that we were doing the right thing when we read that the 'Foundation' is "...registered to W.B and I.M.F monetary unit..." , an August body , to be sure , which is well-versed in looking after "...the poor, needy, retired, sick (and) lesspriviledge..." members of our society. After the 'Foundation' enriches us with our just desert , and we inevitably move up the social ladder to our proper class , we promise we won't forget where we came from - we'll check-in with you plebs from time to time , in between the polo and the cricket.....

Thomas Myles: "....I'll show that bloody Carson that two could play his game..."

98 years ago - in July 1914 - the 'Asgard' made history in Howth , County Dublin , thereby inadvertently helping to draw interested historical eyes away from a similar episode which took place six days later , thanks to the brave efforts of a Dublin surgeon , a 'Sir' Thomas Myles .

"It was arranged for a consignment of arms from Germany to be smuggled aboard the yacht 'Chotah' , belonging to the Dublin surgeon , Sir Thomas Myles...." (More here, and a detailed history of the man and his family can be read here.)

Whilst his heart , in the main , was in the right place , Mr. Myles also had to know his arse from his elbow (!) : "Once while on holidays in Co Clare, a surgeon was asked to see a sailor who had urinary retention from a urethral stricture. The surgeon went to the man’s cottage and got two strong men from the assembled crowd of locals to hold the man in the lithotomy position with his buttocks presenting over the half-door of the cottage. Having sharpened his penknife on a nearby stone, the surgeon plunged it into the man’s perineum producing a scream from the man, a gush of urine and gasps of astonishment from the watching crowd. Retiring to the local GP’s house, the surgeon, Sir Thomas Myles, ate a hearty breakfast...." (More here.)

Whilst acknowledging that the man was not an out-and-out full supporter of the Irish Republican cause , it can be seen that his heart , head and conscience were troubled enough , on more than one occasion , for him to risk his life in furthering the objectives of the Movement. And , as Bobby Sands once said.....

Mr Myles had a comfortable lifestyle in 'polite' society but , unlike those today who enjoy such a lifestyle (or the majority of them , at least...) , he also had a sense of justice and an ability - and a 'need' - to act on same when the injustices around him seemed to be gathering pace. And Irish Republicans can appreciate people like that.


Caoimhín Ó Loingsigh [Kevin Lynch] ; 25th May 1956 - 1st August 1981.

Not forgetting the other 21 Irish Republican hunger-strikers , but today I especially remember a man that I had the very good fortune to meet on numerous occasions when I wore a younger girls clothes : Kevin Lynch , who died on 1st August 1981 after 71 days on hunger strike.

The truth comes hard as the cold rain

On your face in the heat of the storm

And the stories I'm hearing would shock you

To believe that such deeds can go on

You can starve men and take all their clothing

You can beat them up till they fall

You can break up the bodies but never the spirit

Of those on the blanket.....

(From here.)


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'...he readied his knife on a stone and drove it into the area between the anus and the scrotum..'

Tomorrow (Wednesday 1st August 2012) we will post a paragraph or two about an eminent member of Irish 'High Society' who is mostly overlooked in our history and whose deed is most definitely over-shadowed by an event which occurred days before his own valiant effort....

Thanks for the visit ! Sharon.