Monday, May 06, 2013



Cait Trainor delivering the main oration at the Hunger-Strikers Commemoration in Dublin , on Saturday 4th May 2013.

From approximately 1.30pm to 3.30pm on Saturday 4th May 2013 , a crowd of about 100 people observed proceedings on the traffic isle facing the GPO in Dublin city centre as Republican Sinn Féin commemorated the 22 Irish republican hunger-strikers who had given their lives for the republican Cause between 1917 and 1981.

The event was Chaired by Diarmuid Mac Dubhglais , the main oration was delivered by Cait Trainor and Josephine Hayden and John Horan were also called to the speakers lectern by the Chairperson to say a few words. During the course of the speeches, repeated reference was made to the fact that, between April and November in 1923 , 340 female republican prisoners in Kilmainham Jail and the North Dublin Union prison went on a hunger-strike protest, in stages, in support of at least 8,000 of their comrades who were taking part in hunger strikes.

All 350 leaflet 'packs' (a total of 1,350 'items') were distributed on the day in O'Connell Street (between the Bridge and the Ambassador) and dozens of copies of the April 2013 issue of 'SAOIRSE' were sold ; the May 2013 edition goes to print on Wednesday 8th of this month, and a full report of this commemoration will be published in same. We publish with this brief report some pics from the day , and our thanks to 'TOP CAT' (!) for his invaluable assistance with the build-up , the camerawork and the strip-out afterwards - much appreciated , grma !

Diarmuid Mac Dubhglais , Chairing the event.

Josephine Hayden 4th May 2013 , Dublin.

John Horan addressing the crowd at the commemoration on Saturday 4th May 2013.

Seán the Piper , who played various republican laments during proceedings.

Photographic representations of some of the 22 men who died between 1917 and 1981.....

.....were on display at the O'Connell Street commemoration on Saturday 4th May 2013.

The RSF Colour Party at the commemoration.

One of the banners on display at the commemoration.

'Political Status' banner in O'Connell Street, Dublin, Saturday 4th May 2013.

Padraig Ennis , RSF Dublin , doing a soundcheck on Saturday 4th May 2013.

Republican Sinn Féin are to be congratulated for the respectful and well-organised manner in which they paid tribute to not only the 22 men who gave their lives on hunger-strike but also for referencing the sometimes forgotten fact that, in 1923 , 340 republican women had gone on hunger-strike in support of the republican Cause , an action which is mostly overlooked. Well done to all involved in the 4th May event : a job well done!

Thanks for reading, Sharon.