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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Bertie Ahern , Peter Hain and Tony Blair - three failures , as expected.......

......."failures" because all three shared the sentiments as expressed by one or other of them in relation to the 12th report of the British and Free State established (and financed) 'Independent Monitoring Commission' which , once again , cheered-on and congratulated the Provisional's for selling out in such an upfront manner . Between them , the three stooges spoke about the report as a "...unique opportunity (which)....opens the door for a final resolution of the conflict.." , and other such nonsense in a similar vein . However , a lazy media will continue to propagate bullshit like that because it will be seen as 'trouble-making' to do otherwise : not only do the media ask the wrong people (career politicians) the wrong questions , but they then push those wrong answers as gospel .
Instead of asking suited 'statesmen' and other well dressed thugs if the latest 'developments' will 'bring peace...' or '....end the conflict..' , the media , and others , should be looking for those answers by asking the more relevant question - 'When , and why , did it all start ?' . The conflict on this isle has being on-going , in one form or another , for more than eight centuries and will not be resolved by any puppet 'Commission' announcing that some of those who once opposed Westminster's 'writ' in Ireland are now prepared to work that 'writ' on behalf of Westminster . An end to this conflict will come when the British Administration remove their political and military presence from this isle , and denounce their jurisdictional 'claim' , and not before then . Our history teaches us that that is the only solution which will end this conflict , regardless of how many Irish turn-coats they purchase . Irish Republicans are in this for the long haul , even if it takes another 830-odd years . And to hell with your 'compromises' .......