Thursday, November 02, 2006

1905 - 2006 .

Congratulations to the Republican Movement on its 102nd Ard Fheis , which will be held in a Dublin venue on Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th November next . It is a long , hard road that members and supporters of this Movement are on - its Offices are under constant surveillance by those that wish to drive it out of 'business', its people are continually harassed by those same groupings and attempts have been made to financially cripple the organisation . But still it persists , and long may it do so : the many injustices on this island need to be addressed by morally uncorrupted , and uncorruptible , people , such as those in that Movement . Congratulations again !

Confirmation received in relation to the group of Irish republicans who have been under water for the past 29 years : soon to be 30 years !
The event , which will surface (!) on Christmas day next , in Inchicore , Dublin , will feature before then on this blog . Stay tuned....