Tuesday, July 17, 2007


"For many centuries, historians worked to uncover Tara's mysteries, and suggested that from the time of the first Celtic influence until the 1169 invasion of Richard de Clare, the Hill of Tara was the island's political and spiritual capital. Due to the history and archaeology of Ireland being not well-integrated, archaeologists involved in recent research suggest that the complete story of the Hill of Tara remains untold...."

In his excellent book 'WHERE MOUNTAINY MEN HAVE SOWN : war and peace in rebel Cork , in the turbulent years 1916-21'(published 1965), Micheal O'Suilleabhain wrote that Tara was abandoned in the second-half of the 6th Century , that 153 Irish Kings had reigned there before A.D.563 and that 400 Pikemen of 1798 are buried there.

Now a Free State combination of political self-serving money-grabbing leeches are attempting to destroy that area by building a motorway in the (too-near) vicinity :

Some of us are trying to stop them...

...and your assistance would be appreciated !