Sunday, January 23, 2011


The above bus-shelter election poster , located in the Cherrywood area of Clondalkin , Dublin , was recently 'adjusted' (by persons unknown) by the addition of that speech-bubble , reminding passers-by that the Green Party , although ever-ready to give the impression that they are in coalition with Fianna Fail to 'safe-guard the working class' and/or some such nonsense are, in fact, in coalition with Fianna Fail to simply secure careers and pensions for themselves : a State election ('General Election') will be held here on Friday 11th March 2011 and , as before, we repeat our call for a 'None Of The Above'-vote re same.

In addition to the reasons outlined via that last link as to why a 'NOTA' vote is the only genuine protest vote - which will register as showing opposition to the political system as much as it will show opposition to those that leech a cosy living from operating that corrupt system - a 'NOTA' response will also signal the voters understanding that this State is now governed by the IMF , regardless of which shade of political gangster actually sits in Leinster House. We will return to this issue before the 11th March election....


Friends of ours in Kildare have asked us for a 'plug' re a fund-raiser they have organised for Saturday , 19th February 2011 , in the 'Town House Pub' in Naas , County Kildare : a ballad session will be held on that Saturday , with the doors opening at 9pm , admission is €5 per person and a raffle will be held on the night. That is going to be one good night out , as we know the organisers and not only are they very professional in this type of work but they have secured the services of an entertainer for the night whom we know of , but we have been asked not to 'name names' , as the event could very well be over-subscribed if too much information is divulged. Suffice to say you definitely won't be disappointed if you attend!
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