Monday, April 08, 2013



Thatcher - "A bounder , a liar , a deceiver, a cheat....."

Not forgetting that even Margaret Thatcher had parents and , therefore, was loved at one time or another by at least those two people and will be missed by at least two others (her children) , the air seems cleaner for her passing and almost all seems to be now right with the world , despite her best efforts to fully foul the air and the planet.

Her arrogance and her misjudged sense of self-worth was plain for all to see in her dealings in her own country with the trade union movement and in this country with, amongst her other failings, the 1981 Hunger-Strikers ; she despised both organisations and the representatives of same, the former because she realised that 'ordinary Joe Soaps' had to be kept down (ie 'in their place') if her vision of a fully capitalist society was to come to fruition and the latter because such principled fighters for justice were not only alien to her political belief system but courageous people like Bobby Sands and his comrades also threatened her preferred society.

That Margaret Thatcher , the politician , was a complete hypocrite was perhaps best illustrated in November 1989 when , during an interview she gave to BBC Radio 4's 'World At One' programme , in connection with the 'opening up' of East Germany, she brazenly declared : "You cannot stifle or surpress a people's desire for liberty" , which, of course, is exactly what she was attempting to do in Ireland , amongst other countries. Three years earlier , during the Westland Helicopter Affair (which led to the resignations of then British Defence Secretary Michael Heseltine and Trade Secretary Leon Brittan) British Labour Party MP Thomas Dalyell Loch described Thatcher as "....a sustained , brazen deceiver : I say she is a bounder , a liar , a deceiver , a cheat and a crook." Well qualified , then , to sit in Westminster.

As stated , her two children will miss her but , with a bit of practice, their aim will get better before she goes six feet down.

Thanks for reading, Sharon.