Friday, July 19, 2019



We must be suckers for punishment, 'cause we're doing it again : a few months ago, about 15 of us 'holidayed' in Dublin, Wicklow and Meath - myself and four other young wans were the 'permanent guard' and we were occasionally assisted (!) by the parents of some of the other kids and teenagers that were with us as we near kilt each other in Kilmacanogue, murdered one another in Meath and dumped our sensibilities in Dublin.

And we're doing it all over again this coming Sunday, 21st July 2019, in an 'adventure' that has been two weeks in the making : the same three venues have been booked (the owners of one of which actually said they'd be delighted to have us back, as our party were very pleasant and trouble-free. Obviously confused us with that nice man next door to our cabins, Attila, from Hun, I think he said his name was..). We'll be back in Dublin on Sunday, 4th August (all, most or some of us!) and, providing the '1169' Crew are still on talking terms with one another, we hope to announce our return on Wednesday, 7th August. Although we could very well have something announced about us before then. On the Six O'clock News, maybe...!

Thanks for reading - see ya on the 7th, Sharon.