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Friday, October 25, 2002

'Spud' Murphy started his new job today ,Friday 25/10/02 , in this troubled isle of ours. His predecessor , a Mr Reid , served his time in the Six Counties and thus was rewarded with a cosy(er) position back on the 'mainland'(!).The Brits apparently use the North-Eastern counties as a testing ground for those politicians whom their PM considers to be on the way up -you know, "Test their mettle and all that,what".... For once , Gerry Arafat SORRY Gerry ADAMS was right- it makes no difference who assumes the role of 'British Secretary of State for Northern Ireland'(sic) ; whoever it is can only hope to maintain the status quo and try to keep a lid on the whole situation .And we've had nearly a thousand years of that BUT WHAT THE HELL maybe Spud Murphy , a good welshman, will surprise us all and call for an immediate British withdrawal........

Monday, October 21, 2002

Well thank God for that - it's 'official' ; we ARE good europeans !! A 'YES' vote on NICE TWO means that we have not upset our friends in the rest of 'Europe' . . . Christ Almighty-the shame if we had! Our politicians in Leinster House can breath easy now and plan for the future--THEIR future....more jobs oops - I mean 'positions' will be available(or made specially) for them and their like , and they can visit other countries without feeling that they have let their new-found friends down. The state of this little State we're in .....