Thursday, October 31, 2002

I was watching the programme on BBC 1 TV last night(Wed 30 October,10.35pm) which concerned itself with the 'life and times' of one Martin McGuinness , ex-Republican hard man now , sadly , a "team player" with Stormont United(!) and paid accordingly(ie like Beckham). Martin ,who has taken to shrivelling himself up in the hope that he won't look too offensive to his British co-workers and pay-masters , recalled for the camera the time he was in his office when his then new best friend , Mo Mowlam , walked in : "What are they?" , said Mo ,pointing to a pile of Easter Lilies on the table - Martin , at this stage giggling to himself at the thought of it, replied that they were called Easter Lilies and were worn in memory of those that had died for ireland ; "I'll have one of those" ,said the British Secretary of State,and pinned one to her jumper before leaving the room . With that ,said the rebel McGuinness , ' I went out into the corridor after her and asked where she was going' -- " To meet the Unionists for an arranged appointment " , says Mo .... "Oh no no no ," said Martin - " I don't think so"~and then ,says he, ' I removed the Lily from her jumper' . AND MARTIN SERIOUSLY COULD NOT SEE ANYTHING WRONG WITH THAT PICTURE! Is he really so friendly ,so pally, so much in awe of the British establishment that he will prostitute himself morally ,in such a cringe-inducing fashion , in the corridors of Stormont and then see nothing wrong in recounting the horrible scene ,in public, on TV? Why in the name of God do some people feel that they must atone for the sins of their oppressor? I used to meet Martin on occasion in Dublin ,in the early 1980's , regarding political business relating to the then Sinn Fein organisation and the man was nothing like he is now - back then he pointedly refused to hang his backbone up with his coat in the morning ~ shame , Martin ,the Brits have no respect for crawlers and lackeys - their former colonies are full of them ! True independance means setting your own limits - not having your new best friends ,no matter how courteous they appear , setting your agenda . Your mark on history , Martin,will be likened to the mark that froth leaves on a beer-glass .You made me ashamed and embarrassed for you -I can only hope that someone in your party brings you back to reality.

Monday, October 28, 2002

"Welcome" and "Good Luck" to Pat Rabbitte in his new position as leader of this States 'Labour Party' and Liz McManus as deputy leader. Pat and Liz were both members of the so-called 'Workers Party' which went into Leinster House in the early 1980's to "change the system" ; however,as human nature dictates, the system changed them ,much to the annoyance of their membership who cried foul and insisted that their elected representatives return to basics-- the elected suits,however, having tasted the gravy,wanted to stay on the train and a split developed--and 'Democratic Left' was hatched,only to be run-over by 'Labour' as it tried to cross the road! Paddy Rabbitte has a reputation as a " wit" in Leinster House and will now surely be laughing all the way to the bank.... And what to make of the new 'grouping' in Leinster House-the 'Technical Group'-formed specifically to outnumber Paddys Party (Labour) in that institution ; the Provos instigated the formation of that coalition Group and were happy to invite,amongst others, Michael Lowry (ex-Fine Gael,now Indp)to join,as they needed his support. The bould Michael L has been involved with three tribunals (Buchanan , McCracken and Moriarty) looking into "financial irregularities" in this little State -and no , he was'nt on the judging panel! What a tangled web we weave........ (Comment?