Thursday, November 07, 2002

I had the intention to write a few lines here about the latest arrest in the Six Counties of the 'civil servant' arrested by the RUC(PSNI) for what the Brits term 'spying' (and they should know all about that) but will just record how selfish they are -- they won't even let the Provos surrender with some diginity ! The remainder of the Provisional movement are now just hoping for an easy way out , a salary (with pension) and a cosy future , but the nasty Brits won't even give them that.... And if they gather their supporters and go back to an armed campaign , it will be seen as Irish people fighting to get a British parliament re-introduced in Ireland! Give it up , Gerry and Martin - you are in a cul-de-sac of your own making.

Tuesday, November 05, 2002

.....The 'old'(but often resurrected) 'PLAN B' for the British and their supporters in this country used to be "Re-Partition" ie if Westminster considered that it could no longer be guaranteed that a majority in one (or more) of the occupied Six Counties would vote in favour of maintaining the 'union' with Britain, that county(or counties) would be deemed to be no longer part of what the British refer to(wrongly) as 'Ulster'. And their 'loyal' supporters in that ousted area would be left stranded in a new 27 or 28 -County Free State. As the adage goes: "Britain has no permanent friends or enemies,only permanent interests" .

Monday, November 04, 2002

The latest 'Buzz-Word' to raise its head in this Country is "Dual Consent" - which means,in relation to our Six North-Eastern Counties,that a Nationalist majority in said area will not now suffice if a vote is called to determine the issue of Britains continuing claim of jurisdiction - if, or when, Nationalists 'outnumber' the pro-British element in the Six Counties (who are a minority on the whole island!) and vote for a British withdrawal it will mean nothing presumably(and apparently) untill the majority of the pro-British voters agree with it ! Talk about moving the goalposts.... So far,however, those in favour of this "Dual Consent" nonsense are just testing the water , flying kites etc -- but who knows ? They would certainly have their supporters in Leinster House and in the media - so we may here more from them in the coming weeks and months .....