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Saturday, February 01, 2003

.....could haul the ladder over to their side of the wall . Oscar Traynor , IRA Dublin Brigade O/C , had secured a bolt cutter and that , along with two revolvers, were packaged and smuggled into the prison by a friendly soldier. The prisoners were not sure that the bolt cutter would be up to the job but were determined to carry out the escape plan , as Frank Teeling was in line for execution ; on the night of February 13th , 1921, the three men made their way to the outer prison gate but , as the handles of the bolt cutter were incorrectly fitted , they were unable to cut the bolt . They went to 'Plan B' , and gave the signal for their comrades on the other side of the prison wall to throw in the rope attached to the ladder - the rope jammed on top of the wall and snapped when the men outside attempted to pull it back to them .
The three prisoners had no alternative but to return to their cells .The following day , the British soldier who was in on the plan repaired/adjusted the handles on the bolt cutter and , that night, at 6.30pm , the three prisoners decided to make another escape attempt ......(MORE LATER)>>>

In the early 1940's , the Catholic Archbishop of Zagref , Alojzui Stepinac , hailed the establishment of the Nazi regime as " a long-cherished wish ... a work of God that arouses our admiration " . The official Catholic magazine ' Nedelja' stated- " God,who directs the destiny of nations and controls the hearts of Kings , has given us Ante Pavelic (leader of the fascist Ustasha movement) and moved the leader of a friendly and allied people , Adolf Hitler , to use his victorious troops to disperse our oppressors and enable us to create an independent State of Croatia . Glory be to God , our gratitude to Adolf Hitler " .
-- They praise Hitler and threaten to excommunicate Irish Republicans ~ must have been the tight-fitting Nazi uniforms that swung it for them ......

Friday, January 31, 2003

On February 14th 1921 , three IRA men, Frank Teeling ,Ernie O'Malley and Simon Donnelly , escaped from Kilmainham Jail in Dublin .
Frank Teeling was sentenced to death in connection with the events of November 21st, 1920 , during which twelve British agents were killed. Teeling and Ernie O'Malley were being held in Kilmainham Jail and , on February 11th, were joined by Simon Donnelly ; he was taken into their confidence and told of their plan to escape . After weeks of careful consideration , an escape plan was decided upon ~ the peep-holes in the cell doors were three inches in diameter and , if one of the men could get his arm through it , it would be possible to open the door from the outside ; the plan then was to make their way to the yard (as the men had noticed that the door leading from the prison to the yard was usually left closed-over, but not locked) and then cross the yard to a large iron gate on the west side of the jail , cut the bolt on same and escape .
A 'Plan B' had been made in case the bolt cutter should fail ~ IRA Volunteers from 'F' Company ,Fourth Battalion , Dublin Brigade, would take up positions outside the prison wall with a rope ladder and , awaiting an agreed signal , throw in the rope attached to the ladder , so that the prisoners could haul the ladder over to their side of the wall ....(MORE LATER)_>>>>
"Strenuous efforts must be made to bend towards the Unionists , to show them that their civil rights and their religious rights will be respected - EVEN(his emphasis) if that means making internal arrangements that will suit Unionists better than they will suit the rest of us" ~ ....no, not John Hume or one of his Stoop Down Low Party lackeys , but Gerry Adams , in a 'Hot Press' interview on May 19th, 1993 (page 13) ---- And the bastards STILL (my emphasis) won't let you surrender with dignity, eh, Gerry . There's respect for ya .....

Thursday, January 30, 2003

....the jury brought in a verdict of guilty - sentence was deferred until 3pm that afternoon ; when they were brought up for sentence a plea by John , the younger brother, that he be allowed to take the punishment for both was rejected and they were sentenced to be executed the following day .
At mid-day on the day of their execution (the ninth anniversary of the fall of the Bastille) John and Henry Sheares were hanged outside Newgate Jail in Green Street, Dublin , beside what is now the Special ' Criminal' Court . The bodies of the brothers are still preserved in the vaults of the nearby Saint Michan's Church , in Church Street , Dublin . John Sheares , aged 32 , and Henry Sheares , ages 45 , were executed by the British on July 14th, 1798 .
The British tradition of conquest , theft, exploitation and dispossession has touched most corners of the globe and is still with us in this country : spys,informers , false treaty's and pillage has been their stamp here ~ over the on-going period of their 'conquest' , the British have purchased some of the Irish (and I include Adams and his Provo outfit of outlaw pets in that ) and branded the rest of us as "dissidents" .
And I , for one , am proud to be classed as such by them .....

" A return to Stormont in any form is unacceptable to nationalist opinion in Ireland " --- so said Gerry Adams , in what can only be described as a ground-breaking devel...OOPS ! wait a minute..No ,sorry , that's been on my desk since April ,1996 , as a quote from Adams as printed in AP/RN , April 11th that year (page4) . My mistake.....

Yasser Arafats biographers , Tony Walker and Andrew Gowers , call Arafat the " grand illusionist " - Roger Hardy , a London-based writer and broadcaster on the Middle East , wrote - " Arafat is a master magician in the theatre of politics but , like every magician , he relies on sleight of hand " ~ just like our own (Gerry) Arafat .....

Wednesday, January 29, 2003

....on their return to Ireland , the brothers joined the United Irishmen : John became a member of the Leinster Directory and later, following the arrest of most of the leaders at the home of Oliver Bond in March 1798 , he took on the position of chief organiser . He was arrested,along with his brother, on May 21st, two days before the proposed Rising , having been betrayed by Captain John Warneford Armstrong, a Dublin Castle spy : Armstrong had befriended John Sheares by claiming to be a 'reluctant soldier' and had offered to assist the United Irishmen in their efforts to capture the English military camp at Leighlinstown , where he (Armstrong) was stationed .
The brothers were charged with 'high treason' and lodged in Kilmainham Jail : at their 'trial' , which began in Green Street Courthouse on July 12th (with the infamous Lord Norbury .' the hanging judge' , presiding) , the English spy, Armstrong, was to earn his keep as the principal witness against the brothers . The proceedings lasted twenty-four hours without an adjournment and , at 8am the following day, the jury (after an absence of only 17 minutes !) brought in a verdict of guilty .....(MORE LATER)>

In 1995 , documentation from the British Atomic Energy Authority confirmed that 2,517 tonnes of radioactive waste had been dumped in Beaufort Dyke in 1981 ; the information was given in answer to a Westminster parliamentary question in 1985 ,and it was also confirmed that unscheduled dumping had taken place due to "adverse weather" , but claimed that it was only a " small quantity of concrete waste" ! Yeah,right - tell that to the fish........or to Nuclear scientist Augustin Janssen , who stated on October 16th, 1995 , that "the Irish Sea is more dangerous than French Polynesia" . (Wonder where they dump their concrete ?).

Tuesday, January 28, 2003

The brothers John and Henry Sheares , who were both born in Cork , were put to death on the same day by British forces in 1798 after being found guilty of "high treason" ....
Henry Sheares was born in 1753 and John in 1766 . Both were educated at Trinity College in Dublin and both were called to the Bar in 1788 ; the two brothers then moved to Dublin to practise their profession . Both brothers had an interest in the revolutionary changes taking place in France and in other European capitals and , in 1789 , they both went to France to visit relatives . They were present , as spectators, at the fall of the Bastille on July 14th and were regular visitors to the political clubs where they became acquainted with many of the French revolutionary leaders , including Roland,Brissant and Robespierre .On their return to Ireland in August 1793 , the brothers joined the Society of the United Irishmen ......(MORE LATER)>....

My 'Person-of-The-Day' Award ( an all-new and possibly once-off category on this page!) goes to Anthony Williams , a one-time employee of Scotland Yard .
Mr. Williams was employed by 'the Yard' as an accountant and , over his eleven years there , was , apparently, a model employee- kept his head down , down his work , good time-keeper etc. However , over that same eleven years , he stole five million pounds Sterling from the job and used it to purchase practically all of the town of Tomintoul in Inverness ! He was caught , and an Old Bailey judge locked him up for seven-and-a-half years .
The bould Tony slipped-up : he should have declared himself Mayor of Tomintoul , and Sheriff ,and Town Clark ,City Manager etc etc and claimed diplomatic immunity ......

Monday, January 27, 2003

......and in March 1858 , Michael Doheny assisted James Stephens and John O'Mahony in founding the Irish Republican Brotherhood , and was a member of the American delegation which accompanied the remains of Terence Bellew MacManus to Ireland in November 1861 . A plan had been set in motion for another attempted rising in Ireland , and the arrival of the MacManus remains was the signal for the rising to commence : however , on the advice of John O'Mahony , who had been in Ireland earlier that year , the rising was abandoned - O'Mahony reported that the people were not properly organised . On his return to New York , Michael Doheny , author ,poet , soldier , journalist and lawyer , died suddenly on April 1st , 1862 , at 57 years of age . A rebel heart , true and true ...

(Dumping at sea,continued.....) In February 1995 , the British Ministry of Defence admitted that 145,000 tonnes of chemical weapons were secretly dumped in the 1950's off the coasts of Antrim and Donegal - this admission followed years of denial by the British . The Free State Minister for the Environment at the time , Brendan Howlin , confirmed that the deadly nerve gas,TABUN, as well as mustard gas and phosgene , were amongst chemical weapons dumped by the British into the Irish Sea during the 1950's . The British , for good measure , stated that almost no steps were taken to protect the dumped weapons from natural erosion once under the sea and that the dumps have remained totally unmonitored since around 1955 . According to the Celtic League (in 1993) , around 8,500 tonnes of chemical weapons were dumped by the British in the Biscay region to the south-west of Ireland . The Brits have really been dumping on us , in more ways than one ....
( Perhaps we should be grateful that the dumped munitions did'nt land on an unexploded H-bomb .....) .

Sunday, January 26, 2003

......the armed rising failed and Michael Doheny was forced to go ' on the run ' with a price of £300 on his head . Discouraged ,weak from travel and on his own , Doheny began to keep a journal of his wanderings that became part of Irish rebel literature , and were published in 1849 under the title ' The Felon's Track '~ it remains , to this day, a classic of the literature of Irish freedom .
Doheny eventually succeeded in escaping to America and settled in New York , where he set to work at organising an armed force for another attempt at revolt in Ireland . He was actively involved with the Emmet Monument Association (the early 'Fenian Movement') and , in March 1858, he assisted James Stephens and John O'Mahony in founding the Irish Republican Brotherhood . (MORE LATER)...

The Beaufort Dyke is a deep trench which runs from north of the Isle of Man to near the Wigtonshire coast , in England . It was into this seabed hole that the British dumped thousands of tonnes of surplus and disintegrating war supplies over a 30-year period which supposedly ended in the late 1960's . Included in this military rubbish was tonnes of phosphorous shells and bombs and TNT munitions ; also dumped at sea by the Brits was 'C W Munitions' (Chemical Warfare bombs) , some of which contained the nerve agent TABUN , which was developed by the Nazi's ! (MORE LATER)>