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MOLLY O'REILLY , GPO , 1916 ......

....when the 1921 split took place , over Michael Collins' support for the 'Treaty of Surrender' , Molly O'Reilly rejected the Free Staters and carried-on with her work for the Republican Movement ....

She was arrested in March 1923 and released on 23rd November that same year (along with about fifty other female Republican prisoners) after a sixteen-day hunger strike . Molly O'Reilly never compromised her principles in relation to her Republican beliefs ; she could have joined Michael Collins as an Officer in his Free State Intelligence Department - she had over ten years of sensitive information in her head (ie safe houses , contacts , meeting-places etc) but had no respect for those who had by then , armed by the British , turned on their former comrades .

She chose the hard road and stayed with the Republican cause . She died a 'Brits Out' Republican on 4th October , 1950 , age fifty . Molly O'Reilly is on that long list of Irish Republican activists that deserve to be remembered better than they are .....


THE TRAGEDIES OF KERRY , by Dorothy Macardle - first published i 1924 .


....the nine IRA prisoners , all bruised and battered from the beatings they got from their Free State captors , were put into a lorry , which was heavily escorted , and driven along the Castleisland Road .....

" They were being taken , they were told , to remove barricades . They did not believe that - sick men with useless hands and arms . One of the soldiers handed each of them a cigarette . "The last smoke you'll have ," he said . The lorry pulled up near the corner of the Killorglin Road , beside Ballyseedy Wood . They saw a log lying across the road . They were made to get out of the lorry and stand in a close circle around the log .

The soldiers had strong ropes and electric cord . Each prisoner's hands were tied behind him , then his arms were tied above the elbow to those of the man on either side of him . Their feet were bound together above the ankles and their legs were bound together above the knees . Then a strong rope was passed round the nine and the soldiers moved away . The prisoners had their backs to the log and the mine , which was beside it ; they could see the movement of the soldiers and knew what would happen next .

They gripped one another's hands , those who could , and prayed for God's mercy upon their souls . The shock came , blinding , deafening , overwhelming ..... " (MORE LATER)>


[from 'AP/RN' , December , 1986]

....... At a media briefing in 1986 , the then U S President , Ronald Reagan , called the reporters "sons of bitches" ; when those present objected , one of Ronnie's 'spin doctors' , a Mr Larry Speakes , attempted to placate them by claiming that the President had actually said - "It's sunny and your rich" !

In early April 1986 , Reagan said (in relation to invading Nicaragua) - " You are looking at an individual that is the last one in the world that would ever want to put American troops into Latin America . We'd lose all our friends if we did anything of that kind . And anyway , we have'nt been asked ." !

On the bombs dropped on the French Embassy in Libya , he said - "Fortunately , no real harm was done . And besides , its not as if we hit the embassy of a friendly country . More people were disappointed over here than we hurt over there ." !

At a press conference in Chicago on 12th August , 1986 , he said - " We know there are some sound people in the ANC , but you do have an element there with its own agenda ." (WHAT'S THAT , Mr. President ? You mean there are people in the ANC who DON'T follow an American agenda ? ")

During the 1986 Congressional elections , Reagan said - " You know , America used to wear a 'kick me' sign around its neck . Today every nickle and dime dictator around the world knows that if he tangles with the U S of A , he will have to pay the price ." ! (Can't ya just picture it : High Noon , and the 'good guy' steps out on to the dusty street . He looks the 'bad guy' in the eye , and says - " Ah've come fer ma boyyy...." )

AND FINALLY --> <-- still on the Reagan connection (ie 'space') : Dr. Spock , the child psychologist , said that Ronald Reagan "was one of the greatest frauds of all time ."

Dr. Spock , at that time , was'nt to know about Clinton and Baby Bush ; Reagan has some serious competition .....

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MOLLY O'REILLY , GPO , 1916 ...... Dublin's GPO with James Connolly on Easter Monday , 1916 , Molly O'Reilly asked to be put to work as a 'dispatch carrier' for the rebels .....

She left Ireland after the Easter Rising and lived in Yorkshire , in England , where she studied nursing , but came home in 1919 and , as a member of Cumann na nBan , spent the next three years fighting the Black-and-Tans ; her job was to place 'on-the-run' IRA Volunteers in safe-houses and to provide a means of contact between them and the IRA leadership .

By this time , Molly O'Reilly had secured a job in the 'United Services Club' on Dublin's Stephens Green - a 'drinking club/safe haven' for British soldiers ! It was through 'loose talk' at the club that Molly picked up useful information , which she passed on to Michael Collins , the then IRA Director of Intelligence . However , unlike Collins , Molly O'Reilly opposed the Treaty of Surrender (December 1921) and carried-on with her work for Irish Republicans . (MORE LATER)>

THE TRAGEDIES OF KERRY , by Dorothy Macardle - first published in 1924 .


.... John Shanahan was taken by his Free State captors into a dark cell with nine coffins in it ; they pointed out his own coffin to him and questioned him again regarding the names of his comrades on the outside . He stayed silent . He was marched back to his own cell and locked in ....

" The prisoners were given some kind of trial in the Workhouse on March the third , but no sentence was told . They were kept there for three days more . Shanahan's back had grown weak since the beating in Ballymullen , and before March the sixth , he collapsed . His illness saved him when his comrades were taken out .

Very early on Wednesday , while it was still dark , Stephen Fuller was called out of his cell . He was taken to the guardroom . George Shea and Timothy Twomey were with him and they found six more prisoners there . An officer was shouting at Patrick Buckley , accusing him of having deserted from the RIC , raging against him for giving over a barrack to Michael Brennan before the Truce . It was true : he had done it - he was to get his punishment now .

The prisoners looked ill ; one had a broken arm ; all were scarred and bruised and suffering - James Welsh had a bandage on his broken wrist . The Free State soldiers searched them in the guardroom and took their cigarettes . They were put into a lorry with a heavy escort and driven along the Castleisland Road ....... (MORE LATER)>

DO AS I SAY ......

[from 'The Evening Press' newspaper , 29th December , 1986 , page 6 : a Monday , I believe...]

......" How do you think I feel when I told the American people that I did'nt know about the diversion of funds from the Iranian arms sale to the Contras and they don't believe me ? It disappoints me . It hurts ."

-- Ronnie Reagan , the then U S President .

CUT ! CUT ! NO, no no , Ronnie ; sheesh ! Come ON , Ronnie - you're an actor , for Christ sake - say it like ya MEAN it . OK ? RIGHT , places everyone ... and ACTION .....!

When Ronnie was Governor of California , he followed the advice of other staffers and fired several top aides suspected of being gay ! This was despite the fact that he himself had worked with those people for some time without thinking that they were gay .
This happened in his first year in Office as Governor and , four years later (after his re-election to a second term) it emerged that the by then millionaire Governor , who had argued for years that "taxes should hurt" , had managed , through various shelters and loopholes , to escape paying any state income-taxes himself for the previous year !
So - if you're a non-gay , non tax-paying hypocrite ... why , ya'll fit right in !

.....AND NOT AS I DO -->

[from 'Hot Press' magazine , 14th May , 1997 , page 7]

<-- " You can accuse me of being a hypocrite , but hypocrisy is a component of politics . Sometimes , hypocrisy is important to ensure that things are achieved ."

--Colm Keaveny , Free State Labour Party .

Yeah , right , Colm : by the way , are you gay ? Have you paid all your taxes ? Ever wanted to be Governor of California ..... ?

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MOLLY O'REILLY - GPO , 1916 ......

.....only thirteen years young at the time of the 'Great Lock Out' , Molly O'Reilly , who lived in Dublin's Gardiner Street and was no stranger to poverty herself , was determined to help those fighting for change .....

Between August 1913 and February 1914 , Molly assisted Clann na nGaedheal in Liberty Hall and elsewhere , in running soup kitchens for the striking workers and their families . When she was about fourteen years young , Molly O'Reilly joined the 'Irish Citizen Army' ; in July that year (1914) , Molly's house in Gardiner Street was one of the venues used as an arms dump to store the weapon's landed by 'The Asgard' at Howth , in Dublin .

When the 'Irish Citizen Army' took over the GPO in Dublin city centre on Easter Monday , 23rd April , 1916 , Molly O'Reilly was present ; for the next week she worked as a 'dispatch carrier' for James Connolly - it was a position she herself wanted , and she was proved right in her assumption that a sixteen year-old girl would do the job better than a grown man . (MORE LATER)>

THE TRAGEDIES OF KERRY , by Dorothy Macardle - first published in 1924 .


.... George Shea , Tim Twomey , John Shanahan and Stephen Fuller were captured on the twenty-first of February in a dug-out .....

" They were taken , to be interrogated , to Ballymullen Barracks in Tralee . 'Interrogation' by (David) Neligan in Ballymullen Barracks was an ordeal under which reason might give way . The prisoner , in the usual practice , was first blind-folded , then his arms were tied to his sides , and 'interrogation' began . This time a hammer was used . The prisoners were taken in separately . When John Shanahan came out his head was covered with blood and his spine was injured , but he was still able to walk .

The hammer failed . The prisoners were taken out to be shot , and shots were fired round their heads . They were then sentenced , for their obdurate silence , to be executed at midnight and were then locked in their cells . At midnight , Stephen Fuller heard his comrades being taken out , one by one , and heard shots fired in the yard . The guards came for him and took him down to a dark cell . He saw nine coffins there with the lids closed . "Three of those have their men," they told him , "and this is yours," and they stopped to unscrew the lid .

For half-an-hour more they were questioning him , he wishing only for a sharp end . Then they locked him into his cell again . " (MORE LATER)>

RUBBISH # 1 .......

[from AP/RN , 5th August , 1999 , page 13]

..... The internationally authoritative 'Rachels Hazardous Waste News' pointed out that a one-pound lump of garbage has a surface area of about 44 square inches , the size of a large post-card . However , if you burn it , the surface area of the same one-pound lump increases to 9,900 square yards --- about the size of two football pitches !

.......RUBBISH # 2 -->

[from 'Ireland on Sunday' , 13th February , 2000 , page 31]

<-- " The Good Friday Agreement is the democratic wish of ninty-five per cent of the population in the Irish Republic and seventy-two per cent in the North ."

--- Niall O'Dowd ,newspaper publisher and Provo 'point-man cum door-opener' in America .

Yeah , well ...trouble is , Niall , in "the Irish Republic" , 43.97 per cent of those entitled to vote did'nt bother doing so and , of those that did vote , 5.6 per cent voted 'NO' . How does that leave 95 per cent to vote 'YES' ?

And , in "the North" -- well ... 19 per cent of those entitled to vote did'nt bother doing so and , of those that did vote , 28.88 per cent voted 'NO' . How does that leave 72 per cent to vote 'YES' ?

And what else are you wrong about , Niall .... ?

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At about eleven years young , Molly O'Reilly joined the then two year-old Irish Republican girl scout organisation , 'Clann na nGaedheal' , which had been formed , in 1909 , by May and Liz Kelly .

Barely in her teenage years during the 'Great Lock Out' of 1913 , Molly was deeply upset by the so-called 'living conditions' that the workers and their families endured - a number of families in one room , in crumbling tenements , disease and starvation rampant , with the men and women not guaranteed work , even on a day-to-day basis .

Molly herself lived in similar conditions in Gardiner Street , Dublin city centre and , despite her young age , was determined to help those fighting for change ...... (MORE LATER)>

THE TRAGEDIES OF KERRY , by Dorothy Macardle - first published in 1924 .


.....John Daly was beaten by the Staters in Tralee Jail - when they were finished , his spine was injured beyond recovery .......

" Michael Connell was only twenty-two years old , but since the Conscription menace he had been a Volunteer . He was taken in the middle of February at a dance ; he was unarmed , and his mother had no fear for him . She saw him looking out of the prison window on Tuesday evening .

"I'll write tomorrow ," he called . She would not believe that he was one of the victims until a girl who had seen the bodies told her there was a "black curly boy" ; she went up and looked then , and knew her son .

James Walsh was well known to be in danger , being a leader and a man with great influence among the people . George Shea , Tim Twomey , John Shanahan and Stephen Fuller were captured on the twenty-first of February in a dug-out . " (MORE LATER)>

SWEET ......

[from 'The Sunday Business Post' , 24th March , 1996 , page 2]

...... For twenty years , the CIA spent more than the equivalent of £12 million Free State punts on six psychics who used to sit in Washington "visualising" Soviet weapon control rooms , Moscow offices , Fidel Castro , Colonel Gadaffi and Daniel Ortega . The pyschics were paid to relay their dreams and visions to CIA Chiefs !

What a dream job ! No , seriously - silly Americans : they should have just established a 'Decommissioning Body' like the Brits did . Hell , it worked for them !

......DREAMS -->

[from 'Hot Press' magazine , 12th June , 1996 , pages 41 and 42]

<-- In an interview , the then Labour Leinster House member for County Clare , Dr. Moosajee Bhamjee , stated that Leinster House "is very boring and very childish at times ." He predicted that his party would have "twenty-five or twenty-six" seats after the 1997 Free State general election , and added -

- "I hope I will be among them . I deserve to be elected again because I think I've done a bit . I'd be disappointed if I was'nt elected again ."

Poor Moosajee was disappointed ; he was last reported walking away from the count centre singing the 'Bay City Rollers' tune "Bye bye Bhamjee , Bhamjee bye bye'eee ....."

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.....the records of the Free State police differed with the account given by the informer Sean Harling , his neighbours heard gun-shots that Harling said were never fired , and blood was found in a location which , according to Harling , had nothing to do with the shooting .....

The car in which Sean Harling got a lift home on that evening in January was a police car - he was reluctant to admit that fact , and also 'forgot' to tell the 'Tribunal' that his brother-in-law , Thomas Redican , was present when the shooting took place . Again , the 'Tribunal' was not interested - why ?

The fact that Tim Coughlan was an active IRA member meant that he was a 'marked man' as far as the Staters were concerned - had he been shot dead during an operation it would perhaps have been at least more acceptable , or understandable , to all concerned . However , it seems that he was 'bushwhacked' , and the State actively encouraged a 'cover-up' of the full facts involved .

They learned well from their British pay-masters ......


THE TRAGEDIES OF KERRY , by Dorothy Macardle - first published in 1924 .


......eight IRA prisoners at Ballyseedy , four at Killarney , five at Cahirciveen ; the Free Staters were executing Republican prisoners in reprisal for the IRA mine at Knocknagoshel , which killed five Staters - two Captains , two Privates and a Lieutenant .....

" Every precaution against disclosure was taken by the murderers ; every preparation was made to make Ireland believe a lie ; yet every detail of those three massacres "by most miraculous organ" has been revealed . Nine prisoners were taken from Tralee to be killed at Ballyseedy , and nine coffins were sent out from the jail , but only eight men had been killed .

Their names were John Daly , George Shea , Timothy Twomey , Patrick Hartnett , James Connell , John O'Connor , Patrick Buckley , and James Walsh .

Patrick Buckley , who had five children , was thought by some of his friends to be safe in jail - he had done so much for Michael Brennan in Limerick in the trouble with the Black-and-Tans . There were others who knew that his action then would be little protection to him now . John Daly was captured on the 4th of February . He had been in the Republican Army for seven years or more , and was known to the enemy .

They beat him until his spine was injured beyond recovery , in Tralee Jail ." (MORE LATER)>

SIX OF ONE ......

[from 'The Irish News' newspaper , 12th June , 1996]

...... "(I admire 'The Observer' newspaper because) it does a better job of widening the mainland people's knowledge of the complexities of the situation (in the North) " --

-- Martin McGuinness ; can you spot the mistake ? YES ! - that's it : Marty referred to 'the North' when he really meant "the Province" !


[from 'The Sunday Business Post' newspaper , 24th March , 1996 , page 26]

<-- " He's not a republican , he's not a nationalist , but he is Taoiseach of this country " --

--Provo spokesperson Rita O'Hare describing the then Fine Gael leader John Bruton . Two outta three , Rita : the 26-county state is not a "country" . At least not to Republicans .... and NO , Rita - it's not a 'province' either !

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......the 'evidence' from the informer Sean Harling did not tally with the post-mortem findings , but Harling insisted his version was correct - the 'Tribunal' that he was given 'evidence' too had been set-up by his employers .....

Other people that lived on Dartry Road at the time of the shooting later spoke of the high level of police activity in the area before the incident and mentioned hearing more than the number of shots which Harling said were fired during the alleged gun-fight .

Police records of the alleged events on that January 1928 evening did not tally with the sequence of events as outlined by their man , Sean Harling , yet this line of investigation was not followed-up on : why ?

A pool of blood was found on the Dartry Road in a location which , according to Harling's account of events , had no bearing on the incident that evening - how did the blood get there and whose blood was it ?

Again , no questions asked . Why ? (MORE LATER)>

THE TRAGEDIES OF KERRY , by Dorothy Macardle - first published in 1924 .


.....the Free Staters claimed that the incident was caused by a land-mine planted by the IRA on the Killorglin Road - but the IRA had not built a barricade nor planted explosives on that road at the time , and could not have been responsible .....

" They had , however , at Knocknagoshel , attached a trigger-mine to a dump . The following statement was issued on the tenth of March (1923) from IRA Headquarters , Kerry No.1 Brigade --

" A trigger-mine was laid in knocknagoshel for a member of the Free State Army , Lieutenant o'Connor , who had made a hobby of torturing Republican prisoners in Castleisland . On Tuesday , a party of Free State troops , including Lieutenant O'Connor , proceeded to the place , and two Captains , Lieutenant O'Connor , and two privates were killed . "

Reprisals on prisoners , instituted by the Free State Government in Mountjoy on December 8th , 1922 , had become a systematic practice in their jails . It was concluded that the slaughter of eight prisoners at Ballyseedy and of four at Killarney and of five at Cahirciveen were reprisals for the Knocknagoshel mine . " (MORE LATER)>


[financial figures from 'The Phoenix' magazine , 27th September , 1996 , page 15]

.....'Hands out' - oops! - I mean 'Hands Up' those that remember the 'Beef Tribunal' ? A Mr. Dermot Gleeson certainly should -->

<-- as the Free States Attorney General at the time , he was the highest-flying 'Legal Eagle' of them all and , as such , the best man to defend 'Beef Baron' Larry Goodman : especially as the taxpayer was footing the bill ! And wha' a bleedin' bill ....

... his fee for taking on the case was £175,000 , he charged £75,000 for making two submissions to the Tribunal , and was paid £3,000 PER DAY for fifty-six days on which the Tribunal was sitting (total £168,000) and a further £2,500 PER DAY for sixty-two other sitting days (£155,000) .

And when the Tribunal was'nt sitting - well , the bould Dermo musta' considered himself as being 'locked-out' or whatever , and was paid £118,000 for those days !

Now , as I remember it - Larry Goodman's company was being investigated (careful!) for allegedly (THAT'S better !) ripping off the taxpayer , yet the 'powers-that-be' determined that it was okay that the same company be defended with taxpayers money !

Jaysus , lads - 'straight bananas' is only in the ha'penny place ....

( THANKS to Sean McG. for sorting out the problem I had with the 'new code' issue : thought I was finished there for a while !)

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TIM COUGHLAN - IRA VOLUNTEER 1906-1928 ; SHOT DEAD BY IRA INFORMER OR FREE STATE AGENTS ......? his 'evidence' to the Free State 'Tribunal' , the informer Sean Harling claimed that he was running away from the two IRA men that were chasing him and fired one shot back at them : the post-mortem on Tim Coughlan said otherwise ......

The doctor doing the post-mortem , Wilfred Lane , discovered that the IRA man had died as a result of being shot in the back of his head ; the informer Harling had claimed that Tim Coughlan and another man were running towards him when he fired at them . How , then , could the bullet have struck the man in the BACK of his head ? Also , Dr. Lane discovered a cigarette-butt in Tim Coughlan's mouth , which would suggest that Coughlan was caught unawares ie his killer approached him from behind .

If , as the informer Harling had claimed , Coughlan was chasing him , then it is unlikely that Coughlan would have a cigarette in his mouth or , indeed, would even be holding a cigarette in his (gun) hand during the chase . The doctor found what he described as "an independent (ie not linked to the bullet-wound) horizontal fracture " on Coughlan's skull - could an attempt have been made to render the IRA man unconscious or , at the very least , to daze him or temporarily disable him , before delivering the 'coup de grace' ?

Not so , according to Sean Harling's 'evidence' to the so-called 'Tribunal' , established by that informer's employers ...... (MORE LATER)>

THE TRAGEDIES OF KERRY , by Dorothy Macardle - first published in 1924 .


" But for one accident , so incomprehensible as to seem miraculous , what happened at Ballyseedy Cross could never be rightly known . That early on Wednesday morning a shattering explosion was heard , that a great rent in the roadside and hideous evidence of bloodshed were discovered later in the day , that nine coffins containing the mutilated remains of prisoners were sent out from the barrack and that for days afterwards 'the birds were eating the flesh off the trees at Ballyseedy Cross' - these facts and these only would be known .

The explanation put out by the Free State authorities was known in the locality to be untrue . They said that the prisoners were blown up by mines attached to barricades set up by the Republicans in Killorglin Road . No barricade was placed by Republicans in that neighbourhood on that night . (MORE LATER)>


[From 'Saoirse' , November 1996 , page 7] -

- For many years , a Mr. Byrne sat in Leinster House as an independent Deputy for County Clare . He rarely took part in debates and made no secret of the fact that he was in politics purely for the salary , expenses and pension . He traded as a 'bone-setter' , a kind of unlicensed chiropractor , who provided his services free ; his only requirement being that the patient vote for him in the next election ! near as you'll get to an honest politician !


[From 'Saoirse' , November 1996 , page 7 , as above] -

....<-- In Naples for many years , the politically insignificant 'Monarchist Party' controlled the city because a week before each election they would distribute thousands of left-foot children's shoes free . If they won , then the right shoes would be distributed a week later !

...and John Bruton - DOH !- thought you could only tax them !