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JAMES 'Skin-the-Goat' FITZHARRIS : Invincible ......

.....a few days before British Chief Secretary in Ireland W. E. 'Buckshot' FORSTER was due to retire , an attempt was made on his life by The Invincibles ; they laid in wait for him - they were in the right place at the right time .......

But they did not get the signal to go-ahead from the man in charge ; the Invincible team dispersed , thinking that there was a good reason why they were not told to proceed. It later transpired that the order to do the job had been given , but was not passed-on in time ; Forster had a lucky escape that day .

The 2nd May , 1882 (Forster's retirement date) came and went , and the 'Buckshot' was still alive , although not now employed as the British Chief Secretary in Ireland . His replacement , Lord Frederick Cavendish , was due in Dublin on 6th May to take on the job ; the Invincible's were aware of this , and a new plan was put together.

On that day (6th May , 1882) a meeting of the Invincible's was held in Mulbeths Public House in Dublin's Lower Bridge Street (Number 12)...... (MORE LATER)

THE TRAGEDIES OF KERRY , by Dorothy Macardle - first published in 1924 .

WEST KERRY : Patrick Lynch of Moyrisk.....

.....on the night of 4th November , 1922 , the Free Staters caughtPATRICK LYNCH in his house ; they shot at him , but missed - he pushed them aside and ran , in the darkness , to the cliffs .....

" The raiders went away . He ought to have been careful after that , but there was no one to do the work of his farm , and he came home on November 30th ,1922 , to plough his field . He was tired after it and sat down about six o'clock to enjoy his tea and an hour's rest by the fire . His brother had come in ; his wife was working at her sewing machine ; his sister was rocking the cradle : the baby , Nancy , was only a year old .

"You should go," they said ; but the place he had to sleep in was damp and cold and he was not feeling well . He delayed . When the shout came in the doorway - "Hands up!" ; the two men sprang to their feet . Patrick Lynch went forward and stood in the doorway facing his captors , his right hand held up . His wife took the revolver from his left hand . The soldier , covering the men with his rifle , backed down the yard . They followed him out . Mrs. Lynch turned , trying to hide the revolver , and went to the cupboard for Patrick's coat - he would need it , going with them - the night was cold .

She heard a shot ring out close to the door and then shot after shot , as if the firing would never stop ......" (MORE LATER)

BRITS OUT ......

[from 'The Sunday Tribune' , 13th July , 1997 , page 11]

...... Following George Washington's defeat of the British in 1776 , there was a Unionist element left in America , some of which refused to recognise the change of power and returned to England . Some migrated to the West Indies to remain under British rule and a third section remained in America and were included in the mainstream of society , even though they can still be identified as the 'White Anglo Saxon Protestants' - the W.A.S.P.'s.

The 'W.A.S.P.'s lost their sting and accepted their lot eventually : just as they will in Ireland , too.

......BRUSSEL's OUT -->

[from 'The Sunday Business Post' , 7th September , 1997 , page 6]

<-- In an interview , John Hume(ex-head of the Stoop Down Low Party and friend of BONO) stated -

-- " The resistance of some Unionists to cross-border institutions is very strange , given that both parts(sic) of Ireland are now full members of the European Union and major decisions about our future are being taken at European level with no say of any description by the people of Northern Ireland ."

NOTE TO 'W.A.S.P.'s' --- America is not in the European Union and it's a big country with plenty of room .....

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JAMES 'Skin-the-goat' FITZHARRIS : Invincible......

...... in 1881 , aged 48 , James Fitzharrisjoined The Invincibles , a new Irish rebel organisation ; they marked the then British Chief Secretary in Ireland, W.E. 'Buckshot' Forster, out for assassination ......

'Buckshot' Forster was due to retire on 2nd May , 1882 ; despite having failed to assassinate him a number of times , the Invincibles were determined that he would not leave his job alive . James 'Skin-the-Goat' Fitzharris had been given the mission to 'tail' Forster and to determine a pattern of how he travelled to and from Dublin Castle , and how often he would visit the Vice-Regal Lodge in Dublin's Phoenix Park .

An attempt was made on the man's life a few days before he retired - members of the Invincibles had positioned themselves along what they believed to be the route that W. E. 'Buckshot' Forster was to take that day and found themselves in the right place at the right time ...... (MORE LATER).

THE TRAGEDIES OF KERRY ,by Dorothy Macardle - first published in 1924 .

WEST KERRY - Patrick Lynch of Moyrisk..... August , 1922 ,Free State troops landed at Cahirciveenand Patrick Lynch was on their wanted list ; they searched , but could not find him .....

" "When we get him , you'll take him up in a box" , the Free State soldiers said to his wife . She answered , with no sign of fear : "Ye have done as much to many a good man." His sister lived with them , and there was a good watch kept . Patrick Lynch slept at home on the night of November the fourth , 1922 , but his wife woke him at two o'clock and told him he ought to go . He delayed a little and before he was gone raiders were at the door .

Stairs go up from the living room to the loft , and he dashed up . His sister was above . The raiders broke in , rushed up , found him and brought him down . He was standing , half-dressed , on the stairs , his feet bare . An Officer stood , facing him , in the door . Another , leaning down from the balustrade above , with a lighted candle in one hand and a gun in the other , covering Lynch , shouted "Bang the bastard ! Bang at him , now !", and fired . But before he had fired Lynch's sister had flung herself forward and quenched the candle with her hand .

The shot missed its mark ; the gun fell to the ground ; Patrick Lynch darted out , thrusting the man in the door aside and ran , in the merciful darkness , to his familiar cliffs ......" (MORE LATER)


[from 'The Sunday Tribune', 22nd June , 1997 , page 5]

..... Dublin's O'Connell Street ( or 'Sackville Street' , for my readers in Westminster) has ten close circuit TV cameras overlooking the street since last April (ie April 1997) . The cameras can rotate 360 degrees and can zoom in close enough to read street signs - also , the picture quality is not lessened by the dark .

In the next two months (ie August 1997) another thirty such cameras will come into use , covering an area from Capel Street to Amiens Street .

Yeah , but its only for 'traffic management' , right ....?


[from 'AP/RN' , 5th June , 1997 , page 17 , 'Opinion' column]

<-- 'It is possible to speak the language of constitutional politics without surrendering to it or compromising essential principles .' --

-- Translation = " Right , lads - any deal we make with the Staters and/or the Brits is to be described as "the leadership tweaking non-essential principles."

Hell , its worked up to now .....

Thursday, September 18, 2003

JAMES 'SKIN-THE-GOAT' FITZHARRIS : INVINCIBLE . twenty-five years young ,James 'Skin-the-Goat' Fitzharris joined a new Irish Republican organisation : theFenians ; the year was 1858......

He worked in the 'background' for that Movement , using his 'cab' and his intimate knowledge of Dublin streets to aid the rebels . When he was forty-eight years of age (in 1881) he joined a new organisation within weeks of it being founded - the 'Irish National Invincibles' ; this group considered itself as a select group-within-a-group , and were not as concerned with the politics of the situation as much as the Fenian's were - they were established to be the 'cutting edge' of the struggle .

They set their sights on the British Chief Secretary in Ireland , W. E. Forster (known to his own forces as "Buckshot") , who had 'made his name' in Ireland by his brutal treatment of the homeless Irish people during the 'Land War'....... (MORE LATER).

THE TRAGEDIES OF KERRY , by Dorothy Macardle - first published in 1924 .

WEST KERRY - Patrick Lynch of Moyrisk.

" After 1916 ,when Patrick Lynch was a Captain in the Volunteers , he had a hiding-place for his guns and ammunition in the cliffs , not far from his house in Moyrisk . He and his Lieutenant used to go there to clean the guns . He had to courtmartial his Lieutenant during the Black-and-Tan campaign for swaggering conduct that dishonoured the Volunteers , and reduced him to the ranks .

In 1922 ,Patrick Lynch was Commandant of the 2nd Battalion , Kerry No.3 Brigade , IRA . He had married a girl from the far side of the Glen - a girl with the clear , pointed face , dark hair , and hazel eyes , full of life , which the old bards of Munster loved . She was Captain of Cumann na mBan in the Glen . After the landing of Free State troops at Cahirciveen , in August 1922 , Patrick Lynch was in danger night and day .

He seldom slept at home , and the raiders were baffled in their search ....... "(MORE LATER).


[from'Fortnight' magazine , issue 335 , January 1995 , page 5]

..... In an article , the then 'Fortnight' Editor , Robin Wilson wrote --

--" During 1994 , Gerry Adams said the difference between himself and Michael Collins was that Mr. Collins had'nt got rid of partition " !

And fair play to you for doin' it , Gerry : you deserve a holiday . I hear Cork is nice this time of year .....

.....beef...CHICKENS -->

[more on the 'Beef Tribunal', this time from the 'HOT PRESS' Christmas/New Year Annual , 1994 , page 17]

<-- Every sitting day of the Beef Tribunal cost £31,688 punts (Euro 40,235) ; it sat for two-hundred-and-twenty-six days ! A grand total of £7,161,488 punts (Euro 9,093,214). The State spent £298,744 punts (Euro 379,326) in consultants fees to the spin doctoring firm , Carr Communications and a firm of economic consultants , John Hogan and Associates .

The four Senior Counsel employed by the State were each paid £1,890 punts (Euro 2399) PER DAY . They were also paid £1,050 punts (Euro 1,333) for working days when the Tribunal was not actually sitting ! The highest paid lawyer acting for the State , Eoin McGonigal S.C, became a Tribunal millionaire during the two years of the 'inquiry' . £80,460 punts (Euro 102,163) was spent on photocopying , £47,350 punts (Euro 60,122) spent on post and Telecom charges , and £456,860 punts (Euro 580,092) spent on stenographers fees .

.....think they should all go to Cork for their holidays .....

Wednesday, September 17, 2003


6th May , 1882 ; a date remembered by Irish Republicans as the date of the 'Phoenix Park Assassinations', when two top British Government Officials in Ireland - Lord Frederick Cavendish and Thomas Henry Burke were put to death by Irish rebels .

A man who played a vital part in that operation was Dublin jarvey (horse-drawn cab) operator James Fitzharris - 'Skin-the-Goat' , as he was known , due to the fact that he always draped a length of goat-skin over his shoulders while working .

James Fitzharris was born at Irishtown in Dublin , in 1833 ; when he was twenty-five years young he joined a new Irish Republican organisation , The Fenians ....... (MORE LATER).

THE TRAGEDIES OF KERRY , by Dorothy Macardle - first published in 1924.


......on the run in an area he did not know , Tadhg Coffey called to a house and asked what town he was near . He then asked the girl if she knew the way to Jack Moynihans house......

"This is Jack Moynihan's house," she answered , and came down and opened the door and brought him in . It was on the same morning that nine prisoners were blown up at Ballyseedy Cross . There were nineteen prisoners put to death that week , in Kerry , within six days .

Sugrue , the tailor , was buried on the same day as John Kevins . He told some friends in Killarney what he had learned in the barrack . He must have been overheard . On his return to the barrack a Free State Officer shot him dead . "



[figures taken from'The Phoenix Magazine' March 1997 , Volume 15, No.5 , page 13]

..... Ritchie Ryan , a well-known career politician in this State at the time , was one of the better-known toads in Leinster House who constantly advised people that "money was tight , can't do this , can't do that etc etc " - the poor mouth , all the time . He never mentioned that he himself was in receipt of four pensions at the time !

He was on a pension of £13,400 punts (Euro 17,014) for his 'service' as Leinster House Finance Minister (1973-1977) , a pension of £19,088(Euro24,236) from Leinster House for his time spent there as a waffling 'deputy' (1959-1981) , a pension of £7,808 punts(Euro9,914) from the European Parliament for climbing butter-mountains or somesuch during the years 1977-1986 , and pension number four , worth £32,000 punts (Euro40,631) from the European Court of Auditors , probably for counting the butter-mountains !

And here's the twist , folks --- there's one-hundred-and-sixty-six clones of 'Red' Ritchie Ryan in Leinster House waiting for you to pay for them to stay in the style they're accustomed too .

Keep voting for them, won't ya?

Tuesday, September 16, 2003


......with their Civil War coming under control , the English re-organised and changed tactics in relation to their "Irish problem" ; they sent Oliver Cromwell over ......

Fr. Luke Wadding despaired; he buried himself in literature and wrote and published a history of the Franciscan Order , in eight volumes . Altogether , he published thirty-six books before he died , in Rome , on 18th November , 1657 , aged sixty-nine .

The man is all but forgotten now , even among some so-called 'scholars' ; Fr. Luke Wadding turned his back on the comfortable lifestyle that could have been his had he 'toed the line' in Ireland . He stood up for what he believed to be just , and deserves to be better remembered for doing so .


THE TRAGEDIES OF KERRY , by Dorothy Macardle - first published in 1924 .


......having survived the Free State trap ,Tadhg Coffeywas now on the run , being chased through the woods . He was in strange territory , but kept going .....

" All the time he had been clutching something in his hand - his rosary beads . All the time one prayer had been beating in his mind ; to get to Jack Moynihan . With Jack Moynihan he'd be safe . But he did not know the house or the way to it or to which side of Killarney he had come .

He saw a white house beyond in the fields . The risk would have to be taken , sooner or later . He thought he would go to it and ask the way . It was very quiet ; there was no sound of firing now . The people in the house were asleep ; nobody answered his knock . He saw the yard-brush against the wall and flung it against an upper window . Presently a girl looked out .

"What place is this?" , he asked . "Tis Kilcummin" ,she said . " About what part of Kilcummin is it ?" "About the middle." He felt distracted , not knowing which way to turn . He thought he would risk the question , and asked : " Can you tell me the way to Moynihan's ?" (MORE LATER.)


[from'RTE' radio programme 'Morning Ireland', 12th September , 1995 - a Tuesday , I believe- 8.26am]

" He will defend the Union. He will defend democracy " . --

-- Pronsias De Rossa (aka Frank Ross) , congratulating David Trimble on his then election as UUP leader .

Frank was locked up for Irish Republican activity by the State at one stage in his 'career' : He was a member of Sinn Fein , then 'Official' Sinn Fein (the 'Stickies') , then Democratic Left , then 'New Agenda' , and is now President of the Free State Labour Party . His 'comrades' in that Party sent him away to Brussels , probably afraid , or hoping, that he would jump ship again .

......TURVEY -->

[from'AP/RN',8th June , 1995 , page 4]

<-- One of the richest men in Britain , Charles Windsor (him to be one of the 'Royal' corgi-watchers)earned £500,000 last year (ie 1994) in European Union 'set-aside' payments , because of his farming interests !

So THAT's why this State is a member of the E U -- so we can keep the British 'Royal Family' in the style they were reared in .....

Monday, September 15, 2003


.....watching developments in Ireland with great interest ,Fr.Luke Wadding knew that if the Irish Chiefs Rory O'More and Phelim O'Neill were successful in taking their land back from the English , they would not stop at that .....

That instinct was shared by another Irish Chieftain , Owen Roe O'Neill, who was serving with Spain in the Netherlands , and he organised for supplies and money to be sent to Ireland to help in the fight against the English . In July , 1642 , O'Neill arrived back in Ireland with his men to join the campaign .

Fr. Luke Wadding was doing his best as well - he raised money and arms in Rome and arranged transport for same to Ireland . He used his clerical connections and influence to ensure that the Papal Nuncio Rinuccini was sent on a 'fact-finding' mission to Ireland ; included in the Nuncio's baggage was more money and arms for the Irish !

With England divided between itself due to it's Civil War , the Irish held out for a number of years until the English re-organised and changed tactics : they sent Oliver Cromwell over , and the slaughter and massacre of the population was now their objective ..... (MORE LATER).

THE TRAGEDIES OF KERRY , by Dorothy Macardle - first published in 1924 .


.....the Free State soldiers set-off the explosives buried in the stones that the IRA prisoners were standing beside ; Tadhg Coffey and Jeremiah Donoghue were still alive following the blast - they crawled round a bend in the road , but were seen by the Free State soldiers .....

" Machine-gun fire was splintering the wall beside them . Coffey crawled on , dragging his helpless leg . His clothes were torn by bullets ; the earth splashed into his face . Jeremiah was hit and lay still , dead . Tadhg Coffey crawled on . Suddenly he found himself able to stand . A high park gate was before him ; he sprang at it like a cat and swung himself over it . He was in a wood .

He must have been sighted by a second group of the enemy , for bullets were spitting round him still ; twigs and branches , torn from the trees , were crashing round him . A grenade burst in front of him , seeming to set the wood on fire . He did not know the country he was in . He did not know whether he was going north , south , east , or west . He ran until his heart was bursting and his eyes were blind ; when he paused , he seemed to be out of the range of the guns ." (MORE LATER).


[from 'AP/RN' ,5th October , 1995 , pages 10 and 11]

.....The Tynagh Mine in County Galway operated for fifteen years and generated a 'tailings pond' covering over one-hundred and sixty acres of land ! Eight tonnes of sodium cyanide were used every week in the extraction of silver , and every day workers collected dead birds , including swans and ducks , from open cyanide ponds and dumped them .

Details NOT to be found in a 'Bord Failte' brochure ....


[from 'SAOIRSE' , September , 1995 , page 6]

<-- In 1988 , it was proved that emissions from the incinerator that burned the waste of the company 'Merck , Sharpe and Dohme' caused the deaths or deformation of two-hundred of farmer John Hanrahan's cattle in Tipperary .

SILLY POLITICIANS ! - they should have organised for someone to dump the cattle remains in a local 'tailings pond' ....

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FR. LUKE WADDING , AUTHOR AND IRISH REPUBLICAN...... fourteen years young , and with both of his parents dead , Luke Wadding bid farewell to his 13 brothers and sisters and made his way to the Irish College in Lisbon , Portugal , and later entered the Franciscan Order .....

When he was thirty years of age he went to Rome , where he was to stay for the rest of his life . At age thirty-seven (in 1625) he helped establish the Irish Franciscan College of Saint Isidore and , two years later , he founded the Ludouision College for Irish Clergy .

His heart was in Ireland and he wrote home to friends on a weekly basis , enquiring about the political situation , which he was deeply interested in . He was aware that Irish Chiefs Rory O'More and Phelim O'Neill had joined forces to take back the land that the English had confiscated from them -- this was in October 1641 , just as the Civil War was starting in England , between King Charles and the English Parliament .

If O'More and O'Neill were successful in driving the English from the lands that the English had confiscated , Fr. Luke Wadding knew they would not stop at that ......(More later).

THE TRAGEDIES OF KERRY , By Dorothy Macardle - first published in 1924 .


.....on Wednesday , 7th March , 1923 , the five IRA prisoners were taken from their cells and marched across the fields ; one of the prisoners , Tadhg Coffey, looked over at his friend Stephen Buckley--what he saw filled him with horror .....

" Buckley was bent double , like an old man ; his clothes were crusted with blood - one half of his face was cut and torn . Tim Murphy was there too . They were brought to the Countess's Bridge and halted there . There was a low barricade of stones across the road . They were ordered to move the stones and throw them inside the fence . They saw a Free State soldier at the far side of the fence bending down . They saw the rest of the soldiers draw the bolts of their guns .

The prisoners ran to the barricade and jumped over it : they thought they were to be shot while they were moving the stones . There was a moments pause . Some of the Officers began whispering together and arranging something with the man at the fence . Then , suddenly , the soldiers scattered and ran and threw themselves down under cover . " My God , lads, this is a trap !", Coffey cried , and he bent down to look for a wire . A stone was flung . It must have been a signal . Instantly the explosions came .

When Coffey looked up he could see Tim Murphy and Dan Donoghue and Stephen Buckley , covered with blood , moaning and moving feebly on the ground . They were not dead , but bomb after bomb was flung among them and shots were fired . He tried to rise , but his left knee was helpless , and he fell . Jeremiah Donoghue was beside him , unhurt . They crawled on hands and knees and got round a bend in the road . They were seen ......"(MORE LATER).

THANKS....... 'Brian , Derry'for his note in the 'Guestbook' regarding the article on Dr. William Walsh , the Republican Archbishop of Dublin : Brian tells me that a Bishop McHugh of Derry described the proposals contained in the 1920 'Government of Ireland Act' (which proposed the partition of Ireland) as intended for the " permanent partition and plundering of Ireland and the enslavement of her people in the interests of Great Britain ."

Keep them coming , folks -- especially those comments and addendum's like the above one . The other type ... well , what the hell ; if you were'nt spending your time cursing me from a height sure you'd be up to all types of mischief .

Like out selling the latest edition of 'NAZI NEWS' or somesuch ....

.......AND NO THANKS -->

[from 'AP/RN', 1st August , 1996 , page 8]

<-- In Castlereagh Council on 25th July , 1996 - a Thursday , if memory serves - Unionist Councillor Cecil Moore stated -

--" Catholics should be kept in their ghettos because that is all they are good for ."

....and no doubt Cecil will do a door-to-door delivery in each ghetto with the 'NAZI NEWS' !