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.......on 15th December , 1920 , two men and a youth were standing in Bandon Town , talking ; Canon Magner was one of the men . The Black and Tans came upon the group of three and gave the youth a beating , then shot him dead . When Canon Magner protested , the Tans asked him for his personal details . On hearing same , a Tan named Harte shot the priest dead .......

The motorist inched his way back to his car and drove off : he then reported the shootings to the British Officer in charge of the Bandon area . There were too many witnesses for the British to do nothing about it , so a 'trial' was held . The Tan who shot Canon Magner dead , Harte , was charged with murder -- he was found " guilty but insane . "

The whole episode turned even more Irish people against the Brits and left them like 'fish with no sea to swim in' ; even more isolated than they were before . Because of their own bullying and arrogant nature , the British had fallen foul of their own trap .


THE TRAGEDIES OF KERRY , by Dorothy Macardle - first published in 1924 .


"....... during the gun-fight between the Free Staters and the IRA , George Nagle was wounded in the leg ; he was lying outside Molly O'Brien's house , unarmed . The Free Staters rushed the house and kept the O'Brien's inside it .......

" Molly O'Brien heard shots fired outside and when at last she went out with the water George Nagle was dead , shot through the heart . She wanted to do all that was left to do -- to sprinkle holy water on the body , but it was not allowed (by the Staters). The soldiers took a cart from the shed and put the body in it and drove down along the shore of Acoose Lake . Young Conway O'Connor was wounded that morning also . He was a laughing , light-hearted boy , who never possessed a rifle yet .

He was wounded in the shoulder and became too weak to run ; he hid his revolver and surrendered then . The wound was slight , and his captors marched him for two miles along the shore of the lake . His comrades in the hills saw him pass with them out of sight . A little later people walking along the road met a cart driven by Free State soldiers ; in it were two dead bodies . It was driven to Kenmare . Where a pool of blood was found on the roadside on the northern shore of Acoose Lake , not far from the grove of firs , a little iron cross has been set :-

" Pray for the soul of W. Conway O'Connor , IRA , aged 20 years , 6th Battalion Kerry No. 2 Brigade . Killed 6th of April , 1923 . RIP."

There is a cross in memory of George Nagle on the hillside in Derry na Feena , on the far side of the lake ."



[from 'AP/RN' , 30th September , 1993 , page 6 ('Editorial' column)]

....... " Since the partition of Ireland , successive Dublin governments have run away from the Northern problem and thus have been part of the problem . Now it must become part of the solution . Dublin must assume its national responsibility . "

The Leinster House (Dublin) administration claims jurisdiction over the 26-County State only ; since when has it had a "national responsibility" ?

.......ANIMALS --->

[from 'The Phoenix' magazine , 15th March , 1985]

On the 'Criminal Justice Bill' , Mary McAleese (yer wan from the Park) stated --

-- " I have never regarded the right to silence as a sacred cow anyway ."

Nor us you , Mary.......

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.......on 11th November , 1920 , Canon Magner had not tolled the Church bells in 'tribute' to'Poppy Day' as the Black and Tans had ordered him to do ; in Bandon Town , on 15th December , 1920 , he was to pay for his refusal .......

On that day(15th December 1920) , Canon Magner was walking in Bandon Town , Cork , with a young lad he knew when a car pulled up beside the pair of them . The driver knew the priest and the three of them stood talking on the side of the road . A truck (possibly a 'Crosley Tender') full with Black and Tans pulled up beside the two men and the boy , and a number of Tans approached them ; one of the Brits lashed out with a punch at the young lad and , before he could fall to the ground , the other Tans were kicking and punching him too.

Suddenly , without saying a word , one of the Black and Tans pulled out his revolver and shot the young lad dead . Canon Magner shouted his protest at the Tan that seemed to be in charge , a Brit named Harte ; the priest was asked for his name and address by Harte and , when Canon Magner gave his details , Harte pulled his gun and shot the priest dead .......(MORE LATER).

THE TRAGEDIES OF KERRY , by Dorothy Macardle - first published in 1924 .


.......the IRA Fenians of 1923 in the Derry na Feena area lived in the folds of the mountains , from where they would launch attacks onFree State troops in the vicinity .......

" They knew , all through March , that the Free State troops were not far away , and they slept little and watched well . But on the night of the fifth of April , 1923 , they slept , exhausted , all night . It was just in the grey of dawn , when the loch below had taken a pale glimmer , though the valley was dark still under the shadow of the black Reeks , that their sentry gave the alarm . They sprang out from the cabins where they were sleeping and dashed up the hillside . It was in the open they chose to fight . George Nagle had been ill and was being nursed in the cottage of the O'Briens . When he and the others woke , the cottage was already covered by a machine gun .

There was a family of young children in it ; it was impossible to fight there . Landers rushed down to the fence with a Lewis gun and opened fire on the attackers while his comrades made away . Just outside the house Nagle fell , shot in the leg . Tom Mannix tried to lift him but could not . Nagle told him to take his gun . The fighting passed up the hill then and Nagle was alone . He was calling "Molly ! Molly !" , and Molly O'Brien ran out to him and he asked for water . She ran back to get it but Free State soldiers rushed up and kept her inside the house ......." (MORE LATER).

AND IT's NO , NAY , NEVER .......

[from 'The Evening Press' , 1st December-- a Monday , I believe -- 1986 , page 4]

In an interview carried out on the Aran Islands (on 30th November) , the then Fianna Fail leader Charlie Haughey was asked if his party would form a coalition with the new Progressive Democrat party ; he replied ---

--- " There will be no agreement between Fianna Fail and the Progressive Democrats now , in the General Election , or afterwards . Turncoats once are turncoats always. "

You'd know all about " turncoats " , Charlie . Wonder how those words tasted to you later , C J ?

....... NO NEVER NO MORE --->

<--- Fianna Fail are in the news here lately , but not for the following reasons ---

--- Execution of Irish Republican prisoners , mass imprisonment and deaths on hunger-strike , more internment in the 1950's and 1960's , censorship introduced by them in the early 1970's , their extension of the 'Offences Against the State Act' and-- special congrats here -- their use for the first time of the 'Criminal Law(Jurisdiction) Act' , which allowed for the jailing of Irish Republican activists and escapee's .

Stroke the money , drink and drive , sell passports for 'dog-food' money , sell your re-zone vote to the highest bidder and so on and on .....

Political gangsters and mis-fits , political prostitutes and professional gombeens . History will wonder why we allowed it .......

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....... in early November , 1920 , the Black and Tans demanded that Canon Magner show"respect" on 'Poppy Day' and pay tribute to dead British soldiers ; the seventy-three year old priest was a well-known Irish Republican supporter .......

The Brits ordered Canon Magner to toll the church bells twice (to mark the second anniversary of the ending of the European War) at eleven A.M. , and warned him that he would be severely dealt with if he did not comply . The same demand , in writing , was nailed to the door of the Church by one of the Tans , on their way out of the building .

11th November , 1920-- 'Poppy Day' : and the Church bells remained silent . Canon Magner went about his business , and the Black and Tans went about their's ; days passed , with only the usual snide comments and remarks coming from the British forces to the priest and his parishoners . The days passed into weeks , with no retribution from the Tans over Canon Magner's refusal to toll the bells .

However... in Bandon Town one morning (15th December , 1920) ....... (MORE LATER).

THE TRAGEDIES OF KERRY , by Dorothy Macardle - first published in 1924 .....


" Derry na Feena means "the Oak Wood of the Fenians." Here the Fenians of Cahirciveen , marching to Killarney , in February 1867 , got the countermanding order and dispersed , heavy at heart , leaving the fight for their children's children to carry on . There is no wood here now ; it is a grey , barren valley under the Macgillicuddy Reeks , with the height of Carrantuohill looming over it and a grey lake below - Loch Acoose , one of the most desolate lakes of Kerry , with its solitary grove of dark trees .

Derry na Feena was the fastness of a little company of the Fenians of 1923 . They lived among the folds of the mountains in the stony hollows , befriended through winter nights in the few scattered cabins above the lake , coming out when enemy inroads were threatened , to blow up bridges , set ambushes or barricade the mountain roads . (MORE LATER).

DIVIDE .......

[from'RTE Today/Tonight' programme, 11th April ,--a Thursday , if memory serves-- 1985]

During a discussion on divorce , Mary Harney (then withFianna Fail;now Free State Taniste and 'Progressive Democrat'leader) referred to what she called "Northern Ireland" (sic) as "the country closest to us" !

She corrected herself quickly , on that occasion at least , but the fact that she could think along those lines in the first place speaks volumes . The woman could and should spend a lifetime correcting herself .....

.......AND CONQUER -->

[from'The Evening Press' newspaper ,17th April -- a Wednesday , I believe-- 1985]

<-- When he was Free State Minister for 'Justice' , Fine Gael's Michael Noonan welcomed representatives of the 'Police Federation of Northern Ireland' (sic) to the Annual Conference of the 'Garda Representative Assocoiation' in Bundoran , County Donegal , held that year(1985).

Delegates to the Conference gave two standing ovations to the RUC men after they were formally welcomed by the then General Secretary , Jack Marrinan ; RUC Federation Chairperson Alan Wright , probably fighting back the tears , stated -- " We all belong to a family and that family is the police ."

Fine Gael's 'Justice' man , Mickey Noonan , no doubt by now bawling his little squinty eyes out , blubbered -- " We support them in their endeavours to bring law and order to a disturbed part of this Country ."

Don't ya mean "bringing law and order to the Country closest to us" , Mickey?

'One big happy family' indeed.....

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1920 : CANON MAGNER , CORK , AND THE BLACK AND TANS ....... orders had been issued by British Prime Minister Lloyd George to the British forces in Ireland -- terrorise the Irish population . Ordinary workers were now being targetted by , amongst others , the Black and Tans.......

Non-combatants were now being hit financially , as their places of employment were put out of commission by the British , and physically , as the Black and Tans and 'ordinary' British soldiers turned on them viciously , as per the new instructions which they received from Westminster .

The idea was , apparently , to leave the population too scared to offer assistance (safe-houses , money , transport , information etc) to the IRA and thus isolate the rebels and pick them off -- 'fish with no sea to swim in.'. It might have worked , over time ,(although it's doubtful) but for one particularly bloody incident which had the complete opposite effect :

: An elderly priest in Dunmanway, in Cork , seventy-three year old Canon Magner , had no time for the British and was a vocal and well-known Republican supporter ; in early November , 1920 , the Black and Tans entered the Church and demanded that Canor Magner show "respect" on the up-coming 'Armistice('POPPY')Day' which , that year , fell on the 11th November ....... (MORE LATER).

THE TRAGEDIES OF KERRY , by Dorothy Macardle - first published in 1924 .


"....... Free State Lieutenant McCarthy voiced his concern to the remaining IRA prisoners about the Free State Murder-Gang from Dublin that were operating inKerry ; he supported the Free State Administration , he said , but was not an executioner for them -- he was going to resign his post .......

" The following is the Official IRA report , signed by the Officer Commanding , Kerry , Third Brigade and the Officer Commanding Operations , Kerry Brigade , with reference to the "ambush" mentioned in the Free State Portobello communique :

: " There was no ambush in the vicinity . All our troops had been removed from the vicinity of Cahirciveen and the workhouse . There was no barricade and no mine laid there by us . The five prisoners had been arrested more that a week previously ."

The fathers came asking for their sons' bodies , but they were refused . Father Sheehan of Dromod prevailed on the Free State military at last to give them up , and five coffins were sent out , nailed down . The people opened the coffins in the church . Two of the bodies were recognisable . There were bullet wounds , not in vital places ; the others could not be recognised . They were buried in one grave in Cahirciveen . The people set up a rough , wooden cross on the road-side to sanctify that black gap , but the Free State soldiers broke it .

It has been mended now and stands there unmolested . The cattle graze quietly in the field and grass is growing again on the road-side .



[from 'The Sunday Times' , 28th April , 1985 , page 2]

Nearly twelve-thousand workers left the 'National Coal Board' in Britain during the Miners Strike of that time , according to the Chairperson of the Board at that time , Ian MacGregor (in a letter to Peter Bruinvel , then Tory MP for Leicester East).

If the Trade Union leadership was any good , would the workers not have seen it through ? And where is the Trade Union leadership in this State in relation to the issue of the double bin-tax ? Every worker in the State pays income-tax on his or her earnings , we pay more tax when we spend our money (VAT) , and we pay again if we can save a few bob(D.I.R.T) .

That tax is paid to go towards essential services , such as the collection of household rubbish , but now thepoliticians want to charge a separate amount for the collection of rubbish-bins , with no reduction in the income-tax levy ! The politicians and the Trade Union leadership should be ashamed of themselves-- both groups are non-productive spongers and leeches , living off the working class and the unemployed ; they're wealthy , fat and comfortable - but still they want more.

And the thing is-- the people they want it from simply have'nt got it to give ; but they don't care. It's either get it that way , or work for a living like the rest of us that can get work . And that's not gonna happen !

Tuesday, September 30, 2003

1920 : CANON MAGNER , CORK , AND THE BLACK AND TANS ....... Ireland in the mid-1920's , the British were losing the war against the IRA ; the British Prime Minister , Lloyd George , issued new orders to his Commander-in-Chief in Ireland , Sir Neville Macready -- ' fight and terrorise the population , not just the rebels and their supporters ....' .......

Ireland at that time was heavily depended on agriculture ; the British , however , perhaps because they came from an industrialsed country and background , only threw the odd cursory glance at the Irish tradition of working the land : until now . British Commander-in-Chief Sir Neville Macready added a new string to the bow of the Black and Tans and other forces under his command -- that of saboteurs ; bread-mills were wrecked , farm co-op's burned , creameries put out of business .

Ordinary workers and other individuals who up to now had not been specifically targetted by the British found themselves on the front-line .......(MORE LATER).

THE TRAGEDIES OF KERRY , by Dorothy Macardle - first published in 1924 .


.......on Monday morning , 12th March , 1923 , five IRA prisoners were taken from their cells by the Free Staters " to be removed to Tralee " . That evening , a Free State Officer , Lieutenant McCarthy rushed into the IRA prisoner's cells and asked one of the prisoners , John Graham , what did he know of the removal of the five men that morning ? Graham told him that the men were being moved to a jail in Tralee .......

" Lieutenant McCarthy then said -- " They were murdered on the road this morning by the men who took them out . I myself am putting in my resignation this night . The fellows that killed them were some of the Dublin Guards , who were at the workhouse on Sunday evening . One of them was a Divisional Officer . The sergeant had no order to give the key of the room to anyone . Myself and Hegarty went to bed . The other fellows went to the guardroom and told the Sergeant to come down to the prisoners' room , and one of the guard refused to go . He then told him he would blow his brains out , and brought him down at the point of the revolver . He told the Sergeant he was taking him and his escort , and if he told a word of what happened on the way he would blow his brains out ."

McCarthy continued -- " He then took them down the road . There was no attempt to escape , as the prisoners were shot first and then put over a mine and blown up . It was a Free State mine , laid by themselves . I will get the statement put into the paper . There were six or eight in the lot that murdered them . It is a murder-gang that is going around trying to keep on the war . We ourselves will support the Free State Government and fight for it , but we will not fight for murder . We will do no more work until these fellows are properly dealt with . Our best friends in Cahirciveen will not speak to us since ." (MORE LATER).


[from'The Sunday Business Post' , 28th December , 1997 , page 7]

....... In an interview with Emily O'Reilly , Gerry Adams stated in relation to Bill Clinton --

-- " I've only spoken to him a few times but I know that he is engaged(re the Six Counties). I talk quite often to people who talk to him quite often , and they will tell you , quite freely , that he continually comes back to this issue . He now describes himself as an Irish-American ! "

WOW ! GER knows people that know people that etc etc .....

One 'statesman' to another , in a round-a-bout sort of way : don't forget ,GER , the Brits have been at that game for longer than you have .......

.......FIRE -->

[from'The Sunday Times' , 24th March , 1985]

<-- On Thursday , 21st March , 1985 , at dawn , the Israelis , under their then so-called 'Iron Fist' policy (ie shoot first , ask questions later) attacked two villages outside of Sidon and later claimed to have "killed twenty-one terrorists" . Amongst the dead were two journalists , one sound engineer , and one camerperson , from the American CBS Network .

Get the 'BIG LIE' out first ; policy then , policy now .

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From around mid- 1920 , the English Black and Tans in Ireland were not only losing the war with the IRA , but were coming-round to realise that fact themselves -- as were their political masters in Westminster .

The then British Prime Minister , Lloyd George , secured the backing of his cabinet to " intensify efforts " in Ireland to crush the rebels ; the then Commander-in-Chief of the British forces in Ireland , Sir Neville Macready , was contacted and handed a new brief -- terrorise the population , not just the rebel army and its base of supporters ....... (MORE LATER).

THE TRAGEDIES OF KERRY , by Dorothy Macardle - first published in 1924.


".......the five IRA prisoners were taken outside by their Free State captors ; it was Monday morning , 12th March , 1923 -- the prisoners were told they were "to be removed to Tralee" ......."

Three Free State Officers came in first , while it was still dark , and a guard , who was with them , called out the five names . " Be ready in half-an-hour " , they said . When they had gone , instead of packing his things , Michael Courtney knelt down and said a prayer . They were all ready when , half-an-hour later , the three Free State Officers came back . "Will we take our parcels ?" , Dan asked .

" The lorry will take them after you " , was the reply . "We'll need no parcels , Dan ," Mike Courtney said : " We're not going far ." He had his rosary beads in his hand . Eugene Dwyer , too, understood . He looked at his comrades and said : " 'Tis death , and we're going to meet it like men." "They can't do more than kill us ," Dan said then . As they went out of the door the guard said in a low , distressed voice : " God pity you , boys !"

The other IRA prisoners knew no more until the evening , when a Free State officer , Lieutenant McCarthy , came in to them in a very excited state . He called a prisoner named John Graham , and asked : " What was supposed to happen the prisoners when taken out ? " Graham answered: "Going to be removed to Tralee." .......(MORE LATER)........


[from'AP/RN' , 1st April , 1993 , page 4]

The 'International Federation of Journalists' , representing three-hundred-thousand members in seventy countries , called RTE's Supreme Court appeal for continued permission to use Section 31 (which banned Irish Republican spokesmen and women from being heard on television and radio ) as "an outrage" . The main U. S. journalists union , the 'Newspaper Guide' , said it was " astonished " that RTE was looking for a "self-bondage" plea in relation to its free speech rights !

.....whatever about the "self-bondage" bit , RTE definately deserves a good whippin' .. !


[from'AP/RN' , 6th April , 1995 , page 4]

The 1989 - 1992 Fianna Fail/Progressive Democrat Free State administration approved the £2.8 billion (punts) 'soft loan' from the European Union to 'British Nuclear Fuels Limited' for developing the THORP nuclear facility at Windscale/Sellafield when they held the E.U. Presidency in 1990 . The then Free State Finance Minister , Albert Reynolds , signed the agreement . They are now of the opinion that the facility should be closed down for health and safety reasons !

Daft lot , are'nt they .....?

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JAMES CLARENCE MANGAN : 1803 - 1849 .......

.......a sufferer from depression , James Clarence Mangan was perhaps not necessarily by choice , a loner-- he kept his troubles , real or imagined , in his head .......

He fell into the trap that snared so many others in that time (and still does today)-- alcohol ; drink and opium were his crutch , and weakened him to such an extent that he became a victim of the cholera epidemic of the time .

On 13th June , 1849 , he was found half-dead in a damp cellar in Bride Street , Dublin , and taken to the Meath Hospital ; on 20th June , 1849 , James Clarence Mangan died , aged only forty-six years .

His writings have secured him a place in Irish history and , although perhaps not as well known as others of his time , James Clarence Mangan played his part as best he could .


THE TRAGEDIES OF KERRY , by Dorothy Macardle - first published in 1924.


".......on the 12th of March , 1923 , the families of IRA prisoners were contacted by Free Staters and informed that their sons had "died at daybreak in a mine explosion." But theIRA did not lay any mines in that area ......."

" The people thought vengeance would fall out of the skies-- they thought the prison walls would be struck down-- they thought help and justice would come to them out of Heaven or earth . But no help and no justice came .

Letters came to the mothers from the barracks , signed by the Free State Officers , expressing condolence for the deaths of their sons . They laughed and cried at that last touch of horror , and threw the letters into the fire . They went out and cursed the Officers in the streets . The man who owned the field on the Bahaghs Road said he could not graze his horses on it . They went mad with the smell of blood .

The other prisoners knew nothing of what had happened until that night . The five men taken at the wake had been called to some kind of 'Courtmartial' on the ninth , but no sentence was pronounced , and no more was thought of it . On Monday morning , the twelfth of March , 1923 , they were called out--" to be removed to Tralee ." (MORE LATER).


[from'AP/RN' , 18th December , 1986 , page 16]

Speaking to 'The Irish Press' on 12th December , 1986 , retired Free State Army Commandant J. Lavery said -- " The root cause of all the trouble , the British presence , has now been legitimised by Dr. (Garret) Fitzgerald's 'Anglo-Irish Agreement' (The Hillsborough Treaty of 1985) . Every ill in the Six Counties stems from this presence and until this fact is grasped , no crumbs of British concessions will influence the situation . The correct Irish response to the British is : when you have the opportunity , grab them by the rifle barrel or any other appropriate extremity and hold on till it hurts ." !!

Make you wonder what the man was doing in the Free State Army in the first place .....

.......FRIENDS --->

[from same as above]

<--- Speaking to the 'Fitzwilliam Post' (a Dublin city-centre free newspaper) on his relationship with Margaret Thatcher (the then British Prime Minister) , Fine Gael leader and the then Free State 'Taoiseach' Garret Fitzgerald said --- " I would not describe it as a friendship , as we have never had the opportunity to become close enough for that ."

Sounds like Garret was willing , but Mags said " No ,No , No....." !