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A REBEL PRIEST - Fr. James O'Coigly ; 1762 - 1798 .......

....... Fr. James O'Coigly was in Maidstone Jail in Kent , England , awaiting execution . He asked his jailers to send in a priest to hear his last confession - the Brits tried to use this request to their own advantage .......

His jailers sent in a ' Castle-Catholic' priest , loyal to the British Crown , and instructed him to refuse the last sacraments to Fr. O'Coigly unless the Rebel priest would give details concerning the United Irishmen organisation in Ireland ; the visiting priest went away empty-handed , with no sacraments dispensed .

Pennenden Heath , about a ten-minute walk from Maidstone Jail in Kent , was the designated place of execution ; on 7th June , 1798 , two-hundred British soldiers assembled outside Maidstone Jail , and Fr. James O'Coigly was brought out and placed in a horse-drawn cart . The procession headed-off towards the Heath and , once there , the priest was placed on the gallows ....... (MORE LATER).


war and peace in rebel Cork ,
in the turbulent years 1916-21.

By Micheal O'Suilleabhain : published 1965.


" The efforts to obtain armaments of any kind at this period were truly remarkable . Money to buy them could be obtained somehow , but there was no market which sold them . Very small quantities , and small material only , could be smuggled in from abroad . The arms in the hands of the enemy provided the only source of supply . Our own authorities prohibited us and kept prohibiting us from trying to capture these .

This prohibition would last for a long time yet . We were therefore invited to make our own war material . We already knew how to make slugs , or buckshot , for shotgun cartridges . We possessed , or made , small machines for loading and capping cartridges . We could even make the powder for them . But the bombs and grenades which we were directed to make proved to be entirely a waste of time . We set to work to make them in all shapes and sizes .

From then on a housewife had no worry about the disposal of empty treacle tins - they disappeared . Neither had the farmer any broken or unsightly pig troughs to encumber his haggard ......." (MORE LATER).


[from ' The Sunday Tribune ' , newspaper , 24th August , 1986 , page 11]

" I think its time we held Sukarno's feet to the fire . "

--- the words of CIA Deputy Director of Operations (in 1957) , a Mr. Frank Wisner . 'Frankie the Feet' was talking about President Sukarno of Indonesia whom the CIA viewed as " too soft on communism . "

Sukarno had a weakness which the CIA exploited to discredit him - he was sex mad ! When he was in Egypt in 1958 , he 'phoned President Nasser from the telephone in his hotel room (which the CIA had bugged) and told Nasser - " I have three gorgeous Pan American stewardesses here with me and they'd like to have a party ! " Nasser said no , and hung up .

But the CIA did'nt hang up - they made a porno movie using a Sukarno 'double' doing the business with a supposed Soviet female blonde spy ; the movie was made in Los Angeles , and the CIA gave it a title - 'Happy Days' ! CIA Agents approched Sukarno with a few copies of 'his' video and a suitcase stuffed with cash , and suggested that he might want to move away from supporting " his lefty buddies ......."

Sukarno took the cash , the videos , and the advice - and the CIA left him alone !

Sex , lies and videotape - sure ya could nearly make a movie outta that .......

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A REBEL PRIEST - Fr. James O'Coigly ; 1762 - 1798 .......

.......having arrested Fr. James O'Coigly and his four comrades , the British found a letter on the priest for the new French Administration - it was from ' The United Britons' , a Jacobin Society in England , and it called for French help to overthrow the English Parliament . All concerned were charged with " High Treason ".......

On 21st May 1798 , a 'trial' was held at Maidstone , Kent , in England , with all eyes fixed firmly on the 'ring-leader' , Fr. James O'Coigly , who apparently refused to even recognise the 'court' , never mind enter a defence against the charge . His four United Irishmen colleagues (including Arthur O'Connor , a leader of the Rebels in Leinster) defended their case as best they could and , to the surprise of all , were acquitted - the British had presumably concentrated their efforts on securing a conviction against what they perceived as their biggest threat - Fr. James O'Coigly .

During his seventeen days in prison , waiting for execution , Fr. O'Coigly requested , and received , permission for a Catholic Priest to visit him in his cell to hear his last confession ; however , the Brits even tried to use this 'act of compassion' to their own advantage .......(MORE LATER).


war and peace in rebel Cork ,
in the turbulent years 1916-21.

By Micheal O'Suilleabhain : published 1965.

1916 AND AFTER.......

".......the play 'Handy Andy' did not take to the stage that evening - indeed , the players had to be escorted by the RIC back to their hotel , as the crowd were hostile to them ......."

" The four of us repaired to the other hotel , where we had tea . We sat by the fire talking to a group of friends for some time , then we started on our homeward walk . It was a fine, calm , frosty night . We had nearly reached Poul na Bro , about a mile from Ballyvourney , when we heard a car behind us .

Hastily assembling some dumps of 'ammunition' in the dykes at both sides of the road , we waited . They came , and as their lights fell on us , they gave a defiant yell at the country yokels who did not appreciate their genius . A feu-de-joie rattling on their enamel , warned them that they were still in hostile territory . With increasing speed they vanished from our sight .

We stopped on Poul na Bro bridge , over the River Sullane , while Dan Harrington lit his pipe . By the light of the match I could see his face . It wore a happy smile . He spoke -

" Well , bedamned boys , 'Handy Andy' could hardly be described as a huge success , you know . " "

[END OF '1916 AND AFTER'].


[from ' The Sunday Tribune ' newspaper , 15th May , 1988 , page 8]

At a press conference in 1983 , journalist Sam Donaldson of ABC Television had put President Ronald Reagan on the spot over an issue . Ronnie's then Press Secretary , a Mr. Larry Speakes , yelled " LIGHTS ! " and , one second later , someone pulled a plug or threw a switch - and the room went dark !


How can I work a comment in that the lights may be on but theres no-one home .......?

.......YOUR WAY ---->

[from ' The Sunday Tribune ' newspaper , 24th August , 1986 , page 11]

<---- In Buraimi Oasis , in Oman , during the 1950's , the CIA offered British oil companies a $90 Million bribe to pull-out lock , stock and barrel (pun!) from the country ; the Americans wanted their own oil company , ' ARAMCO ' , to be the top dog in the region .

The Brits refused the bribe , but the CIA kept pushing , so the British took a court-case over the issue , which ended up in the International Court in Geneva ; once there , the CIA tried to bribe the Court Officials to find in their favour ! They failed again .......

RONNIE - " The damn Brits won't move , honey ! "

NANCY - " Hold on , Ron - ah'll jus' make me a phone-call... "

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A REBEL PRIEST - Fr. James O'Coigly ; 1762 - 1798 ....... February 1798 , Fr. James O' Coigly and four other members of the United Irishmen were on a final visit to France to confirm French military involvement in Ireland - but all five were arrested by the British at Margate in England .........

The five Rebels were thrown into the infamous Tower of London prison .

In preparation for the coming fight in Ireland , both the French and the Irish Rebels had located a group in England willing to help - a Jacobin organisation called the 'Secret Committee of England' (also known as 'The United Britons'), which was attempting to organise the overthrow of the Westminster Parliament .

When the British searched Fr. O'Coigly , they found a letter from The United Britons addressed to the French Revolutionary Government calling for an invasion of England : this letter alone gave the British a reason to charge all concerned with " High Treason "....... (MORE LATER).


war and peace in rebel Cork ,
in the turbulent years 1916-21.

By Micheal O'Suilleabhain : published 1965.

1916 AND AFTER.......

".......the iron roof of the hall was being pounded by rocks thrown by the crowd . One of those inside came out looking for a fight - he was one of those who offered to defend the RIC Barracks in Macroom on the night of my uncle's arrest ......."

" I groped on the ground for some missile . I was so tightly restricted by the crowd that I could find nothing . He retired again behind the closed door . It was then I realised too late that I held a stick in my right hand . I promised myself that I would not forget again .

The RIC now endeavoured to clear the crowd from the front . They started moving them slowly down the lane . A civilian appeared from nowhere helping them to push individuals here and there . I concluded that he must be one of the players coming again to the assistance of the RIC . I waited . Presently he approached , pushing people near me .

The RIC had stopped , but he continued energetically . I reached my right arm across a couple of my neighbours and the stirabout stick rapped sharply on his head . The RIC made an industrious movement forward but saw only a small ripple in the crowd as I disappeared . The bombardment continued and soon the garrison surrendered . As they came out , the crowd voiced its disapproval .

The RIC shepherded them practically unscathed through the crowd , save for a few shrewd cuffs and toes hastily administered . They sought the solace of their hotel ......." (MORE LATER).


[from ' The Sunday Tribune ' newspaper , 24th August , 1986 , page 11]

" We will never have universal peace until the strongest army and the strongest navy are in the hands of the most powerful nation . "

--- the oft-repeated motto of the then US Secretary of Defence , James Forrestal , who introduced ' Directive NSC 4a ' in December 1947 .

This allowed for "encouraging" a certain outcome in foreign elections ie the then CIA pumped millions of dollars into the election campaign of the Christian Democrats in Italy , hundreds of millions of dollars were spent in Greece and Turkey to obtain a " US friendly outcome " , and China and the Philippines had their 'guerrilla movements/terrorist organisations' either supported or suppressed , depending on the interests of the United States .

However , perhaps less well known was the involvement of the CIA under James Forrestal in 'Project MK Ultra' , from which came 'Project Bluebird' and 'Project Artichoke' - experiments with mind-bending drugs ; in 1953 , a substance containing LSD was added to bottles of Cointreau water which were consumed by scientists meeting in the Appalachians to discuss their work . One of them reportedly went hyper and jumped to his death from a tenth-floor window !

The CIA also attempted to turn house-hold pets into guided microphones and/or bombs !-- a cat was operated on ; it was 'opened-up' and a microphone was built-in to its stomach , then its tail was wired-up to same as the ariel ! The unfortunate animal was placed on a city street to be "field-tested" and was promptly run over by a taxi !

Taxi Driver -- " Oops ! Bleedin' cat . Better get it to the vet . "

Passenger -- " The vet ? No need. I'm a scientist . Lets take it to my tenth-floor office ......."


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A REBEL PRIEST - Fr. James O'Coigly ; 1762 - 1798 .......

.......born in County Armagh in 1762 and sent to The Irish College in Paris , a young trainee priest , Fr. James O'Coigly , witnessed the beginning of the French Revolution . In 1789 , at 27 years young , he returned to Ireland and , two years later (ie 1791) joined the new ' Society of United Irishmen '.......

As a leading member of the Society's 'Ulster Directory', a dedicated Republican and with experience of , and contacts in , France , he was put in charge of a small group of United Irishmen which was sent to France in the mid-1790's to convince the Revolutionary Government that it should physically assist the Irish in their endeavours to force a British withdrawal from Ireland .

Fr. O'Coigly and his team of four other Irish Rebels made the journey to France a number of times in the mid-to-late 1790's and were successful in convincing the French Administration that the Irish fight was worthy of support . In setting-out for what was to be their final visit to France , in February 1798 , to confirm dates etc for the French military action , the five Irish Rebels were arrested at Margate in England....... (MORE LATER).


war and peace in rebel Cork ,
in the turbulent years 1916-21.

By Micheal O'Suilleabhain : published 1965.

1916 AND AFTER.......

".......the crowd refused to go in to see the play . The two RIC men knew something was wrong . One of Mikeen Buckley's men volunteered to pay in and see what was happening inside ......."

" He got in all right . Indeed I think he need not have spent the bad sixpence . Afterwards he told us of the financial side . " Six-and-six , they got , " he said , " and that included my good money . " Presently a spokesman appeared on the doorstep . He made an appeal to the good taste of the people of Ballyvourney . They had come to show them first-class drama , indeed they should be glad to have this opportunity .......

The hall was made entirely of iron . The first rock falling on the roof sounded like the crack of doom . It was the first of an avalanche . The front door was closed . The RIC men approached Mikeen Buckley and his men - the 'boys' retired into the shadows , and the RIC then infiltrated into the "masses" in front . The bombardment continued . Suddenly the door opened and out rushed a big man . With the bluster of a bully he challenged the best man in Ballyvourney to fight him . No one moved , but some laughed .

I recognised him as one of those who had offered to defend the barracks in Macroom on the night of my uncle's arrest ......." (MORE LATER).

......not finished yet with REAGANISMS.......

[from ' The Sunday Tribune ' newspaper , 15th May , 1988 , page 8]


<---- Ronnie Reagan's Budget Director , a Mr David Stockman , organised a number of meetings at which the bould Ronnie was present , along with the various 'Heads of Departments' , Secretarys etc .

The Stockman fella was apparently an awful man for t'oul cutbacks , and argued for same at the meetings - some of those in attendance agreed with the proposed cutbacks , while others called for increases in expenditure . Stockman talked later of how Reagan would sit there , taking notes , looking at and , apparently , listening to the finer points of the pro-cuts and anti-cuts speakers .

Until one day Mr President left his notes behind.......

Mr Stockman , obviously curious as to which way the Boss was thinking re cutbacks or increases in the finances , sneaked a peep ....... and discovered that Ronnie was simply writing down the highest and lowest per-centage figures mentioned by those at the meeting (ie "increase by 9 per-cent" : "decrease by 5 per-cent" etc) , adding those two figures together (ie 14) and dividing by two !

Ronnie would then announce an increase or decrease of 7 per-cent , depending on which side had been most vocal at the meeting ! He would have been rightly stuck if he went deaf .......

RONNIE - " Nancy , ah done the sums , and divided bah two , but do ah make this one an increase or a decrease ? "

NANCY - " Hold on , dear - ah'll jus' make me a phonecall ......."

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A REBEL PRIEST - Fr. James O'Coigly ; 1762 - 1798 .

A child born in County Armagh in 1762 grew up to become a priest in the Catholic Church ; as part of his training in the priesthood he was sent to the Irish College in Paris , where he was witness to the beginning of the French Revolution - that young man , James O'Coigly , returned to Ireland at twenty-seven years of age , in 1789 , a changed man .......

A rebellious spirit was gathering momentum in Ireland at that time and , in October 1791 , the ' Society of United Irishmen ' was formed - Fr. James O'Coigly joined the new organisation and was known as one of the Society's Organisers in his native Armagh ....... (MORE LATER).


war and peace in rebel Cork ,
in the turbulent years 1916-21.

By Micheal O'Suilleabhain : published 1965.

1916 AND AFTER.......

".......hundreds of people were outside the hotel in Ballyvourney , waiting to see the play ; we were there to disrupt proceedings . Two RIC men were on duty ......."

" People were still coming , and each of us held a position to intercept them . To the right of the entrance door and just in the shadow I saw Mikeen Buckley with a dozen of his " boys . " They appeared to be in a pensive mood like real connoisseurs of the drama .

The players had entered the hall a long time since . It was already past the hour advertised for the start of the play . Then someone announced from the entrance door that all was ready . A placard had told us already that the admission fee was one shilling for front seats , and sixpence for the rear . No one stirred in the crowd . The RIC men got uneasy - they moved about as if trying to fathom the mystery .

I would have given a good deal to see both the body of the hall and the stage at the time . One of Mikeen's men came to my side . " I have a bad sixpence here , " he said , " and I'll never again get the opportunity of spending it . Would it be all right to go in ? I'll find out what's happening inside . " " Go ahead , " I said . " (MORE LATER).

and yet again....... ANOTHER REAGANISM.......---->

[from ' The Sunday Tribune ' newspaper , 15th May , 1988 , page 8]


--- the above slogan , no doubt printed on eco-friendly cardboard , was tied to thousands of trees in America in early 1979 , in the run-up to the American Presidential election . And the reason .......?

.......While out on the hustlings and the rubber-chicken circuit looking for the top job , the bould Ronnie Reagan gave a radio interview in which he attacked the enemies of his buddies in Industry ; he declared that the United States Environmental Protection Agency had recently suppressed a report which , he said , " reveals that eighty per-cent of air pollution comes , not from chimneys and auto exhausts , but from plants and trees . " !

Apparently , someone on Ronnie's campaign staff had told him , correctly , that plants and trees emit nitrous oxide as they consume oxygen ; the Pres-to-be confused the emission's from plant-life with nitrogen dioxide , a polluter , and then (completely out of the blue) formed the notion that the country's Environmental Protection Agency was involved in a conspiracy against American Industry !

' KILLER PLANTS ' - .......was'nt that the name of an old 'B-movie' , starring that chap ,...oh , what's his name now , its on the tongue of me tip ......

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STORMONT 'talking-shop' ; not a new failure -
Belfast May 1998 -- Dublin July 1917........

.......the 1917 'Irish Convention' , established and funded by the British , was a disaster from the start - Sinn Fein and the Labour Party boycotted it and those that took their seats did so for 'PR' and financial reasons only ; it was doomed to failure .......

On 8th April , 1918 , a mere ten months after its fanfare of a birth , it spluttered to an end !

Less then half of its one-hundred-and-five members bothered to 'sign-off' on the Conventions final report which , ironically , actually recommended to its parent body , Westminster , that Ireland should have self-government ! That last report also warned against extending military conscription to Ireland - the creation had turned on its master !

Indeed , on a public relations tour of America to promote the faltering Convention , a British Minister , 'Lord' Birkinhead , inadvertently let it slip that the body would continue to sit until such time as America had decided to enter the war in Europe - in other words , when American eyes looked elsewhere , the Convention would shut up shop !

The Brits practically admitted that the talking-shop was simply a diversion (similiar to today's Stormont Assembly-- an institution established to give the gullible the impression of 'movement'). The ploy worked in 1917 , and it worked again in 1998 ; but , as always , there are those who refuse to be purchased , fooled or intimidated .



war and peace in rebel Cork ,
in the turbulent years 1916-21.

By Micheal O'Suilleabhain : published 1965.

1916 AND AFTER.......

".......on our way to upset the Macroom Dramatic Company , the four of us met up with Mikeen Buckley , a wild man , ex-British Army , who helped the I R A on occasion......."

" " We are going to Ballyvourney , Mike , to see that play , " said my uncle with a roguish smile . " I was thinking of going there myself , but I must tell some of the boys , " said Mike . We knew the "boys" . They were all about Mike's own calibre . No harm in them really . They would go to a wedding as strawboys , or stand at the village cross at night , until all hours , singing songs .

Indeed , one of the four of us now going northwards to Ballyvourney had been one of their company - Joe Roche . We reached Ballyvourney in good time . In the main street outside the hotel stood a motor-car . Enquiries confirmed that the players had come and were refreshing at the bar , for the play . We sought out a few locals whom we knew . They got busy with us talking about the play among the crowd that was gathering in front of the hall . Soon , some hundreds had assembled . Each new disciple spread the light . The people had not understood . Soon the disciples were in the majority .

A lamp blazed in front of the hall ; two RIC men were on duty . We kept out of their sight , well back in the crowd . We had no desire to enlighten them of our little organisation ......." (MORE LATER).

Hear we go again....... A REAGANISM ---->

[from ' The Sunday Tribune ' newspaper , 15th May , 1988 , page 8]

<---- " Ssshhh ! Don't bring that up . Leave it be . "

--- the words of Michael Deaver , the then Deputy Chief of Staff in Ronald Reagan's White House .

Mr. Deaver was replying to a question from his new Chief of Staff , Donald Regan ( 'Wall Street' millionaire and former Secretary of the U S Treasury) who had asked why the President's daily schedule was in such a mess - he got the above-mentioned answer from his Deputy.

Michael Deaver was known as a good time-keeper , always punctual , and part of his job was to arrange each days itinerary for President Reagan - but the daily meetings never went as planned , to such an extent that other White House staffers would imitate Deaver by intoning the mans mantra --- " Let's play around with this , let me see what can be done . "

A frustrated Deputy Chief Deaver later admitted that Nancy Reagan would go through the meetings schedule with her " friend " in San francisco , by telephone , every day - the " friend " was an astrologer ! The Chief of Staff , Donald Regan , had to go along with the charade , later stating that it was best to " humour her(Nancy) - at least this astrologer is not as kooky as the last one . " !

RONNIE - " Should ah press the red button , Nancy .......? "

NANCY - " Don't do nothin' just yet , Ron - ah wanna' make me a call ... "

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STORMONT 'talking-shop' ; not a new failure -
Belfast May 1998 -- Dublin July 1917........

.......the business community , the Irish Unionists and the Irish Parliamentary Party were all eager to take the seats allocated to them by Westminster in the so-called ' Irish Convention ' at Trinity College , Dublin . The then Sinn Fein organisation dismissed the institution as a farce , a "face-saving" operation for the British .......

The 'Convention' , like the 1998 Stormont Treaty , was flawed from the start - the Irish Unionists were present to demand that Ireland be kept within the confines of the 'United Kingdom' while those in the chamber that purported to be 'Nationalists' had to be seen and heard to be seeking self-government for the country ! (Definately sounds familiar .......)

Sinn Fein boycotted this talking-shop and refused to take its seats ; it had been allocated only five places in the 'Convention' by the British . Likewise , the then Labour Party , mindful of the very real threat to its future political prospects from Sinn Fein , and not wanting to leave itself exposed as an out-and-out pro-Brit grouping , also refused to take its seats in the assembly .

And that was the charade that the British and their lackeys in Ireland grandiosely referred too as " The Irish Convention " -- a spurious mish-mash of native Unionists , castle-Catholics and till-fumblers ; self-serving creatures , every last one of them . But try as they did , they could'nt keep the show on the road ....... (MORE LATER).


war and peace in rebel Cork ,
in the turbulent years 1916-21.

By Micheal O'Suilleabhain : published 1965.

1916 AND AFTER.......

".......the local I R A Company was 'up-and-running' again ; myself and three others were on our way to Ballyvourney when we met a neighbour . He asked if we were going to the play - we knew nothing of it ......."

" We asked him about the play he mentioned - he told us it was called 'Handy Andy' and the players were the Macroom Dramatic Company . " Handy Andy ," said my uncle . " It is hard to teach an enslaved people . Is'nt it remarkable how the shoneen is not happy until he is trying to belittle the people of Ireland , and show them to the world as a race of uncouth and ignorant savages ?

Pearse and his comrades are not dead a year and these so-and-so's from Macroom must come and resurrect the Stage Irishman again . Come on lads, we will go to Ballyvourney . " My uncle's dog was with us . We liked his company but we decided his presence might complicate matters for us later . We left him at the cottage of Johnny Curley , a friend of ours whose son was a Volunteer . As I was leaving the cottage , I saw a stirabout stick .

" Johnny , " I said , " will you give me a loan of that stick ? " " I will and failte , " said Johnny , " but I'll give you a nice walking stick if you like . " " No , Johnny , thanks , " I said , " this is quite good enough for the Stage Irishman ! " Johnny blinked his eyes , and I knew he did not understand but I had not time to explain .

Near the Cross we met Mikeen , a brother of Tadhg Buckley . A hard man who had long ago been drummed out of the British Army . A splendid cavalry man , but all the King's men could not bring him to discipline . He would take a horse when he wanted one and suffer for it later . Their varied punishments failing , they let him go . He was never a Volunteer , but was always ready to help , and in later days often risked his life to warn us of the enemy . Now he eyed us as if he knew we were on some business bent . " (MORE LATER).

BAT's IN THE .......

[from 'The Sunday Tribune ' newspaper , 24th August , 1986 , page 11]

Two months after the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbour , a Mr. Adams from the town of Pennsylvania wrote to the President of the United States .

The President should know , he wrote , that the Japanese were " simply terrified of bats . " On 9th February 1942 , Franklin Delano Roosevelt passed the letter to the then Chief of the 'Office of Strategic Services ' (OSS) , the then C I A , a Mr William Donovan . A cover-note saying " This man is not a nut " was included .

So , for the next three years , Donovan ensured that bats were dropped on Japan ! Sometimes the bats were just slung out of bomber-planes , other times they were dropped by parachute ! When a bat is thrown out of an airplane at high altitude it freezes to death long before it hits the ground .

Might have been a good plan but ..... the Japanese were not actually afraid of bats ! Apparently , due to Roosevelt's covering-note , OSS Chief Donovan presumed that someone had confirmed the Japanese 'bat-phobia' ! What must the Japanese have thought of three years of being 'bat-bombed'.......?