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JOHN SADLEIR and WILLIAM KEOGH - 19th Century Irish Turncoats .......

.......the newly-formed 'Independent Irish Party' (composed of 'The Irish Brigade' and 'The Tenant Right League') appeared adamant that the British would be challenged on their mis-rule in Ireland , with particular reference to the 1851 'Ecclesiastical Titles Bill' ; however , the Brits had seen it all before .......

The new 'Independent Irish Party' was flexing its muscle ; as William Keogh (a Barrister and MP for Athlone) put it - " I will not support any party which does not make it the first ingredient of their political existence to repeal the Ecclesiastical Titles Bill . So help me God ..... " By this stage , Charles Gavan Duffy had been elected as an 'Independent Irish Party' MP to Westminster , representing the New Ross area of Wexford .

The ' IIP ' , with forty members elected to Westminster , did actually hold the balance of power in 'Lord' Derby's Tory-led government in Westminster and so pressed their claims with that administration regarding the 'Titles Bill' and other matters pertaining to Ireland - but they got no satisfaction from 'Lord' Derby or any of his Ministers ... the 'IIP' 'pulled the plug' and the British Government of the day collapsed .......



war and peace in rebel Cork ,
in the turbulent years 1916-21.

By Micheal O'Suilleabhain : published 1965.

1921 - The Big Round-Up.

" The 'Big Round-Up' started on the evening of Sunday , 5th June 1921 , at Ballyvourney - we had been expecting it daily for at least a fortnight , and our IRA Column had been disbanded in the face of it . Seven of us had so far kept together ; Corney O'Sullivan , Jim and Miah Grey , Paddy Donncha Eoin , Patsy Lynch , my brother Pat and I : we had stayed in the neighbourhood of the village or Cross of Kilnamartyra , at Lios Bui , or kilmacarogue , or Doirin na Ceardchan , or Knocksaharing with our good friends and comrades .

Now , on Saturday morning , we had got definite news that the round-up was about to begin on the morrow . In the kitchen of the old house at Knocksaharing we discussed the matter ; my uncle was present with the seven of us . While nothing very definite was known about the impending enemy operation , we knew that it was going to be very thorough and widespread - to anticipate its boundaries was now the vital consideration . Hitherto , when hard pressed , we had always crossed the border into Kerry , and when things had quietened down again had returned .

Sure enough , there were large areas in Kerry that would escape encirclement in this round-up , but to select those areas was the crux - again , it was obvious that the nearest safe part of Kerry during this period would be many miles from the Cork border......."


ETHIOPIA - A Brief History .......

(First published in 'HOT PRESS' Magazine , 6th May 1988 , Volume 12 , No. 8 , page 28).

Re-produced here in 10 parts .

(7 of 10).

For a year from September 1976 , a 'red terror' was conducted against students and civilians linked with the regime's revolutionary competitors in the 'Ethiopian Peoples Revolutionary Party' , albeit that the 'EPRP' had also begun its own assassination campaign against Mengisty's supporters . Some claim over 1,000 of the 5,000 students at Addis Ababa University died ; Amnesty International calculates 30,000 were imprisoned and several thousand killed - but the West has tolerated many regimes with a bloody birth . What it could'nt accept was Mengisty's Russian alliance .

At the most traumatic and apparently vulnerable point of the Ethiopian revolution , Somalia invaded the south-eastern Ogaden Desert region . Previously Russia had backed Somalia ; initially it tried to mediate before eventually siding with the more strategically valuable Ethiopia - it was Cuban troops who helped to drive out the Somalis , who themselves had switched over to an American alliance ...