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Saturday, July 10, 2004

JULY-DECEMBER 1921 : Revenge Attacks on Republicans During The 'Truce' .......

....... Ireland 1921 - TRUCE ! ...but all was not what it seemed . In America , the 'Truce' was projected as the end of the issue . Irish-American supporters of the struggle were led to believe that the Irish 'Question' had been resolved .......

....and that was a ploy pushed by the Brits in all media outlets which owed them favours . The issues of Home Rule , self-determination , dominion status , partition , devolution etc were brushed aside in favour of the sound-bite , the 'big lie' - 'Victory !' , 'British Withdrawal' ! , 'Irish Independence!' ... Indeed , the 'Establishment' in both England and Ireland made much the same claim in 1973 for the Sunningdale Agreement , again in 1985 for the Hillsborough Treaty and , more recently , in 1998 , for the Stormont Treaty ('GFA') - all were classed as a form of 'stepping-stone' ie "freedom to achieve freedom ," which they were not .

All four Treaties did , however , 'succeed' on one level - that of allowing the (anti-Republican) 'Establishment' to publicly 'wash their hands' of the 'Irish Question' and mutter , albeit , for the most part under their breath - ..."sure what more do the Irish want ?" Meanwhile , the Brits themselves were re-grouping in the background , while spreading 'the big lie' that the 'Irish Question' was ("almost") resolved .

However , for those that bothered to look for themselves , the truth was just under the surface .......



war and peace in rebel Cork ,
in the turbulent years 1916-21.

By Micheal O'Suilleabhain : published 1965.


".......the British Auxies were outside - it was a surprise raid . My brother and I , both of us armed , were hiding in the garden . Then we heard a loud whisper ......."

" "Georgie ! Georgie ! Get on with your men . Quick ! " Three tall forms approached us from the gate and stopped at the front door . One stepped forward from the gravelled path and on to a low wide step outside the doorstep proper . He knocked with his left hand on the open door , a gentle knock . Soon we heard the kitchen door opening and a diffused light fell on the three men ; we knew that my mother had brought the table lamp with her to the hall . We heard her voice , speaking as if to friends as yet unknown to her - " Good evening , boys ," she said gently .

" Oh ! good evening , madam ," a cultured voice replied . " Are the boys at home , madam ? " " No , the boys are not at home , " my mother replied . " I am very glad indeed , madam , very glad indeed . I am very sorry for disturbing you . Good evening , madam ! Good evening ! " So saying , this decent man turned away and walked quickly back to the gate , followed by his comrades . A man like him is all too rare in the world , for undoubtedly he must exert a powerful influence for good , even on the worst companions . His gentlemanly behaviour most probably was the means of saving our lives , his own and those of some of his men .

For , armed as we were , it is not likely that we would stand idly by if he were otherwise than the courteous gentleman we had heard addressing my mother . As it was , we managed to get outside their circle without clashing with them ..."



'The chain of events that has become known as IRANGATE is circling ever tighter around President Reagan . Sean Cronin draws together some of the links in the bizarre story'

First published in 'The Irish Times' newspaper , Tuesday , February 10th , 1987 , page 14 .

Re-produced here in 12 parts.

3 of 12.

The Senate Intelligence Committee decided to withhold its findings because there were too many gaps and no conclusions ; there were so many leaks that the new Senate Intelligence Committee reversed the decision . It called its statement a "preliminary report" and found "no evidence" that Mr. Reagan knew of the Contra connection but no evidence to the contrary either .

It did find that Mr. Reagan's main interest in the arms sales was to win the release of U S hostages in Lebanon . This report is the most authoritative account we have of the affair . After Mr. Reagan's "deep concern" for the hostages - one of whom was William Buckley , CIA Station Chief at Beirut , who was later tortured and killed by the Iranians - the second driving force in the affair was "Israel's strong and continuing interest in furthering contacts with Iran ."

A third factor in the Iran initative was pressure by "international arms dealers and others" , who were used as messengers mainly.......

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