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JULY-DECEMBER 1921 : Revenge Attacks on Republicans During The 'Truce' .......

....... Ireland 1921 - the Custom House was destroyed , the Dublin Brigade IRA was temporarly put out of action , 'hand-to-hand' fighting in parts of the country between the Brits and the Irish Rebels , "extensive" arms finds by the British .......

.....and , in May and June 1921 , there was over two-thousand engagements between the IRA and the Brits in each month ! In May 1921 , elections were held under the British 'Government of Ireland Act' , and Sinn Fein/Republican candidates who won seats refused to attend the 'Home Rule' Parliament in Dublin .

Also that same month (May 1921) British General Macready wrote a memorandum to the British Cabinet (dated May 24th 1921) in which he stated that a full military victory against the guerrilla forces of the IRA was almost an impossibility ; he suggested the introduction of total martial law , the suppression of all newspapers , the licensing of all public traffic on the roads , identity cards and the suppression of any Irish Republican Parliament !

Macready's political masters in Westminster felt that such measures were too extreme ; in reality , there was one over-riding reason why such an order would not be issued to General Macready .......



war and peace in rebel Cork ,
in the turbulent years 1916-21.

By Micheal O'Suilleabhain : published 1965.


".......fifty of us , all armed , were marching thirty miles to carry-out an operation in Macroom . We were crossing an old bog , when it started to crack and splinter - I warned the lads near me as the bank of the bog threatened to give way ......."

" Then I saw something glitter in one of the cracks , on the 'sound' side of it . I dropped on my knees to examine the object ; it appeared to be made of bronze and a circular segment of it showed through the face of the bank . It was undoubtedly an ancient article and from the portion which showed I concluded that the entire object was a large bowl or cauldron . The topmost edge was but a few inches below ground level , and two of the lads who had remained behind with me grasped the thing and tried to tear it out of the ground .

We failed , and we shouted after the Column to wait for us ; the group halted , and our Brigadier , looking back at us , shouted - "What are ye doing there , Mick ?" "We are trying to dig out a piece of bronz here , Sean . It looks very ancient . I think it is a big bowl or a cauldron ." "An ancient cauldron , ?" he shouted derisively , " some old poteenmakers' pot , most likely !" So saying , he turned about and walked on . Snatching a bayonet , I drove it several times through the mould to get some idea of the dimensions of the vessel . Then we hastened after the Column .

Very soon we were dropping , almost vertically , on to the little railway station at Morley's Bridge . Crossing the railway tracks , the road to Kenmare , and a bridge , we turned left on the road to Ballyvourney . Soon we were marching on a road that led for miles uphill through a bare and rocky glen , and the wildly cascading Roughty River which kept on rushing down to meet us ......."



'The chain of events that has become known as IRANGATE is circling ever tighter around President Reagan . Sean Cronin draws together some of the links in the bizarre story'

First published in 'The Irish Times' newspaper , Tuesday , February 10th , 1987 , page 14 .

Re-produced here in 12 parts.

7 of 12.

In November , the CIA shipped arms at the direction of Colonel Oliver North , who was also the U S Administration's Liaison Officer with the Contras , whose cause he supported fervently . There are also reports that Colonel North shipped arms to the Contras via Portugal with the help of the CIA , although the U S Congress specifically prohibited such aid .

Oliver North was also linked with the 'private' supply network organised by General Secord for the Contras ; Portugal says it did not authorise such flights . Robert McFarlane was beginning to have doubts about the 'Iran initiative' in November 1985 and , early in December that year , he recommended that the operation be closed down . He then resigned as the U S President's National Security Adviser and , on December 8th , met Mr. Kimche and Mr. Ghorbanifar in London to tell them of the decision.......