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JULY-DECEMBER 1921 : Revenge Attacks on Republicans During The 'Truce' .......

.......Ireland , 1921 , during the 'Truce' ; covert assassinations were carried out by British forces against the IRA , 'shoot-outs' took place between the IRA and the Brits , and IRA Volunteers also died while on drills and in training camps .......

A year before the above-mentioned deaths and assassinations , the IRA in Belfast had been re-organised as 'B' Company , 2nd Battalion , following a meeting in Ballymacarret (in 1920) ; one of its members , 21 years young Murtagh McAstocker , was known by the Brits to be militarily opposed to them ...but he was now 'protected' by the 'Truce' .......

However , as little (and begrudgenly and reluctantly) as the British forces were 'bound' by the 'Truce' , their comrades in the various Loyalist militia (formed , supported , financed and armed by the British Army and their political leaders in Westminster) were not stalled at all by it .

The six-month 'Truce' (July - December 1921) was an opportunity for the Loyalist paramilitary gangs to 'ethnicaly clean' 'their' areas of Catholics/Nationalists , more so than they had been doing prior to the 'Truce' .

And young Murtagh McAstocker was on their list .......



war and peace in rebel Cork ,
in the turbulent years 1916-21.

By Micheal O'Suilleabhain : published 1965.


" It is still the same . If you come from the east the half-mile long avenue of lime trees will lead you there . You are at the Mills , Ballyvourney . The hotel where the stage coach stopped on its way between Cork and Killarney still flourishes , though the stage coach has long since passed on , enveloped in the dust of time .

The old bridge which spans the Sullane River is as sound and as picturesque as ever , and, hard by, the Mill buildings are exactly the same , though renovated . And certainly the bloom of the rhododendron and the murmur of the river have not changed . Behind the scene , however, some important changes did take place not so long ago . Up to our own time , Ballyvourney , hardly large enough to be described as a hamlet , was completely overshadowed by a unique feudal machine which functioned there .

A high wall along the main road was pierced by the Lawn Gate which gave access , by a short drive, to the Great House ; let us assume that one day in the bad old times , one has passed through the Lawn Gate on some legitimate business , say paying the 'rent' - he notices that , a few yards to his right , another road runs parallel to his . It leads to the RIC Barracks , which is conveniently near to , but of course not on the same plane as , the Great House . Naturally , it gives him a sense of security to know that the 'law' is behind him as he faces towards the buildings on his left ......."



'The chain of events that has become known as IRANGATE is circling ever tighter around President Reagan . Sean Cronin draws together some of the links in the bizarre story'

First published in 'The Irish Times' newspaper , Tuesday , February 10th , 1987 , page 14 .

Re-produced here in 12 parts.

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An updated memorandum in Colonel Oliver North's files - written around April 4th , 1986 - " provided that $12 million of the residual funds from an arms transaction would be used to purchase critically needed supplies for the Nicaraguan Democratic Resistance Forces ," according to the U S Senate Intelligence Committee report .

Colonel North told the Attorney General , Edwin Meese , that the $12 million figure was " based on what he was told by the Israelis and that he did not know how much was moved to the Nicaraguans - the Israeli (NIR) decided the amount given to the resistance , with no involvement by the CIA or NSC ....." On September 12th , 1986 , the Israeli Defence Minister, Mr. Yitzhak Rabin , offered " a significant quantity " of captured Soviet-bloc arms to the U S for the Contras . The arms were to be picked up on the week of September 15th and delivered to the insurgents .

U S Admiral Poindexter discussed the matter with President Reagan ; Yitzhak Rabin denies that he made such an offer . The report also reveals that Ronald Reagan held 17 meetings with Oliver North , and that others were present at those meetings . At one of them , the CIA Station Head in Costa Rica was with Colonel North . One's conclusion , unsupported by conclusive evidence , is that President Reagan , through his National Security Council staff , was fully briefed on everything taking place regarding Iran and the Contras .

" According to Robert McFarlane , Oliver North stated that McFarlane knew North would'nt do anything that was not approved ," the report says .

(Tomorrow - 'THE CIA : REAGAN'S SECRET ARMY' - from 'The Sunday Tribune' newspaper , 1986.)