Thursday, September 30, 2004

JULY 29th , 1848 : RIC , Firearms , Pikes - and Five Children .......

.......the British were not , and indeed still are not , shy about spilling blood in their 'conquests' and in holding on to the 'spoils' of same ; and not all Irish men and women were , or are , adversed to 'fighting fire with fire'.......

Even when Irish 'violence' was to be employed in self-defence , Daniel O'Connell's 'Loyal National Repeal Association' was against it ; this led to tension within that organisation , and a 'split' developed - those that left included William Smith O'Brien (a Member of the British Parliament , Harrow-educated , with an accent to match !) , Thomas Francis Meagher and John Mitchel - a new group was established ; 'The Young Irelanders' .

That new group's political position was outlined in there newspaper 'The United Irishman' : a call for immediate armed revolt against the British . Westminster was alarmed ; the 'Paris Revolution' , which had taken place that February (1848) must have helped to put the final 'wind' up the Brits , as they moved quickly -

- John Mitchel was accused of writing " wild and menacing words....."



war and peace in rebel Cork ,
in the turbulent years 1916-21.

By Micheal O'Suilleabhain : published 1965.

THE TRUCE.......

".......a whistle had sounded the alarm - myself and Dan MacNamara ran towards the sound to investigate ; recent heavy rain had created a 'lake' nearby , and Jer Carthy's horse and cart , carrying our supplies , was trapped in the flood ......."

" A few of our lads had partly stripped and now stood perilously on a submerged rock , holding up the horse's head . Others were engaged in salvaging some of the goods from the cart which was almost under water and was tilted dangerously . It was evident now , from soundings taken , that an isthmus , a small neck of land , ran out around the wreck and that it was easier to work from the lake side . A deep hole lay between the horse and the road . I stooped and started to remove my boots .

" Have sense man , " said Mac , " there are more than enough on the job . The horse is safe now - we'll go back and tell Sean . He'll be wondering what happened . Look , the whole lot are here now . " He was right ; men were fast hurrying to the scene and , as we turned to go , we heard a measured voice say - " I have just thought of what I think is a good expedient . " It was our portly and genteel Officer ; he passed in front of us and , reaching the edge of the deep hole , jumped into it and disappeared beneath the water . A gathering of flotsam half-way across to the horse had deceived him in the now failing light .

Everybody had paused , on hearing of the " ...good expedient , " to watch its implementation ; now , as well as I could see , it far exceeded their most hopeful expectations . It would need a medical man to describe their reactions ....... "


By Patrick Murphy .

First published in 'New Hibernia' magazine , May 1987 , page 13 .
A 'skit' in five parts .
(2 of 5).

Speaking in Conamara Arabic , Mr. Mohammed Ali , the Minister for the Gaeltacht , said that people should not believe what they read in the newspapers and other newspapers should not believe what they read in the 'People' . Denying allegations that he was not Irish , Mr. Ali said that he was a descendant of a long line of Irish handball allies .

Continuing the debate on Kerry County Council's failure to repair the main road from Beirut to Damascus , the leader of the Progressive Democrats , Mr. Yasser Arafat , told the House that Ireland was not sending enough passports to the Third World ; he said that the 2,000 tons of passports which arrived in Ethiopia would not last for long .......