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'TAN WAR' REPUBLICAN NEWSPAPER - 'An tOglach' , 1918-1921.......

.......the British used the 'Defence of The Realm Act' to suppress not only Irish Republicans , but its own people , too . Then in 1941 , they focused their attention on Ireland again .......

In 1941 , 'DORA' was used against Cahir Healy , an ex-Sinn Fein member of Fermanagh Council ; Healy was a 'mixed-bag' , politically speaking - he was dead-set against what he termed " street politics " yet was constantly frustrated by the 'workings' of the Stormont Administration ; he wanted to sit in Leinster House (in the early 1950's) as an 'Anti Partition League' ('APL') MP (!) (shades of the Provos here ...) and he denounced the policies of "physical force" and abstentionism (in 1955) despite his own (sometimes) abstention from both Stormont and Westminster .

Cahir Healy was also a known supporter of the 'Blueshirts' in the Free State (a fascist organisation) , being a friend of that group's leader , General O'Duffy , and an admirer of 'Sir' Oswald Mosley , the British Fascist leader . Cahir Healy died in 1970 , at 93 years of age . However , the British also continued to use the 'Defence of The Realm Act' against workers in Ireland and England.......



war and peace in rebel Cork ,
in the turbulent years 1916-21.

By Micheal O'Suilleabhain : published 1965.


".......at fifteen minutes before midnight , the Brits raided our house ; they were led by a Captain Moss , who asked my father if he was loyal to King George of England - my father told him he was loyal to no man ......."

" My father was no fool and , so far, had never shown his hand to the enemy . While he never bowed to them , he never enlightened them about his feelings towards them ; he liked to see a good blow struck , but did not believe in giving them the slightest indication of where it came from ! In that , of course, he was only being wise - now , whether it was the mounting British oppression or the rising tide of opposition to it that affected him , he appeared to have lost some of his usual caution .

To my sisters , his attitude caused some little alarm , as they judged that the half-drunken and truculent Captain Moss meant to pursue his tactics further , which he did : " Now ," the British Captain said to my father , " you have influence in this district around you , and I have lost some of my best pals here . It is up to you to use your influence to stop attacks on crown forces . And you , " he said , turning to my sisters , " tell your brothers and your sweethearts that if a single British soldier is shot about here again , this house and every house in the village is going up . You understand that ? " he said , as he turned and glared at my father .

" I do not , " said my father . " You do not , " shouted Captain Moss , " did I not make the matter clear ? " " Oh , I heard you ," said my father , " but if I had said I understood , it would have made no difference . It would not make you immune from attack on your way home tonight , or tomorrow or any other day . You must try some other method . "

The drunken British Army Captain walked up to my father ......."


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First published in 'IRIS' magazine , March 1983 , Number 5 , page 42.

Re-published here in six parts .
(2 of 6).

Two IRA Volunteers , armed with a 9mm sub-machine gun and a .38 Special , quickly jumped from the van and opened fire , hitting Lennie Murphy at least twenty times and killing him instantly . They then drove off , abandoning and setting fire to the van in nearby Glenside Park before making a safe escape in a car commandeered earlier in West Belfast .

Initial RUC and media speculation focussed on the belief that the death of Lennie Murphy was the result of an internal loyalist power struggle . Since his release from the H-Blocks (where he had been 'Officer Commanding' of the UVF prisoners) in August 1982 , Lennie Murphy had been ruthlessly engaged in winning back control of the UVF , and, in one incident in September had ambushed and shot dead a dissident UVF paramilitary .......