Monday, October 04, 2004

JULY 29th , 1848 : RIC , Firearms , Pikes - and Five Children ....... a result of a campaign led by John Blake Dillon , one of the leaders of the 'Irish National Land League' (and a member of 'The Young Irelanders' War Council) a new word was to enter the English language .......

The British 'Landlord' who was buying-up land from which the Irish had been 'evicted' was Captain Boycott ; he was targetted by the 'Land League' , whose President , Charles Stewart Parnell was , for a time , viewed with suspicion by both the British and Irish - in 1876 , it was said of him in Westminster -

" Mr. Parnell combines in his person all the unlovable qualities of an Irish member with the absolute absense of their attractiveness . Something really must be done about him . He is always at a white heat or rage and makes with savage earnestness fancifully ridiculous statements ..."

Meanwhile , on 'the other side of the house' , so to speak , the Irish had their view of Charles Stewart Parnell 'coloured' by , amongst other things , the man's background ; he was a Protestant 'Landlord' who 'owned' about 5,000 acres of land in County Wicklow and his parents were friends of (and , indeed, in some cases , related to) the local Protestant 'gentry' .......



war and peace in rebel Cork ,
in the turbulent years 1916-21.

By Micheal O'Suilleabhain : published 1965.

THE TRUCE.......

".......we were convinced that we had lost one of our IRA Officers , as he had dived into heavy flood waters to rescue our supplies from a cart , but , in time , he made his way back to us in the training camp . Our Brigadier , Sean O'Hegarty , looked at the soaked man ....... "

" " You got wet then , Dick ," , said Sean . " Unfortunately , I did, " poor Dick replied , " visibility was deceptive and I erroneously concluded that an island I saw was part of terra firma . " " Better change your clothes , Dick , " said Sean . " Yes, " said Dick , " I will , for a sudden immersion of that nature is liable to bring on pangs of excruciating pain in both arms . " " You are all right yet , anyway .....," Sean observed , tongue in cheek !

It was the harvest time in that beautiful year of sunshine , 1921 ; we had heard that my uncle Dan was reaping the corn at Knocksaharing and , ever anxious to spend a day in his company at that peaceful spot , my brothers , sisters and I arrived there early in the day . We found that a goodly number of the neighbours , including the local IRA Volunteers , had already come to help with the harvest , anticipating a day made pleasant by merely listening to my uncle's discourses .

Work was commenced on Paircin na Coille ; it was the old-time harvest scene - four scythes , wielded with precision by strong arms , cut a wide track from fence to fence . A 'taker' followed each scythe , and two 'binders' easily bound the sheaves each 'taker' laid at right angles to the line of standing corn . Now and then half the 'binders' would leave their work and stook the sheaves . Between the work , the pleasant intervals of rest , dinner and afternoon tea on the field , we found that time had gone by un-noticed .

We had finished the reaping and stooking and now stood straightening our backs at the top of the field called Pairc na mBeach , and had worked up an appetite ......."


By Patrick Murphy .

First published in 'New Hibernia' magazine , May 1987 , page 13 .
A 'skit' in five parts .
(4 of 5).

Speaking at a meeting of the Colonel Gadaffi Fianna Fail Cumann in Libya North last night the Taoiseach , Mr. Haughey , said that having brought Christianity to many parts of the world the Irish were now bringing passports .

A team of teachers from the Department of Education has gone to the Middle East to give a crash course on how to be Irish to the thousands of new Irish citizens there . Candidates have a choice of talking rural Irish (" It's that bloody crowd up in Dublin that's to blame....") or urban Irish (" It's the bloody farmers that have the country ruined ....").

Traditional Irish airs such as ' Big Tom is still the King ' and ' Do ya want yer auld lobby washed down ?' will be taught by skilled musicians and Gaelic football , which was to have been taught by a few Kerry men will now be handled by Dublin people .......