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'THE PRESS' Newspaper , October 1797 - March 1798 .
Too Radical for the Radicals .......

....... when Oliver Bond's house was raided (on 12th March 1798) by the Brits , Thomas Addis Emmet was fortunate enough not to have been there . He knew he was a wanted man , and went 'on-the-run' .......

He was eventually captured by the Brits around May that year (1798) and imprisoned in Fort George Prison in Scotland until 1802 ; on his release , at 38 years young , he went to Brussels . When his younger brother , Robert , led the Rising in Ireland in 1803 (at 25 years young) , Thomas Addis Emmet was in Paris .

Following the failure of that armed insurrection , Thomas went to America and practiced law in New York . He had by this stage married an Irish girl , Jane Patten , the daughter of the Rev. John Patten from Clonmel in County Tipperary - that marriage took place in Ireland in 1791 , when he was 27 years young . Thomas Addis Emmet , born in 1764 in Cork , Ireland , died in New York City on 14th November 1827 , at the age of 63 .

The other 'main man' in the leadership of the United Irishmen organisation who was wary (if not opposed to) 'The Press' newspaper and its two main proprietors , Arthur O'Connor and 'Lord' Edward Fitzgerald , was Dr. William James MacNeven .......


By John Dean.
First published in 'MAGILL' magazine , October 1980 , pages 30, 31, 35, and 37.
Re-published here in 20 parts .
(4 of 20).

Nancy Reagan is said to be the real power ; a case in point occurred during a recent press conference in Florida when Ronnie Reagan remarked that a marijuana cigarette was probably a bigger cancer hazard than a tobacco cigarette . A reporter catching Reagan offguard pointed out that it was'nt necessary to smoke as many marijuana cigarettes to get the desired effect ; as Reagan hesitated a beat , Nancy nudged him and whispered loud enough for one reporter to hear "... you would'nt know " .

" I would'nt know , " Reagan replied . Such momentary lapses are rare for Ronnie Reagan , who has pledged to take an annual senility test if he is elected .

Usually he knows what he's talking about , and for good reason - whenever he speaks he always falls back on what has come to be known as 'The Speech' : no matter how much the parts are re-arranged , updated or edited , the message - and the two main points - are the same and have been for the past 15 years .......


An investigation into the extent of telephone surveillance in Ireland shows that with the aid of new technology , telephone tapping has reached alarmimg proportions and most of it is done illegally .
By Frank Doherty .
First published in 'MAGILL' magazine , December 1980 , page 19.
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More recently , the UDA intercepted the telex line used by Pierre Salinger , U.S. President Kennedy's former Press Secretary , when he came to Belfast as a correspondent for ABC TV to interview IRA men . When Salinger telexed his office in Paris that he had made contact , the RUC , who intercepted the line as a matter of course , pounced .

But when they closed the net the only people in it were Salinger and a few local Sinn Fein people ; the Provos , it seemed , had either tapped Sallinger's line or the RUC lines .

The UDA , annoyed at the Provos' propaganda coup in getting the RUC to arrest Salinger without any loss to themselves , then showed copies of his primitively-coded messages to Paris to other pressmen , claiming he had come to Belfast to meet the IRA .

(Tomorrow - 'DEATH LIST 1989' - from 'MAGILL' magazine , July 1989).