Thursday, March 10, 2005

By Joe Egan .
A lecture delivered to Dublin Republicans by Joe Egan on 26th November 1989 : I have had the following document for the past 16 years ; it was given to me by its author , a friend and true Irish Republican and deserves a wider readership - John Horan .

" Yes , the British establishment was expert at that time at covering up their crimes , even more successful than they are today . Many historians to this day trot out the same British lies , as if they were gospel , that Tone committed suicide ; they quote all sorts of stories to 'back-up' their claims .

They use the most abominable argument that especially as Wolfe Tone was of the Protestant faith it would not be repugnant for him to take his own life : I say here and now that this was and is the most objectionable of arguments . It was against everything Tone dedicated and gave his life for , namely, to substitute the common name of Irishman for the religious denominations .

To spread the lie and imply that somehow being a Protestant made it acceptable to commit suicide is to be against all Wolfe Tone stood for . The argument is still going on with new books being written about Tone and praised and published by the present establishment who are as much against what Tone stood for as were the British establishment of the time ....... "


By John Dean.
First published in 'MAGILL' magazine , October 1980 , pages 30, 31, 35, and 37.
Re-published here in 20 parts .
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Today , the question is not " Is Reagan for real ? " but " Can he be stopped ? " The answer is definitely " Yes " and the person who will probably do it is Ronald Reagan ! ; aside from the occasional contradictions and embarrassing gaffes , such as saying that Vietnam veterans are'nt eligible for GI benefits (they are) , Reagan's campaign seems to be in a constant state of flux , without any overall strategy or philosophy .

Up until the Iowa Caucuses , where Reagan suffered an upset , his campaign was run by the Bismarckian John Sears , who restricted Reagan to just 48 hours personal campaigning in Iowa on the theory that extensive personal appearances would give the impression "... that he's an ordinary man like the rest of us . "

When Reagan lost Iowa to George Bush he began ignoring Sears's advice and campaigned widely . It paid off , and on the day of the New Hampshire primary , John Sears and several of his aids were fired .......


DEATH LIST 1989 .......
Two RUC Officers and two British soldiers , one based in West Germany , were killed by the IRA since mid-May , while a Catholic barman was shot by the UFF bringing the total death toll to 39 this year .
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From 'MAGILL' magazine , July 1989 , pages 22 and 23 .
Re-published here in 14 parts .
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16th May : Malachy Trainor (34) from Annalong , County Down , was killed by the UVF as he worked in the Rathcoole Estate in North Belfast ; a self-employed Catholic joiner , he was murdered shortly after he arrived for work and as he unloaded timber from his car . Local people said that a dozen shots were fired and several hit Mr. Trainor in the chest , killing him instantly . He was married with two children .

15th June : British Marine Adam Gilbert (21) was accidentally shot by fellow members of his patrol when they fired on a stolen car at the junction of New Lodge Road and Antrim Road in Belfast . The dead man , a native of Aldershot , is the sixth British soldier to die in the North this year .