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Friday, March 11, 2005

By Joe Egan .
A lecture delivered to Dublin Republicans by Joe Egan on 26th November 1989 : I have had the following document for the past 16 years ; it was given to me by its author , a friend and true Irish Republican and deserves a wider readership - John Horan .

" Why do the establishment , British and Irish , make such a case for Wolfe Tone's suicide ? Because to face the truth might make people today see the light and not just follow Tone's teachings but practice them .

It is often quoted also that Tone's son accepted his father's suicide ; even if this were true it is of no consequence as what he thought one way or the other has no bearing on the facts . How did Tone's son know how long his father lay dying ? There was no way he could know , no more than anyone else - at no time were any visitors allowed into see Wolfe Tone .

His father tried every possible move through the courts to get his son free . His lawyer applied for and was immediately granted a writ of Habeas Corpus by Chief Justice Lord Kilwarden . Major Sandy , in charge of the barracks , was recognised generally as being a man with scant regard for justice or truth .

It has been stated as proof of Tone's suicide that a man of Sandy's calibre and his hirelings would'nt do such a botched murder that would take eight days for the victim to die ....... "


By John Dean.
First published in 'MAGILL' magazine , October 1980 , pages 30, 31, 35, and 37.
Re-published here in 20 parts .
(17 of 20).

What Ronald Reagan gained in popularity he lost in other ways ; his appearances no longer carefully stagemanaged by John Sears , he began to make more and more gaffes , demonstrating that he was being poorly briefed by his staff . Internal wrangling in his campaign has led to shifting positions on tax cuts and the Olympic boycott and the China fiasco .

In preparing for the expected attacks that Reagan is simplistic and shallow , one group of advisers is urging him to take the initiative and provide more details . At the same time , his new campaign manager , Paul Laxalt , insists - " The main thing for Reagan is to stay out of trouble and not seriously shoot himself in the foot . "

One scary question that emerges from all this is where does Ronald Reagan stand while all these intra-mural battles are being fought around him ? Is he the 'captain of the ship' , or the captive .......?


DEATH LIST 1989 .......
Two RUC Officers and two British soldiers , one based in West Germany , were killed by the IRA since mid-May , while a Catholic barman was shot by the UFF bringing the total death toll to 39 this year .
No by-line.
From 'MAGILL' magazine , July 1989 , pages 22 and 23 .
Re-published here in 14 parts .
(13 of 14).

24th June : Liam McKee (36) of Donard Drive , Lisburn was shot dead at his home after a UFF gang broke down the front door with a sledgehammer at 12.45 a.m. A Catholic barman , he lived with his brother and elderly mother who was grazed by a bullet during the attack . The family denied a claim by the loyalist organisation that Mr. McKee was a member of the IRA and said he was murdered soley because of his religion .

24th June : RUC Constable David Black (34) , a full-time reservist with the RUC was killed when a bomb exploded under his car as he left his home at Ballyheather Road , near Strabane . Stationed at Plumbridge , the dead man leaves one child . The IRA claimed responsibility for the attack .