Tuesday, April 05, 2005

By Emer Woodful .
The murder of LVF leader BILLY WRIGHT has ignited the most violent spell in the North's recent history and threatened the peace process . He may well have considered it an appropriate legacy .
First published in 'MAGILL' magazine , February 1998 , pages 30,31,34 and 35 .
Re-published here in 17 parts .
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A real family irony for Billy Wright is that his own grandfather , a Presbyterian , is said to have suffered discrimination from fellow Protestants because he spoke out against Catholic discrimination and actually stood for election , as an Independent candidate , against the big Unionist party - and won !

The grandson , Billy , also 'put it up' to the Ulster Unionists , in a different way ; 'King Rat' took the violent path . He did two further spells in prison - in 1982 he was charged with murder and attempted murder , on the evidence of UVF supergrass Clifford MacKeown , and Wright spent a year in prison on remand .

But the charges were dropped when Clifford MacKeown retracted his evidence . It was in prison , however , that Billy Wright started reading the Bible , and when he was released in 1983 he decided to " ... live quietly through Christ . "

But two developments propelled him back to violence and away from his faith .......


By the late Cork Republican , Gearoid MacCarthaigh .

" Hundreds of Irish Republican women have been imprisoned in the old Armagh gaol and in the new Womens gaol next door to the H-Block prison ; they have suffered hunger strike , they have suffered the indignities of the 'Dirty Protest' and strip-searches .

Many more are serving long sentences in English gaols and more , still , are in Free State gaols . In 1986 , when the latest desertion from the Republican Cause to the Free State took place , women were again prominent . When talk of the desertion first took place , Cumann na mBan issued a public statement condemning it .

Many women took part in the walk-out from the 1986 Sinn Fein Ard Fheis in the Mansion House and when the delegates walked-out they were met at the door of the Round Room by a member of Clann na Gael , in uniform , carrying the Clann na Gael flag , who led them out to the maim street ....... " ('1169...' Comment : That Clann na Gael member was Noirin Ni Liathain ; she had stood outside the Mansion House , in full uniform , that weekend ).


WHAT IS SINN FEIN ? - Sinn Fein spokesman gives exclusive interview to C.B.C. TV and Radio network .
From 'The United Irishman' newspaper , Aibrean [April] 1957 , page 3.
(IML. IX. UIMHIR 4 - price Tri Pingin [Three Pennies].
Thanks to my late friends Christy and Theresa L. for giving me this 48-year-old newspaper ; this thread published in memory of those two old Fenians ! - John.

1. Q - What is Sinn Fein ?
A - Literally , it means "ourselves" , but to the Irish Nation it is indicative of self-reliance , Independence , and Separation from England .

2. Q - What is the aim of your Party ?
A - Sinn Fein is not a 'Party' . It is a national organisation . Its aim is to end the entire British Imperial System in Ireland , to establish a National Government having complete and effective jurisdiction over the whole territory of the Nation unhampered or circumscribed by agreements conditioning its establishment .

3. Q - What is the immediate object of Sinn Fein ?
A - Sinn Fein contested all twelve seats in the Imperial Election in the Six Counties in order to give the people in the British Occupied area the opportunity to voice their objection to the continued aggression in Ireland . In two of the largest constituencies Sinn Fein candidates were elected . By British legal machinery , the two democratically elected representatives were deprived of their seats . In the general election in the 26 Counties , Sinn Fein is giving the people of 19 constituencies a similar opportunity to voice their objection to British interference in Irish affairs and to show to their fellow countrymen in occupied Ireland their anxiety to be united with them under an Irish Government .