Tuesday, April 12, 2005

By Emer Woodful .
The murder of LVF leader BILLY WRIGHT has ignited the most violent spell in the North's recent history and threatened the peace process . He may well have considered it an appropriate legacy .
First published in 'MAGILL' magazine , February 1998 , pages 30,31,34 and 35 .
Re-published here in 17 parts .
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Billy Wright has a 'weird calmness' for a man who has survived gun and bomb attacks : " Well , I've been prepared to die for long many a year . I don't wish to die , but at the end of the day no one will force their opinions down my throat - no one . "

Since Billy Wright's death (and at the time of going to press ) eight Catholics and one Protestant have been murdered ; and even while Wright was in prison last year , the LVF is believed to have been responsible for the killings of two GAA men ; Sean Brown , in Derry , and Gerry Devlin , from Glengormley .

There have also been the many attacks on churches . Only time will answer the questions of whether Billy Wright really was just a maverick , and whether he'll be an inspiration for others , and in his death become a hydra-headed killer .


STONE COLD .......
Michael Stone is infamous for his attack on a republican funeral at Belfast's Milltown cemetery . By his own count , he has murdered four men and had a hand in the deaths of six others . He says his war is over - but he still expects to meet a violent end .
By Andrew Lynch .
First published in 'MAGILL' magazine , July 2003 , pages 34, 36 , and 38 .
Re-published here in 13 parts .
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When the mourners (in Milltown Cemetery) eventually caught up with him , Michael Stone was beaten so badly that even today he can walk only with immense difficulty ; he was probably only moments from death when the RUC rescued him and brought him to an interrogation centre , where he admitted his part in three other murders and numerous terrorist offences .

At his trial , Stone sat stony-faced in the dock , listening to the prosecution unfold the grim details of his murderous career ; his only utterance was made after his sentence was read out , when he roared : " Long Live Ulster . No Surrender ! " He told me later that that was " ..carefully prepared . It's what the 36th Ulster Division shouted as they went over the top at the Somme . They were brave soldiers , and that's exactly the way I saw myself ....... "


From 'The United Irishman' newspaper , Aibrean [April] 1957 , page 4.
(IML. IX. UIMHIR 4 - price Tri Pingin [Three Pennies].
Thanks to my late friends Christy and Theresa L. for giving me this 48-year-old newspaper ; this thread published in memory of those two old Fenians ! - John.

Sinn Fein held a 'victory rally' on Monday , March 18 (1957) . Several thousands , including young women , marched in a torchlight procession through the streets in pouring rain . A big crowd assembled in Church Square to listen to brief speeches interspersed with items of Irish dancing , songs and recitations .

Present were the mother , brother and sister of Sean Sabhat who was killed with Fergal O'Hanlon at Brookeborough . Concert items were rendered by the Fitzpatrick Sisters , Irish dancers , Clones ; Michael McGuinness , ballad singer ; the Carragher Sisters , Irish dancers , Castleblayney , and Tom Fitzpatrick , Inniskeen , recitation .

Addressing the meeting , Seamus Sabhat referred to a rumour that the Sabhat family did not support Sinn Fein and said he had worked as Director of Canvassing in Limerick during the elections .......