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Monday, February 27, 2006

Dublin Riots , Saturday , February 25 , 2006 .
I was there from 11 AM untill 2.15 PM : this is what actually happened , as witnessed by myself and that other writer , amongst others , who was obviously in the same vicinity of O' Connell Street/Parnell Street as myself . Sharon.

This article is based on a lecture delivered by Sean O Bradaigh in Dublin on January 21 , 1989 , marking the 70th Anniversary of the founding of the First (All-Ireland) Dail Eireann in the Mansion House on January 21 , 1919 , and the links between Irish and French Republicans - 'Partners in Revolution' 200 years ago .
Published in 1989 by Sean Lynch , Cleenrath , Aughnacliffe , County Longford , on behalf of the County Longford Branch of the National Graves Association .
By Sean O Bradaigh .
Liberte ! Egalite ! Fraternite ! Ou La Mort ! ( (Freedom ! Equality ! Brotherhood ! or Death!).
Unite Indivisibilite De La Republique !

A letter from the Senate of Hamburg to the French , which set out their (Germany) reasons for extraditing James Napper Tandy (which they did on October 1 , 1799) was returned unopened . The German administration then communicated personally with Napoleon Bonaparte , whose reply was devastating , and which he published for the edification of the public - " You have violated hospitality , a thing that would not happen among the barbarous hordes of the desert ... "

Bonaparte promptly ordered trade sanctions which were not lifted until April 1801 , on payment of a fine of 4,500,000 francs . Napper Tandy was sentenced to death at Lifford Court in Donegal , and May 4 , 1801 , was fixed as the day of execution . A reprieve was granted until May 28 , 1801 and , on May 12 that year , his execution was postponed indefinitely . By 1802 the long war between France and England was coming to an end , and negotiations for peace were under way : Lord Cornwallis , the 'Lord Lieutenant' who had taken personal command against General Humbert's army in 1798 was the Chief British negotiator and Joseph Bonaparte , brother of Napoleon , was the Chief French negotiator .

The Peace Treaty of Amiens , 1802 , is another significant date in European history ; its signing was delayed when the First Consul instructed his brother to demand that the British comply with one further condition - " General James Napper Tandy must be released from prison and restored 'au sein de la France' - to the bosom of France . "

By Martin Calligan.
(No year of publication.)

Joseph Mary Plunkett left his sick bed to sign the Proclamation ; he married Grace Clifford hours before his execution - ' ...with all my love I place this wedding ring upon your finger , there won't be time to share our love - for we must say goodbye .. '

James Connolly said - " We want to break the connection with England . She has no right in Ireland , never can have any right in Ireland . The presence in any one generation of Irish men ready to fight and die to assert that truth makes the British Government usurpation a crime against human progress . "

Help to bring back the spirit of 1916 ; help to expose the vile politicians who give you scandal after scandal . These men died behind lonely prison walls and their mortal remains are still behind lonely walls - we have to demand that their resting place be made a public place that we who are interested in Justice can visit .

When T.J. Ryan from Cranny , County Tyrone , was released from the internment camp in 1924 he set about re-organising the West Clare Battalion of the IRA : I happened to be one of his recruits .......

A poem by Thomas Kinsella , written after Bloody Sunday .
From 'IRIS' magazine , March 1983 .

He faded , and another said : " We three met close when we were dead -
into an armoured car they piled us
where our mingled blood defiled us ,
Certain , if not dead before , to suffocate upon the floor .

Careful bullets in the back , stopped our 'terrorist' attack ,
and so three dangerous lives are done - judged , condemned and shamed in one " .
That spectre faded in his turn : a harsher stirred , and spoke in scorn -
" The shame is theirs , in word and deed ,
who prate of Justice , practice greed ,
and act in ignorant fury - then ,
Officers and Gentlemen ,
send to their Courts for the 'Most High' to tell us did we really die !

Does it need recourse to law to tell ten thousand what they saw ? "