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Should it become law as intended on December 1 next , The Irish Extradition Act will adversely affect the rights of many Irish citizens in the future .
COLM KEENA examines the implications of proposed legislation .
From 'In Dublin' magazine , 1 October 1987 .

When the 'Irish Extradition Act' becomes law on December 1 , 1987 , it will mean that we have a process of extradition in this country which excels probably any other in the western world in its lack of protection for its own citizens .

After December 1 , 1987 , the British or any other government has simply to request the extradition of any citizen of this country which it wants to try for a 'crime' , and the Irish 'security forces' and courts will do so , even if the alleged 'crime' is claimed to have been political . And when that person is extradited to the foreign jurisdiction there is nothing to stop the other jurisdiction charging that person with crimes other than that or those mentioned during the extradition proceedings .

The foreign jurisdiction has simply to issue a warrant and request the Irish person's extradition : it does not have to show prima facie evidence ie it does not have to show that it has some sort of a case against the individual concerned .......

" I have been prepared to die for long many a year . I don't wish to die , but at the end of the day no one will force their opinion down my throat . No one . "
On August 29 , 1996 , shortly before the 'Combined Loyalist Military Command's' death threat against him expired , EMER WOODFUL interviewed LVF leader BILLY WRIGHT in his Portadown home .......
From 'MAGILL' magazine , February 1998 .

Emer Woodful : " So what drives you ? "
Billy Wright : " Well , I feel I live among people a great injustice has taken place against . I see their pain , I feel their alienation , and I am part of that , and that's my motivation . I want justice for the unionist people . "

Emer Woodful : " And at a time like this , what about your partner , and your children ? "
Billy Wright : " I hope that the people that issued this , at certain people's behest , understand what they have done to a family . My heart goes out to my family . They look at me and they say , you know , 'for a person who has worked so hard for the community , and someone that has run to the jails and looked after prisoners , for this to be done , and for the reason it has being done ...' . My family is totally disgusted with certain people in Belfast . "

Emer Woodful : " We are sitting here in your sitting-room , looking out the window , and every car that drives up , you're conscious of seeing who's in it . "
Billy Wright : " Well , I mean , I have done that for long many a year . I survived gun attacks , bomb attacks , I have had my home taken over by the IRA . Sure , common sense tells you that living in Northern Ireland (sic) you learn to look after yourself . "

This is the bulk of a public lecture given at University College , Galway , by Sinn Fein Ard Comhairle member and Deputy General Secretary of the 'Local Government and Public Services Union' , Phil Flynn , on December 8th 1982 , the 60th Anniversary of the Free State's execution of Liam Mellows .
First published in 'IRIS' magazine , March 1983 .

The first document from Liam Mellows , dated 26th August 1922 , read as follows :

Point 2 -
" The programme of Democratic Control (the Social Programme) adopted by the Dail coincident with the Declaration of Independence , January 1919 , should be translated into something definite - this is essential if the great body of the workers are to be kept on the side of independence . This does not require a change of outlook on the part of republicans or the adoption of a revolutionary programme as such .

The 'head-line' is there in the Declaration of 1919 ; it is already part of republican policy and it should be made clear what is meant by it . I would suggest , therefore , that it be interpreted something like the following , which appeared in the 'Workers Republic' newspaper of July 22nd last -

" Under the Republic all industry will be controlled by the State for the workers' and farmers' benefit . All transport , railways , canals etc will be operated by the State - the Republican State - for the benefit of the workers and farmers . All banks will be operated by the State for the benefit of industry and agriculture , not for the purpose of profit-making by loans , mortgages etc . That the lands of the aristocracy (who support the Free State and the British connection) will be seized and divided amongst those who can and will operate it for the nation's benefit . " "