Thursday, April 06, 2006

Should it become law as intended on December 1 next , The Irish Extradition Act will adversely affect the rights of many Irish citizens in the future .
COLM KEENA examines the implications of proposed legislation .
From 'In Dublin' magazine , 1 October 1987 .

The Fianna Fail government who , in opposition had stated that they were opposed to the Extradition Act , especially in regard to its not having a demand for a prima facie case , has not said that it will delay its implementation or amend it . To do either would require a vote in Leinster House . ('1169...' Comment - for Fianna Fail "to do either" would require Fianna Fail to take a principled stand , one way on the other , on the issue . An altogether alien proposition for them .)

In the last number of weeks the (Westminster-appointed) Northern Secretary , Mr. Tom King , has repeated his view that the number of judges sitting in the Diplock Courts is not to be changed from one to three ; the Dublin Administration has been pressing for this , but the 'British Council for Civil Liberties' sees little difference between three judges or one : they want more jury trials . Professor Mary McAleese sees little difference between one judge , three judges or sixty judges : 'the law is being implemented correctly , but there are problems with the law' !

The new rules in regard to the admissibility of evidence and confessions , which are 'peculiar' to the Diplock Courts , are the major problem , she says . The Workers' Party and the Progressive Democrats say that they dislike the Extradition Act , that they would like to see the inclusion of the prima facie requirement.......

The question is no longer whether there is corruption within our political establishment but whether the political establishment is itself corrupt .
From 'MAGILL' magazine , February 1998 .

We know now what we purported not to know before : that senior political figures were 'on the take' and that at least one of them was 'on the take' for decades ; we now know that the manner in which this senior political figure , Charles Haughey , was 'on the take' involved the complicity of bankers , accountants and 'benefactors' .

We know now that it involved a complicated financial ruse ( the Ansbacher accounts ) that were availed of by many others as well : many of those others were associates of Mr. Charles Haughey .

But whatever the further revelations of the Moriarty Tribunal into these matters and whatever more emerges about the existence of similar financial ruses in other banks , these represent only the symptom of what seems to be a much deeper malaise.......

This is the bulk of a public lecture given at University College , Galway , by Sinn Fein Ard Comhairle member and Deputy General Secretary of the 'Local Government and Public Services Union' , Phil Flynn , on December 8th 1982 , the 60th Anniversary of the Free State's execution of Liam Mellows .
First published in 'IRIS' magazine , March 1983 .

Point 3 : PROPAGANDA (a) - Imperialism .
" What the rejection of it by Ireland means , and what its acceptance by Ireland means - this should be fully explained . What imperialism is ; what Empires are - what the British Empire is - its growth , how it exists and maintains itself .

Colonies (Irish Free State as a colony) , India - how oppression and possession of it is essential to maintenance of the British Empire . Money , trade , power etc (Curzon on India) . Extracts from Roger Casement's articles on 'Ireland , Germany and Freedom of the Seas' , published first in 'Irish Review' , 1913 or 1914 : what Ireland's connection with imperialism , however much the apparent material gain , means to her future .

No use freeing Ireland to set her up as a state following in the footsteps of all the rotten nations in Europe today - what Ireland's rejection of imperialism means etc . "